Julie Payten, wife of Todd Payten, and the family of the Cowboys head coach are profiled

His wife Julie Payten is very encouraging in his professional endeavors as the head coach of the North Queensland Cowboys of the National Rugby League (NRL). His coaching career in Australian professional rugby league has been very fruitful and he has also played the game at a professional level.

During his 16-year National Rugby League career, he played as a backup and second-row striker for the Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters and Wests Tigers. In 2005 he became Premier with the Tigers.

Shortly after announcing his retirement in 2011, Payten was named the head coach of the Wests Tigers NYC roster for the 2012 season. In 2013 he coached the team again and in 2014 he became assistant manager of Tigers’ National Rugby League club.

Similarly, in 2021 he was offered the position of head coach for the North Queensland Cowboys for a three-year period.

The Warriors earned their 10th and final playoff berth of the 2020 season. Before Payten took over as interim head coach, the Warriors had a record of 2 wins, 4 losses and a 14th place finish after their first six games. During Payten’s tenure, they had a record six wins from their previous 14 competitions, but they finished ninth overall, four points from the top eight.

Death Payten

A few quick facts:

Surname Death Payten
Date of birth January 18, 1979
Age 43
mother Christina Payten
Wife Julia Payten
profession Rugby League Coach
net worth 3 million dollars

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After many challenges, Todd Payten and Julie Payten are still together as a couple.

Although Payten has spent several years coaching the New Zealand Warriors, his faithful wife Julie Payten continues to be his constant companion.

Since his father was never there during his childhood, he grew up in a hostile environment. He witnessed his mother Christine go through great anguish as she single-handedly raised him and his sister Stacey. As a result, he insists his wife and children don’t have to go through anything terrifying that he went through when he was young.

Even when on tour, the rugby star never misses a second to check in with his doting wife and children, whom he adores with all his heart. Currently residing in Townsville with his wife and children, uprooting his family would make it more difficult for his children to continue their existing education.

Payten’s mother was the only one who took care of him

Although Todd was born in Sydney, his family quickly relocated to Tamora after the birth of their son. There he grew up with his mother, but had no father of his own. His mother was between seven and nine when she became parents and did an excellent job raising a child alone.

She made sure her brother Todd received the best possible care at all times, despite the mental and financial burdens of their mother Christine. Sometimes his grandfather would help him in any way he could, and these cases were rare.

Christine’s mother worked four jobs at the same time to support her family. Temora is a small community near Wagga Wagga. There she worked most often as a waitress, bartender and house cleaner. This was done to help Todd and Stacy.

What salary did Todd Payten receive in 2022?

Payten is expected to have a net worth of $3 million. In terms of salary, he is one of the highest paid coaches at national level.

A highly unusual event in the sporting world, the former Sydney Roosters player has enjoyed success in both his playing and managerial careers. He was a professional rugby player in the National Rugby League for the West Tigers between 2004 and 2011.

Similarly, Payten coached the Tigers and the Warriors and the Cowboys after playing more than half of his 259 NRL games with the Tigers. Payten was part of the Tigers team that won the championship in 2005. Before beginning his coaching career, Payten was a professional player in the National Rugby League.

After giving up his career, the 43-year-old worked as a manager for a period before the North Queensland Cowboys announced they were hiring him as their head coach in October 2014.

Payten was reportedly offered a $1.5 million, three-year contract when he was selected as the Cowboys’ new head coach. Courier Mail was kind enough to provide this information.

The Cowboys are preparing to make Payten a new offer, so stay tuned

Todd plans to continue his membership of the club for an extended period of time. The Cowboys plan to land him a new contract offer despite his team’s lack of great results last season.

The North Queensland Cowboys head coach is close to a multimillion-dollar contract extension with the club. It would go down as one of the most dramatic moments in rugby league history.

Though the sum is a closely guarded secret, current speculation suggests it will be significantly higher than the staggering $2 million deal he was said to have been offered in 2020.

The team would like to keep the coach on board even though his current contract with the company expires at the end of next year; However, the trainer is 43 years old and has been with the company for a long time.

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Cowboys head coach family information

  1. According to Todd, his grandfather and mother Christine were two of the most influential people in his life and have served as some of the strongest motivators.
  2. The Payten household was a challenging environment for Todd to grow up in, especially during the formative years of his life.
  3. Since Payten’s father was never there during his childhood, his family lived in an unstable atmosphere. He witnessed his mother Christine’s agony as she single-handedly raised him and his sister Stacey.
  4. Because of the sacrifices made by Payten’s mother and grandfather, he was able to develop his talents to the point that he is now the most desirable player in the NRL. This achievement was made possible by Payten.
  5. While it’s nice to be back with his family, the NRL coach said he feels a little guilty about his family’s coming home, even though it’s wonderful to be back with them.
Death Payten
Death Payten

A career in coaching

West’s Tigers

Payten was appointed head coach of club Wests Tigers NYC for the 2012 season shortly after announcing his retirement in 2011. The Tigers finished fourth in his first year as the team’s regular-season head coach. They won all of their postseason games, including the grand final where they defeated pre-game favorite Canberra Raiders 46-6. He coached the team again in 2013 before taking up the post of assistant coach with the Tigers National Rugby League side in 2014.

In 2013, Payten made his debut as representative coach, guiding New South Wales U18s to a 56-6 win over Queensland U18s. In 2014 he was again coach of the team and they won 24-10 against New South Wales.

Cowboys of North Queensland

Payten joined the North Queensland Cowboys in October 2014 to serve as head coach of the Cowboys’ National Youth League team for the 2015 season and as assistant to NRL head coach Paul Green. On October 4, 2015, Payten was part of the Cowboys’ coaching staff during their Grand Final victory over the Brisbane Broncos. The score was 17:16. He remained on the North Queensland coaching staff until 2018, during which time they reached the 2017 Grand Final.

Warriors from New Zealand.

Payten replaced former teammate Andrew McFadden at the New Zealand Warriors on August 8, 2018 when he accepted a contract as assistant coach for the 2019 season with the New Zealand Warriors.

Following the sacking of Stephen Kearney as New Zealand Warriors head coach on June 20, 2020, Payten was promoted to interim head coach of the team. He was later offered the job on a permanent basis, but turned it down.

On September 4, 2020, it was announced that he would serve as head coach of the North Queensland Cowboys for a three-year period beginning in 2021. The Warriors earned their 10th and final playoff spot of the 2020 season. Before Payten took over as interim head coach, the Warriors were ranked 14th and had won just two of their first six games. Prior to Payten’s arrival, the Warriors were losing. They finished with a record six wins, fourteen losses and four points outside the top eight under Payten’s lead.

It’s time to return to North Queensland.

During the 2021 National Rugby League season, Payten had a tough season with the North Queensland side who spent most of the season in the basement. North Queensland won just seven games and finished second to bottom (15th).

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Todd Payten born?

Todd was born in Parramatta, Australia. Although he was born in Sydney, his family moved to Tamora shortly after his birth.

How long has Todd Payten been a Cowboys coach?

Payten previously served on the Cowboys’ coaching staff from 2015 to 2018, including as an assistant coach at the club’s first debut in 2015.

Does Todd Payten have an Instagram account?

No, Payten does not use Instagram. He prefers to keep his life away from social media.