Josh Heuston an actor, does he have a girlfriend? Ethnicity and Parents

Josh Heuston, a student at Heartbreak High, had a girlfriend named Cartia Mallan until 2020, when he ended his relationship with her.

He is an Australian actor and model best known for his role as Dusty Reid in the classic teen drama Heartbreak High which aired in the 1990s. Heuston was born on November 18, 1996 in Sri Lanka, but immigrated to Australia with his parents when he was a young child. Josh is the only one aware of his current romantic status; He’s either dating someone or maintaining a single lifestyle.

Joshua HeustonJosh

Some important facts about actor Josh Heuston

Surname Joshua HeustonJosh
nationality Australian
origin Sri Lanka
ethnicity Anglo Sri Lankan
profession Actor & Model
university Macquarie University
Degree Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular Science and Bachelor of Commerce
Born Nov 18, 1996 (25)
mother Kel Richston
Height 5 feet and 10 inches
debut Diving club in the network 10
Known for Heartbreak High (Dusty Reid)

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Does actor Josh Heuston have a girlfriend to call his own?

Josh Heuston previously had a love affair with his girlfriend Cartia Mallan, a fashion and beauty YouTuber from Australia.

Cartia, originally from Brisbane, and Josh, from New South Wales, first started dating in 2018. During the 2020 pandemic, they stayed together for another two years before making the decision to end their relationship.

During the time the two were together, Heuston frequented her YouTube channel, and her audience liked the way the two got along. Unfortunately, in February, Josh Heuston’s ex-girlfriend, Cartia, posted a video discussing the reasons she and Josh ended their relationship.

Although neither of them cheated on the other, they were always at each other’s throats. The two concluded that it would be best for them to go their separate ways for personal growth. Cartia also claimed that she wasn’t in the best of mental health the entire time they were dating, which made things challenging for both of them.

It seems that Josh is not involved in any romantic relationships at the moment. This rising star’s number one goal right now is to break into the acting and modeling industries. Since Josh ended his last relationship in 2020, there have been no rumors that he might be dating anyone else.

His mother, father and relatives

Joshua Heuston, who is best known by his stage name Josh Heuston and works in the entertainment industry, was born in Sri Lanka in 1996 to Australian parents. Kel Richston, Joshua’s mom, is delighted that her son has landed a role on one of her all-time favorite TV shows, Heartbreak High. Kel has been a fan of the show since it first aired in 1994 and is delighted that her son has been cast on the show. Both Kel and Josh appear to have a strong relationship.

Although Josh doesn’t post much about his family on social media, he does have a photo with his mom that he posted on Mother’s Day, along with a lengthy statement of how much he appreciates her. Josh is grateful to her for giving him the life he loves so much and is so grateful for. Additionally, Josh is an only child; He grew up without younger or older siblings. Other than that, no other information about his family or personal life can be found on the internet.

Ethnicity and parentage of actor Josh Heuston

Josh Heuston has both English and Sri Lankan parents. He originally comes from the island state of Sri Lanka. However, he spent his childhood in New South Wales, Australia, receiving both his secondary and post-secondary education there. Heuston belongs equally to the Sinhala and the Australian ethnic groups.

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How tall is model Josh Heuston?

Josh, who is of Anglo and Sri Lankan descent, stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall. Josh has also been hired as a model for major companies such as Gucci and Mountblanc alongside Australian company Kult Models because he is quite tall and has an attractive body shape. He models for both magazines and advertising campaigns. Also, Josh is an influencer on Instagram.

He has garnered a following of several hundred thousand people as a result of his meteoric rise to fame after releasing his acting debut at Dive Club. As of this writing, Josh’s Instagram account has over 627,000 followers. He has various endorsement deals with foreign clothing brands, which he frequently promotes through his post. These deals have been signed with international clothing brands.

The Heartbreak High Star character has received two majors

To complete his high school education, the 25-year-old actor attended Gilroy College in Castle Hill, New South Wales. Josh is the proud holder of a Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular Science and a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University, graduating with honors.

It wasn’t until his freshman year in college that he developed an interest in modeling; Previously, he was more attracted to the idea of ​​pursuing a career in acting. At that time he was employed as a bartender in Sydney.

In 2017, Josh made his debut as a model.

Shortly after he started sharing his pictures on Instagram, he realized he could turn his hobby into a source of income by becoming a content provider. Josh has landed in several campaigns after getting involved in self-promotion of his work.

Up to this point he has worked for well-known companies such as Fendi, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Burberry and Louis Vuitton. He was also invited to the catwalks in Milan and Shanghai. He walked the catwalk for designer Justin Cassin at the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia. In 2020, Josh was a member of Bumble’s campaign team.

Collaborating on music videos and acting opportunities

He co-starred with Cartia Mallan in a music video titled “Sicklaced,” released in 2017. Josh came to realize he had an innate ability to act after working on a music video project with several of his close friends. As a result, he enrolled in a highly respected acting academy. During his school years, he avoided taking part in plays and never seriously considered the possibility that acting was an area in which he could excel.

Josh put a lot of time and effort into honing the necessary acting talents, and as a result, his acting career has soared since he began landing high-profile jobs. The young actor has already accumulated a number of acting references under his name.

Joshua HeustonJosh
Joshua HeustonJosh

His first TV show was called “Dive Club”

Dive Club on Network 10 was where Josh made his first television appearance playing the role of Henry. Netflix recently started distributing the show. Heuston portrays a local boy with a kind and generous spirit who lives in the city.

Josh Heuston is a model and actor who was born in New South Wales. He is of Anglo-Sri Lankan descent, originally from New South Wales. He is best known for his role as the male lead in the 1990s reimagining of the classic teen drama Heartbreak High.

Josh Heuston is a model and actor who was born in New South Wales. He is of Anglo-Sri Lankan origin and played the male lead in the 1990s re-imagining of the classic teen drama Heartbreak High. (Image courtesy of Instagram)
After gaining notoriety for his performance as Henry on Dive Club, Josh was cast in the recurring role of Sammy on the television series More Than This. Just in 2022, he has played a number of roles notable in television and film.

In addition, Josh appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder in the role of Zeus Pretty Boy, a character who did not speak. Despite being a supporting role, he was able to work alongside Marvel hero Chris Hemsworth.

Now the star of “Heartbreak High”

Acting has proven to be a successful and fruitful career path for Josh Heuston. His starring role in the Netflix-produced remake of the popular 1990s teen drama, Heartbreak High, is without a doubt the one that has garnered him the most attention. The series debuted on Network Ten in 1994 before showing on Netflix for the first time on September 14th.

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