Josh Heupel’s wife Dawn Heupel and estimated net worth in 2022

Dawn Heupel, a former athlete, is Josh Heupel’s wife. Together are the two parents of a son and a daughter.

As of January 2021, Josh has been the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, the University of Tennessee football team. His incredible 38-33 victory over the Florida team once caught the attention of online users. He has participated in a number of teams this year and led them to success and fame.

On January 27, 2021, Heupel was named the 27th head football coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, replacing Jeremy Pruitt, who had been fired for violating the NCAA. When it comes to the total offences, the Heupel offenses often end up in the top 10 nationwide.

Josh Heupel

Fast facts on Josh Heupel

profession American football head coach
Current team Tennessee volunteers
Date of birth March 22, 1978
Place of birth Aberdeen, South Dakota
nationality American
parents Ken Heupel & Cindy Heupel
Marital status Married
Wife Dawn Heupel
children Hannah Heupel & Jace Heupel

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Meet Dawn Heupel, wife of coach Josh Heupel

Josh Heupel, a well-known coach, owes his fortune to Dawn Heupel. Before they decided to get married, they were high school sweethearts.

There wasn’t a single event that could damage their relationship; they are happy with each other. They have always supported each other in personal and professional life and surrendered to each other.

Dawn used to compete as a professional athlete. She played some sports but later decided to pursue a career as an architect. She gives everything for her work and equally for her family. A large part of their long and successful relationship – which has lasted more than 25 years – is also due to this.

They have not publicly announced their wedding dates or celebrated their wedding anniversary while letting their fans know about it on social media. However, they have reportedly been married for more than ten years. After meeting at Aberdeen Central High School in 1994, they quickly became close. This was the beginning of a beautiful adventure that paved the way for a quick relationship.

Despite their sporadic relationship throughout high school, they eventually reconnected and married. Josh and Dawn have been friends for over 28 years and still get along well. Dawn and her companion are frequently seen together at different times. He and his wife have a strong relationship and seem content.

The four members of football’s wonderful family. He and his wife are fortunate to have two wonderful children. Your children are intelligent and active from a young age. Jace, his kid, likes baseball, soccer and basketball. Hannah, his daughter, is also talented in sketching, singing and dancing.

She plays tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball and any other sport she can get her hands on. The Heupel family embodies the term “multi-talent family”. Dawn’s family is usually seen with him. He always shows how much he cares and loves his family.

What college did Josh Heupel attend?

Josh began his college career when he enrolled at Weber State University in his home state.

His parents, Ken and Cindy Heupel, raised him in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where he was born. His mother was a high school administrator while his father was the head football coach at Northern State University. As a child, he was very close to his parents, especially his father, and the two enjoyed playing video games together.

He later enrolled at Aberdeen Central High School, where he met the love of his life. As a student there, he played high school football for the Central Golden Eagles. During the second half of the Golden Eagles’ season-opener game in 1994, he took over as quarterback on a stripped-down version of the run-and-shot offense. As a senior, he was named South Dakota’s Player of the Year. He received requests for recruitment from prestigious college football programs at colleges in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Houston.

He started his professional career with the Weber State University football team. He switched to redshirt in 1996 and played in four games as a rookie in 1997. But in 1998 he suffered a cruciate ligament tear during spring training, forcing him to slide further down the roster’s depth chart.

He beat Fred Salanoa in the first quarterback job after transferring to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Despite playing alongside Salanoa, Heupel rushed for 2,308 yards and 28 touchdowns. He later received a scholarship offer from the state of Utah, but after meeting Bob Stoops, the Sooners’ new head coach, he settled on Oklahoma.

Josh Heupel Net Worth

Tennessee coach Josh Heupel is said to be worth more than $10 million. He is currently one of the top offensive coaches in college.

Josh is undoubtedly one of the top coaches in the league as far as skill goes. He has guided the club to numerous victories, which were either notable wins or performances that stunned fans and viewers. He is expected to make a fortune with his current roster, the Tennessee Volunteers, for his excellence on the field.

He has never disclosed his financial resources but reports have it that his net worth will be $10 million in 2022. Given his outstanding success with Tennessee this season, that number is expected to increase. A one-year contract extension until January 2028 was recently agreed between Heupel and the institution. It also included a $1 million pay rise in July.

Heupel’s average annual salary increased by $1 million to $5 million in July. The term includes an $8 million buyout and decreases by $2 million each year for the duration of the deal if he accepts a job offer before December 15, 2023. Heupel is entitled to 100% of his unpaid salary if his employment is terminated before December 15th, 2024; until December 15, 2026, this obligation will be reduced by 25% annually.

Josh has only been the Volunteers’ head coach for 15 games, but he’s made a big difference. Before landing in this position, his career went through many ups and downs. He joined the project in 2004 as an assistant coach for the Oklahoma team and has been a long-time contributor. On January 6, 2015, he was removed from his position as Oklahoma’s co-offensive coordinator as part of a program reorganization after many successful seasons. He was hired by Utah State University Aggies in 2015 as an associate head coach, offensive coordinator, and quarterbacks coach.

He played one season at USU before joining Barry Odom’s staff at the University of Missouri. Before being selected for his first head coaching job at UCF, he worked as an offensive coordinator. Heupel replaced Scott Frost as UCF’s head football coach in December 2017 when Frost took the helm at Nebraska. On January 27, 2021, former Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt was fired for violating the NCAA and named the team’s 27th head coach. His crimes often rank in the top 10 crimes nationwide.

Josh Heupel
Josh Heupel

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Josh Heupel’s voluntary work so far

Josh became the star of the Tennessee Volunteers football team this year. He was predicted to maintain his success from last season and this time he’s doing even better. Heupel has a 9-6 record in 15 games as head coach of the volunteers. He lifted the group from unranked to No. 15 on the AP Top 25 in the team’s first two weeks of competition, which saw wins against Ball State and No. 23 Pittsburgh.

He led the Volunteers to a 7-6 record, a third-place finish in the SEC East and a four-star foray into the Music City Bowl Jackson in his freshman season in 2021.

In the SEC, his 2021 offense ranked second in felony rating (474.4 yards per game), fourth in offensive yards per game (6.47), and second in felony rating on Rocky Top (39.3 points per game). In two games, his 2022 offense ranks second in total offense and second in the SEC in offense scoring (46.5 points per game) (492.5 yards per game).

In each of his three seasons as the UFC’s head coach — ranked fifth in 2020, fifth in 2019, and sixth in 2018 — Heupel has been the driving force behind a team that has finished in the top 10 in points per game on the FBS. In those three seasons, they also finished second in 2020, second in 2019, and fourth in 2018 on the FBS for total offense per game.

After three seasons and a 28-8 record as head coach at UCF, Heupel was hired. That included a regular season without a loss, the AAC title, and a 2018 Fiesta Bowl loss to LSU. After that, he had records of 10-3 the following year and 6-4 in the 2020 season, which COVID-19 cut short.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Josh Heupel’s wife?

Josh Heupel is married to his wife Dawn Heupel, whom he has known since high school.

Where did Josh Heupel go to college?

Josh Heupel attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, where he began his professional career.

Does Josh Heupel have children?

Josh Heupel and his wife are blessed with two children; son Jace Heupel and daughter Hannah Heupel.