Jed Anderson and Nicky Anderson’s family of three consists of two sons and a daughter


Thanks to Nicky’s support of both his AFL career and his commitments as a father of three, Jed Anderson and his family are able to thrive.

The North Melbourne Football Club (NMFC) midfielder is known for his consistency in everything he does, be it on the AFL fields or at home. While the early stages of his AFL career were challenging, the rest of the time was under his hands.


Because of this, he and his stunning wife have a happy family and take good care of them.

This well-known midfielder is best known for having played for the Hawks, aka Hawthorn. He has played for a squad for many years and is known for his dedication to every team he plays for.


As a result, Anderson is a man of good character and has an excellent reputation among his AFL friends, the general public and executives.

All players, including NMFC’s Jed, are back in action with the start of the AFL season. He’s now practicing playing well to help his team as he’s ready for what’s about to happen on the field next.


While the league is busy right now, his family has captured the interest of his supporters and viewers in a big way this time.

Jed Anderson

Fast Facts:

Surname Jed Anderson
Age February 2, 1994
Date of birth Katherine, Northern Territory
Place of birth Australian
Height 179 cm (5 ft 10 in)
weight 81kg
profession Professional rules footballer with AFL
position midfield player
active years 2013-present
teams Hawthorn (2013–2015) North Melbourne (since 2015)
debut date Round one of 2013 with Hawthorn vs. Geelong
Known for 2013 VFL Premiership Player
Instagram @jed_anderson3
player profile

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Meet the Anderson family of five, made up of Jed and Nicky Anderson’s three children

Jed Anderson, an AFL star player, is fortunate to be married to Nicky, with whom he has expanded his family of two to five after the birth of their three children.

On October 23, 2016, Jed and Nicky got married. They’ve been together ever since. Despite their hectic schedules, the two have avoided letting their differences cause their marriage to fail.


Before her friends and family, Nicky Cotis walked down the aisle of St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Darwin that year.

The Anderson couple’s wedding anniversary was celebrated at the Double Tree Hilton, according to George F Photography, the ceremony’s official photographer and videographer.


The Facebook album, titled Nicky Coptis & Jed Anderson’s Wedding, still features the gorgeous AFL wedding photos.

This couple takes care of their young and beautiful children as a unit.


Two sons and a daughter were born to Jed and Nicky Anderson.

Since they were born before their parents’ marriage, their sons Elijah and Jasiah also attended.

According to Jed’s Instagram post, daughter Katerinah was born on May 21, 2020 and is significantly younger than her brothers. Little Katerinah has assumed a prominent role in the Anderson household as the youngest and only girl.


On that awful day, she was born at 3:37 p.m., a healthy baby weighing 3.1 kg. Additionally, all three children are well known in their father’s extensive AFL fan base.

The three children love each other and prefer to hang out together while participating in a variety of fun activities, according to Jed and Nicky’s Instagram posts.


However, his two children, Elijah and Jasiah, are growing into young men who have already continued their father’s athletic tradition. They are on the same team and compete in field sports, most notably soccer.

According to Nicky’s August 14 Instagram post, the two brothers played in the same squad but failed to win. However, their parents are proud of their efforts and refer to them as champions.


The five members of the Anderson family all attended the game to support their sons.

This is how Jed and Nicky make sure their kids get along well and have hobbies outside of studying and school. The Anderson couple runs the @adventureswiththeandersons Instagram account to document their close relationship with their siblings.


The site mainly contains entries about the three children’s time together, including fishing, camping and hunting. Of course, amidst all the joyful excitement, her parents are watching over her.

The older brothers seem to love their younger sister very much and keep an eye on her when they are out, as can be seen from the photos and videos.


The five members of this wonderful family get along well as Jed and Nicky are committed to ensuring that their children grow up healthy.

Elijah, Jasiah, and Katerinah are also aware of their father’s games and often accompany him onto the field to help him win.


Jed Anderson, a midfielder for North Melbourne, began his AFL professional career in 2013

Due to his outstanding professional development over the years, Jed Anderson is now indispensable to North Melbourne and the AFL.

He hasn’t visited many clubs in the league but when he has he has remained loyal to the teams he has played for. Anderson, on the other hand, only ever played for the Hawthorn before joining North Melbourne Football Club (NMFC).


As previously mentioned, the current star player relocated from his hometown to Sydney on a scholarship program at Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview, which enabled him to join Greater Western Sydney.

But in 2010, when he was 16, he was struggling to adjust to his new school, became homesick and dropped out mid-year. After a great NAB AFL U18 Championship season, Jed was selected to the 2011 All Australia U18 squad the following year.


This caught the attention of the Hawks and allowed Jed to make his AFL debut against Geelong in the first round of the 2013 AFL season. He progressed quickly and was nominated for the third round of the AFL Rising Star Award in 2013.

Anderson was recognized as one of the better players in Box Hill’s Premiership squad in the 2013 Grand Final despite picking up an injury that year.


Because Anderson contracted pneumonia and injured his shoulder upon his return to the field in 2014, it was one of the dismal seasons of his AFL career.

Due to the surgery, he was unable to play for the rest of the year. As a result, he only took part in four games during the 2015 season due to ill health.


Anderson extended his contract with the NMFC after 2015 to pursue other opportunities within the league. The determined midfielder was able to take part in the last nine games of 2016 despite suffering from a hamstring injury.

He has been with NMFC ever since and has seen better days in his career.


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Jed Anderson
Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson, a former Hawks star, is honest about his personal life

A well-known sports personality, Jed Anderson has kept little about his personal life secret from his supporters and the AFL community.


Because of Jed’s openness, his life has been transparent to the world at virtually all times, from his early career struggles to his current thriving gaming.

He had moved to western Sydney from his birthplace of Katherine as a teenager in hopes of pursuing a football career. But he failed because he got homesick and went back to his house.


From the start, his decision was supported by everyone, including his immediate family and extended family. After all, Joe Anderson, his older brother, used to play soccer.

Between 2007 and 2010, Joe appeared in 17 games for Carlton but never reappeared.


Jed, on the other hand, is still working at 28 and has no plans to give up his upcoming achievement.

Regarding his family, this AFL legend was born to his parents David Anderson and Beth St Amour along with his brother Joe.


Although the elderly couple shy away from social media and media exposure, Jed’s entire family is on the ball and in their corner.

Nicky, who has an undeniable presence on Instagram, is a member of Jed’s family.


They continue to document the development of their new family through photos and film and ensure they are present at all family gatherings.

Because of this, Jed has always been honest about his life on camera and on social media to his followers and well-wishers who are interested in learning more about it.


That being said, the occasional headline news about this player shows that he is doing well and has not been overlooked by the sports world.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jed Anderson married to?

Jed Anderson has been married to his wife Nicky Anderson since 2016.


How many children does Jed Anderson have?

Jed Anderson and his wife have three children together. They are Elijah, Jasiah and Katerinah.