Jefferson County police shot and killed Ayobiyi Cook


On Saturday, 29-year-old Ayobiyi Cook was killed in Forestdale. Birmingham police reported that she had been shot and that gunshot wounds were the cause of death.

A woman was recently shot dead while her children were present at her own home. The wife of a police officer turned out to be a woman.


The victim’s children were unharmed, but their mother died from the gunshot wound. Although the police arrived immediately, it was already too late.

Ayobiyi Cook obituary: Has the suspect been arrested?

According to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, Ayobiyi Abeni Cook of Forestdale was shot dead in an alleged attack on her own property. A suspect has been identified. The 911 call was made before he was seen running.


Many of Cook’s friends pay tribute to her on their Facebook page. Many people, including her, shared their difficult experiences.

When a 911 caller in the Forestdale neighborhood asked for help at a house on Freemont Avenue, Jefferson County deputies went to the scene. Cook was pronounced dead there and then.


According to Deputy Chief David Agee, Ayobiyi’s home was not attacked. According to some authorities, a man was seen leaving the home before the 911 call was made. Sheriff’s detectives make rapid progress with their investigation after uncovering evidence at the crime scene.

Assistant Medical Examiner Bill Yates stated that the death was being investigated as a homicide.


husband of Birmingham police officer Ayobiyi Cook; the couple have two children

As of 2019, Cook’s husband is a police officer in Birmingham. He was working when his wife was killed. Cook has two sons and was a mother. They were just there, but they were unharmed.

Deputy Chief of Police David Agee noted that there did not appear to have been any forced entry into the home. He said more details would be announced later in the day.


Cook, a registered nurse, received a flood of condolences on Facebook. According to friends, she was a “bright light in this world,” and she valued her family.

Ayobiyi Abeni Cook, a registered nurse, was 29 years old

Ayobiyi Abeni Cook, a registered nurse who was shot dead at her home, was only 29, according to authorities.


She worked in Birmingham, Alabama and was a registered nurse by profession.

A registered nurse is someone who has earned a degree from an accredited nursing program and is licensed to assist physicians with procedures, exams, and write prescriptions.


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