Jeffrey Roberts, Kimberly A Martin Husband, Married Life with Age Gap

Kimberly A. Martin, who writes about the NFL for ESPN, is married to Jefferey Roberts. Kimberly is an award-winning American journalist who works as an editor and chief reporter for NJ Advance Media. Martin is currently the NFL correspondent for ESPN.

Martin began her career as a journalist in 2005 when she worked as a sports editor at The Daily Orange. She used to write about men’s basketball, soccer, track and field and recruiting.

Before becoming a journalist, she worked as a sales assistant at US Trust for a year and ten months. Martin used to help the business development department with day-to-day tasks such as For example, doing more research on potential high net worth clients and estimating investment incentive fees.

The reporter has been writing about the league as a national author, columnist, and Beat reporter for more than a decade. She has worked for companies such as The Post Standard, The Record, Newsday Media Group, The Buffalo News, The Washington Post and Yahoo.

Kimberly became a full-time reporter for ESPN in March 2020. She has done well in her career as an ESPN reporter and makes a good living. Her main income is her job as a reporter.

Kimberly A. Martin

Kimberly A. Martin Husband is a reporter for ESPN. Jeffrey Roberts is another reporter

Kimberly Atkins Martin is a reporter for ESPN. She was married to Jefferey Roberts, who is also a journalist and has won awards for his work as a writer, reporter, editor and storyteller.

Jefferey has done a lot of work for both print and digital magazines with tight deadlines. He has won 21 awards for his reporting on business, sports, health, criminal justice and education. These awards came from the national, regional and state levels.

Also, Kimberly’s husband has been the Managing Producer at NJ Advance Media since February 2021. He is an editor on the Topics & Features team and News Innovation at Star-Ledger, where he covers the areas of health, education, law enforcement and pop culture.

Robert has been a sports journalist since 2002 and has worked in journalism for more than 20 years. He already has a BA in English Literature and a minor in Communications from Saint Peter’s University, where he received an average GPA of 3.85.

Jefferey can be found on Twitter as @TheJRob. He has posted more than 17.1 million tweets and has almost 2100 followers. On his social media account, he tweets about many different things.

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Kimberly A. Martin and her husband Jeffrey Roberts have been married for 8 years and are very happy

Kimberly A. Martin, who reports on the NFL for ESPN, and Jeffery Roberts, whom she married on July 3, 2014, have been a happy couple for eight years since 2022.

In Arverne, New York, only a small group of the couple’s closest friends and family were present to watch as they said their vows. Every year, Kimberly posts pictures of her and her husband’s anniversary celebrations on the social networking site Instagram.

A few people have said bad things about Kimberley’s marriage to Roberts. The reason for the criticism is that the couple is of different races and different skin colors. Kimberley always had the support of the people in her neighborhood.

Martin and Robert always get mean comments about them so he stays off social media to avoid all the hate and negativity.

What is the age difference between Kimberly and her husband Jeffrey?

Martin and her husband are about two or more years older than the other. From the photos posted on the social media platform, it looks like they are both in their late 30s or early 40s.

Kimberly was born on January 9, 1984 in Brooklyn, New York. From 2022 she will be 38 years old. On the other hand, her husband Jeffery’s birthday is June 10th, but no one knows exactly what year he was born. According to his pictures, he should be between 40 and 41 years old.

In the same way, Jefferey’s LinkedIn profile says that he started working as a journalist in 2002. Kimberly also started her career around the same time. Since they appear to be about the same age, it’s safe to say they’re in the same age group. They also seem to get along well.

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Martin and Roberts, do you have children?

No, Kimberly Martin and her husband Jeffrey Roberts do not have children yet. As of 2022 they have none. Although she has been married for almost eight years, she has not yet made any plans for her children.

The two love children and have always wanted one, but Kimberly says that at this point in her life she was focused on her career. She’s not ready for kids yet, but if she is, she’d love to tell her fans about it.

