Jonan Wiergo from Who Likes My Follower: Everything we know


It is well known that the online influencers we follow can often change the way we live and the decisions we make.

“Who Likes My Follower?” is a Netflix show. , which follows three eligible singles who are ready to find love from a group of seven potential dates each, is based on the same idea. But this is where it gets interesting: an influencer they follow helps and guides them on their journey.


When Spanish actor, model and online influencer Jonan Wiergo appeared on the show, fans were ecstatic. In keeping with the idea, he even helped one of his followers, Apolo, find the perfect partner. But Jonan himself has attracted a lot of attention, and people are interested in learning more about him. So, here’s everything we know about Jonan Wiergo!

Jonan Wiergo

Who is Jonan Wiergo and how old is he

Jonan Wiergo, like many other influential people, values ​​his privacy and rarely talks about his childhood. However, we do know that he was born on August 1, 1997 in Valencia, Spain. He is now 25 years old. Jonan seems to have grown up in a close-knit family, but he hasn’t said much about his family because he wants to keep their identities a secret. But in a February 2022 interview, Jonan said he was interested in all aspects of marketing from a young age and would have gone into this field after high school if he had wanted to.


How Jonan Wiergo makes a living

Jonan has been active on social media since he was sixteen, so he’s had plenty of time to get used to how busy everything is. In the same February 2022 interview, the “Who Likes My Follower?” star said he loved marketing, but he was never the kind of person to work hard for anything. So Jonan figured social media was an easy way to get known, and his plan worked out in the end. Jonan is a big thing online right now, with over 577,000 people following him on Instagram. He has also tried his hand at modeling where he has made a name for himself. Viewers may be interested to know that Jonan has also appeared in TV shows like Beijing Express, Dating Stories and of course Who Likes My Follower on Netflix. He has also opened a vegan restaurant called Guakame in Valencia, Spain and is now working to make it even better.

Jonan Wiergo’s friend

We are happy to say that Jonan has been dating his loving boyfriend Christian Tomás for a long time. Although Christian and Jonan have been together for more than five years, the reality TV star said it was Christian who made him vegetarian and then helped him become vegan. As far as I can tell they have a great relationship and aren’t shy about saying how much they love each other on social media. It makes us happy to see their love grow and we hope the best for Jonan and Christian in the years to come.


On August 1, 1997 Jonan Wiergo was born. He is known for being a YouTuber. On his YouTube channel he has collaborated with another Spanish YouTuber named Maria Cadepe. Wiergo is 25 years old. The videos on his YouTube channel of the same name are very popular. There, his personal vlog posts about his everyday life as well as pop culture discussions, challenges and tags have been viewed more than 17 million times in total.

The 25-year-old YouTube star was born in Valencia. On May 10, 2015 he launched his YouTube channel. He has more than 290,000 people following him on YouTube. He is also very well known on Instagram where his JonanWiergo account has more than 480,000 followers.


Jonan Wiergo is a Leo and will be 26 years old in 324 days.

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Jonan Wiergo was born in the 1990s. People often think of the 1990s as a time of peace, prosperity and the rise of the Internet (World Wide Web). In 1992, the first SMS was sent, DVDs were invented, Sony PlayStation was released and Google was launched. Oh, and the Soviet Union broke up, and boy bands were the most popular music back then. Find out what happened that day.

The millennial generation includes Jonan Wiergo (also known as Generation Y). The millennial generation consists of people who grew up with computers, the internet and social networks. They grew up hearing “follow your dreams” and were told they were special, so they tend to be confident and accepting of others who are different.


You can also find out who Jonan Wiergo is dating now and what other famous people have done in the past.

Jonan Wiergo’s time of birth is hard to find out, but we do know that his mother gave birth to him on a Friday. People born on Friday are outgoing, have a lot of confidence and are friendly. You have a penchant for things that are beautiful, elegant, romantic, friendly and sophisticated.


