Justice for Katie after Denison, TX crash and is Cory Foster in jail?

Obituary: Two years after the incident, the Justice for Katie Palmer movement is still active on social media. Is Cory Foster locked up?

A truck tragedy claimed the life of Texas resident Katie Palmer, a Denison wife and mother. Her neighbor, Cory Foster, beat her and her husband. Katie died in the crash, but her husband did. She was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital, where she died.

The fact that the driver of the vehicle was never charged further brought the matter to national attention. The Grayson County District Attorney declined to press charges against Cory Foster, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the collision.

The incident sparked the “Justice for Katie Palmer” social media movement, and the story has also been discussed on a number of true crime podcasts.

What happened in the accident involving Katie Palmer Denison, Texas?

Katie Palmer was reportedly hit by a pickup truck in April 2020, but she did not survive the accident.

Katie and John Palmer took a walk around their neighborhood on April 21, 2020. A neighbor named Cory Foster hit them from behind with his F-250 fifteen minutes later, causing them to lose their shoes and being thrown many yards.

After being transported to a hospital, the Denison teacher was officially pronounced dead. The injuries to her head from blunt trauma were severe. She probably died at the scene of the accident.

The driver of the truck was Cory Foster, a neighbor of the Palmers. He reportedly has a long history of fines and arrests for drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving and many other offenses.

When is #JusticeForKatiePalmer coming? Denison #GraysonCounty Both the police and the prosecutor failed in this case. @AMorbidPodcast

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Is Cory Foster locked up? For Katie Palmer, justice

Since Cory Foster was never charged, he is not in prison.

According to many sources, a police officer contacted the driver after the collision. The troper reportedly smelled his breath and underwent a sobriety test. Foster stormed through the exam.

Tarif Alkhatib, a state police officer, was also handling the case. It was delivered to Brett Smith, the Grayson County District Attorney. The grand jury chose not to indict Foster four months after the incident. He was released without charge.

Since then, Katie Palmer’s family have launched a campaign. The Justice for Katie Palmer movement continues to be popular on social media. The site has more than 8,000 followers on Facebook.

Katie Palmer’s Case Update and Wikipedia: Katie Palmer, a teacher from Denison, Texas, was married to John Palmer and had three children

John Palmer, the crash victim’s longtime partner, was her husband. Brandon Dale Palmer, a son, and Bella Rose Palmer, a daughter, were born of the marriage. Her family is still seeking justice and encouraging everyone online to join their movement.

In addition, Katie has been a tremendously positive influence on her students. In addition, her students actively demanded justice. She loved her family, her students and unconditional travel.