Since they’ve been married for almost eight years, fans are hoping they’ll add children to their family of two. The two would certainly set a good example for their children and teach them a lot.

Kimberly A. Martin and her sister grew up in a family of four

Kimberly Martin was born into a family of four. Her parents, Compton Martin and Camille Martin, and sister, Lavinia Martin, are all sports reporters.

Kimberly is from Africa and lives in the USA. For her late father’s birthday, Kimberley posted a picture of her parents on Instagram. Compton, her father, died of cancer a few years ago. It was a sad end to his life. Kimberly was the one who felt the loss of her father the most. It was because she was so close to him.

The sports reporter has recently taken good care of her mother and helps her financially. Martin shows her mother how much she loves and cares for her by showing her pictures of herself. She is determined to do whatever it takes to make her mother happy.

Martin fulfilled her father’s wish that she should do well professionally. She was always thankful that she was born into a good family and she was always a daddy girl.

Martin attended and graduated from a local high school. She then went to Wesleyan University, majoring in Psychology and African American Studies. She went to Syracuse University and earned her master’s degree in newspaper and web journalism.

What does Kimberly A. Martin do for a living?

Jefferey Roberts is married to Kimberly. He’s also a reporter.

How old is Kimberly A Martin?

As of 2022, Kimberly Martins, who works for ESPN, will be 39 years old.

Kimberly A. Martin
Kimberly A. Martin

How long have Kimberly A. Martin and Jefferey Roberts been married?

As of 2022, Kimberly and Jefferey Roberts have been married for eight years.

Who are Kimberly A. Martin’s mother and father?

Kimberly A. Martin is the daughter of Compton and Camille Martin.

Kimberley A. Martin has been a national author, columnist and Beat reporter on the National Football League for more than a decade. In March 2020, she will begin work as an NFL reporter for ESPN.

She shows how versatile she is as a reporter, analyst, TV personality, writer and host on shows like Sunday NFL Countdown, Fantasy Football Now, NFL Live, Get Up, First Take, Around The Horn, SportsCenter,, ESPN Radio, Outside the Lines and Andscape.

Martin is also a co-host of First Take Her Take, ESPN’s only all-female podcast. This weekly program tells the biggest stories from sports and culture and gives an insight into the different professions and personalities of the three presenters.

Martin’s best ESPN pieces include “Gratitude,” which won an award and told the story of Darren Waller’s journey to becoming the NFL star of the Las Vegas Raiders on his journey to sobriety and NFL glory, as well as profiles of Maia Chaka, the first black man Woman who officiated an NFL game and the late Bill Nunn, Jr., a pioneering scout for the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021.

Martin worked as a senior NFL writer and columnist for Yahoo Sports before joining ESPN. While there, she co-hosted an all-female football show called Cover 3, regularly met on camera with league executives and players, and wrote columns, features and profiles on industry stars like Pam Oliver.

Before joining Yahoo, Martin worked as a Washington Beat Writer for The Washington Post (2017-18). She also wrote a column for The Buffalo News in 2017 and covered the New York Jets for Newsday (2012-17).

Martin has written about sports other than football, such as Major League Baseball and the NBA.

Martin is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and in 2011 he received the NABJ’s Emerging Journalist of the Year Award. She also won first place in the APSE project writing competition and the NABJ Salute to Excellence sports writing competition.


Kimberley lives in Brooklyn, New York City and works as a journalist, television host, author and business owner. In 2021 she will be 37 years old.

She is a well-known journalist in the United States. Kimberley is a reporter for ESPN, covering the US National Football League.

Kimberley’s first job was as a reporter for Newsday. Then in 2017 she worked for the Washington Post.

She has been a senior NFL writer for ESPN since 2018. Before that she worked for Yahoo Sports. During her time there, she was responsible for all women’s football programs.

She became the NFL correspondent for ESPN in March 2020. If you want to learn more, keep reading this post.

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