The 25-year-old was born into the generation of millennials and in the year of the ox.

Jonan Wiergo
Jonan Wiergo


We currently have no information about the training. Please come back soon to see what’s new.



At this time we do not know his mother’s name and his father’s name is still under investigation. We will continue to add new details about Jonan Wiergo’s parents.

Personal life

Like many famous and well-known people, Jonan Wiergo does not speak about his private life. We’ll change this section when we know more about who he’s dating.


Jonan Wiergo, who is known for his YouTube videos, was born on August 1st, 1997. He was born in the 1990s, so he’s a millennial. His life path number is 8 and his zodiac sign is Leo. Jonan’s birthstones are peridot and sardonyx, and his birth flower is the gladiolus. What do all these things mean? Let’s find out!


Jonan Wiergo was born on August 1st, 1997 in Valencia. He is best known as a YouTuber. The videos on his YouTube channel of the same name are very popular. There, his personal vlog posts about his everyday life as well as pop culture discussions, challenges and tags have been viewed more than 17 million times in total.


Family: He talked about his sister on his YouTube channel. He used to date Raquel Yaez, a Spanish YouTuber who has also been featured in his videos. Jonan Wiergo’s father’s name is still under investigation and his mother is currently unknown. We will continue to add new information about Jonan Wiergo’s family.

Net Worth: There are various online estimates of how much Jonan Wiergo is worth. It’s easy to guess how much he’s making, but much harder to figure out how much he’s spent over the years. Most of this is well explained on CelebsMoney and NetWorthStatus.


Leo is Jonan Wiergo’s zodiac sign

Jonan Wiergo was born under the sign of Leo. July 23 to August 22. Lions often appear almost like kings or queens. Many Leos have many friends who love them. You are brave, fun, leader, warm, protective, generous and have a lot of personality. Despite this, they can be cocky, bossy, stubborn, controlling and like to show off.

He is now 25 years old

The Youtuber has been alive for 9,168 days, that’s 220,041 hours. From his birth until now there have been 311 full moons.


Jonan Wiergo was born on a Friday. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, romance, elegance and pleasure, is responsible for Friday. People born on Friday are outgoing, creative and crazy about beauty and love.

For Jonan Wiergo’s birthday

In 1997 the world had a population of 0 and an estimated one million babies were being born around the globe. was the President of the United States and “” von was the most popular song on the Billboard 100 charts.


How tall and how much does Jonan Wiergo weigh

We’re still making sure all the details like Jonan Wiergo’s height, weight and other stats. If something is missing on this page, we will add it soon. If you have any suggestions or changes, please send them to us.

It’s the year of the ox

Jonan Wiergo was born in the year of the ox. People born in the Ox Chinese zodiac sign are persistent, straightforward, simple and honest. They are good leaders with strong faith and commitment to their work. Their strengths are that they are honest, hardworking, patient, careful, calm and persistent. But they can also be stubborn, difficult to understand, shy and distant. Her lucky numbers are 1 and 9, and her lucky colors are red, blue, and purple.


The number 8 is Jonan Wiergo’s life path number.

The number 8 in your life path signifies that you are “The Power Player”. People who walk a life path with the number 8 have amazing willpower and can handle anything. 8 tells us that the soul has its own mind and stays alive no matter what. It draws its power from eternal life. The important things are power, things and success. The hard part is figuring out when it’s best to take charge and when it’s best to let someone else do it.


Millennials generation

Jonan Wiergo was born in the middle of his generation, the Millennials.

Peridot and Sardonyx are the birthstones for Jonan Wiergo.


Peridot is a strong stone. The green peridot crystals they found in volcanic ash were once thought to be Pele’s tears. It was said that this precious stone set in gold would save the wearer from nightmares.

Gladiolus is the flower of Jonan Wiergo’s birth month

Gladiola’s name comes from the Latin word “gladius” which means “sword”. This flower represents strength and honesty.


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