Jose Garza, Nicole Garza’s ex-husband is currently where?

The attempted murder of Jose Garza, which took place in Los Angeles, California in September 1996, is reenacted in The Killer Closer: Deadly Dessert, which aired on Investigation Discovery. At trial, the episode was described as “a Kafka novel with its gloom, with its twists and turns.” All the facts of the intricate chain of events are presented to the audience in an easily understandable way. If you are interested in gaining additional knowledge on the subject, you have come to the right place. Who exactly is this Jose Garza then? Should we investigate this further?

Who exactly is this Jose Garza?

During the divorce proceedings from his second wife Beverly, veteran Los Angeles District Attorney Jose Armin Garza had the opportunity to meet Nicole Garza, an attorney specializing in divorce and family law. They finally tied the knot in 1991 after falling in love with each other. On September 25, 1996, five years after their marriage, Jose complied with his wife’s request for a diet ice cream bar from the freezer in the garage of their home in Sylmar, located in the city of Los Angeles, California. When Jose made his way to the garage at around 11:00 p.m., he was immediately put off by the barking of the family dogs.

Lynette LaFontaine Trujillo

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Lynette Marie LaFontaine Trujillo and Nicole Garza

Jose’s suspicions turned out to be correct after he walked into the garage armed with a semi-automatic pistol. An assailant in so-called “ninja garb” opened fire on him three times, but none of the bullets hit their intended target. However, Jose returned fire and mortally wounded the attacker by hitting her in the stomach with his bullets. Lynette Marie LaFontaine-Trujillo, Nicole’s older sister, was identified as the shooter, stunning authorities. Lynette Marie LaFontaine-Trujillo was the person who opened fire.

The investigation into the attempted murder case led to police uncovering evidence that pointed to Nicole as the one behind the attempt. Authorities discovered a series of notes Nicole had written to Lynette giving her instructions on how to carry out the murder. On September 27, 1996, Nicole was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Lynette died at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center on October 8, 1996 and did not regain consciousness before her death. After the woman’s death, Nicole was arrested and charged with murder.

Although Nicole pleaded guilty to both charges and was sentenced to prison for her actions, Jose continued to insist that she was not guilty. He explained that this was a side effect of the diet pills she had been taking recently, stressing that his wife could never have done this without her decision-making being affected in some way. He believed this was an explanation for what had happened. According to reports, he even went to the correctional facility to visit her, where he waited many hours just to see her.

Despite the fact that all of these things conveyed an image of a couple in love, the actual story was very different from what it appeared. In her appeal to the court, Nicole explained that the reason she made such a tough decision was because she had been subjected to domestic violence at the hands of her husband Jose and that he allegedly even once broke her jaw. These domestic violence allegations were supported by his two ex-girlfriends, Diane and Beverley, who were married to him in the past. In each of their statements, they discussed the alleged addiction he had to sexual pornography as well as his aggressive personality.

Where can I find Jose Garza now?

After that, Jose moved on with his life and eventually married a widow named Janice. According to the evidence presented in court, even Janice was a victim of an alleged addiction to pornography by Jose, which led to him having deviant and perverted sexual fantasies. According to a testimony from a close family friend in March 2009, Janice had attended counseling to keep their marriage alive and even considered filing for divorce, despite being much more mature and better suited to deal with her with José.

When Jose’s son Garzia Jr. was caught and accused of viewing indecent youth pornography, all of these things came to light. It was then reported that the son had been watching his father, who was addicted to pornography and frequently violent towards his own mother, while growing up. In the end, it took a court order to force Jose to go to therapy, although a witness testified that he attended the sessions with a very patchy attendance record. Although now in his late 70s, Jose prefers to keep a low profile in public.

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He formerly served as executive director of the Workers Defense Project and was a Democratic nominee for district attorney for Travis County.

In the July 2020 runoff for the Democratic Party nomination, Garza defeated incumbent prosecutor Margaret Moore.

At the beginning of his campaign, Garza advocated drastic reforms in the way drug offenses are prosecuted. He stated, “On day one, we would stop prosecuting low-level drug offenses here in Travis County.”

Garza ran for office on a platform that included removing low-level drug possession charges, seeking restorative justice and holding police officers accountable for misconduct. While serving as Executive Director of the Workers Defense Project, Garza did his best to enforce paid sick leave policies in the cities of Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. He belongs to the Democratic Socialists of America and is a party member.

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