Kendrick Middle School shooting: What happened? motive explained

Murders at Kendrick Middle School

After a 911 caller said two children had been shot, Kendrick Middle School in Jonesboro went into a soft lockdown.

School police say all staff and students are safe.

Shooting spree at Kendrick Middle School

Shots were fired at the Clayton County Public School

Clayton County Public Schools say no one was shot at an area middle school.

Rumors circulated on social media that there had been a shooting at Kendrick Middle School. But the school district said there was no shooting.

Murders at Kendrick Middle School

A statement to Channel 2 said CCPS is investigating a possible 911 call from the cut off neighborhood. As a precaution, there is a police station nearby.

What happened at school?

A fight at Towers High School Tuesday morning resulted in a temporary lockdown that disrupted the school day and angered parents who say fighting is still happening at the DeKalb County school.

Although it was not clear when the fight began, school district officials said regular classes resumed at 11 a.m. The DeKalb County police also came, but said nothing to anyone.

Has anyone been injured or taken into custody?

Officials at the school would not comment on any injuries or arrests that allegedly took place. It was also not clear what might have sparked the fight, or whether the people involved were students or staff.

A DeKalb cop, an ambulance, and three school support vehicles were parked outside the school. A few students were also out, but by 11:30 a.m., all but a few police officers had gone back to school.

What did the parenting spells say in Tower High?

Lakisha Spells, a Towers High parent, has been concerned about a series of recent events at the school that have been publicized on social media. When the current issue began, she was at school on Tuesday to speak to the principal about a fight her son was in last month.

Spells says as she walked down a hallway, she saw a “huge” group of children fighting, involving around five.

No one was allowed to walk through the halls, so everyone had to lock themselves in their rooms. I don’t know who started the fight.

What did the student’s mother say?

The mother said she tried speaking to the DeKalb County Board of Education about the struggle her child has been in for the past month, but no one responded. She said her child was attacked while eating lunch and suffered a concussion, a broken nose and other injuries from the waist up.

Spells said it was “terrible” to see the battle on camera. “My son is 14 years old.” He only weighs 100 pounds, but you can tell he’s crying. He is afraid. If your child is being teased, you cannot protect them. you can’t do anything I would fight for him, but I don’t have the strength to do so.

She said, “I don’t like it.” “I don’t want my son to live like that. He went to a private college. This is my son’s first year in public school and I don’t want him to be like this now.

When a fight broke out at Towers High School in March, many students were hit with pepper spray. Students speaking to Channel 2 Action News said the fight in the cafeteria started because students were beating police officers as they tried to calm the situation.

Shooting spree at Kendrick Middle School
Shooting spree at Kendrick Middle School

What did the headmaster say?

Superintendent Morcease Beasley says the number of fights in nearby Clayton County has increased 200% since the same time last year. He said they have been so persistent, particularly in secondary schools, that school principals have urged him to inform the public about the problem and ask parents for help, as previously reported by the AJC.

In another area, more police were at Kendrick Middle School in Clayton on Tuesday morning following an 911 call over what turned out to be a hoax. Police are investigating the call, school officials said, but they declined to say anything further.

Jonesboro is in the US state of Georgia and that is where Kendrick Middle School is located. It is a public school in northwestern Clayton County. The school opened in 1996 on 38 hectares of land in a residential area.

After the wrong 911 call about a shooting, security was tightened around the school. Out of prudence, the local police department acted quickly to deploy more police officers to the area than would normally be needed.

A statement from Clayton County Public Schools says there is reason for police to believe the call came from the community. In the statement, they also said that local police are investigating who made the call. After describing the school shooting, the caller did not say who they were and hung up.

“Officials are investigating a report of an 911 call cut off by the community. As a precaution, local police departments and the CCPS Police Department have worked together to increase security in the area. This is to ensure all students and staff remain safe,” the statement said.

Clayton County Public Schools said nothing further about what happened because police were already investigating. When the investigation is complete and the hoax caller is found, we’ll know more about it.

Kendrick Middle School shooting rumors: Is anyone hurt? An investigation is ongoing: When a report said there was a shooter at Kendrick Middle School, those around the school were upset. There have been many claims on social media that a shooting took place at Kendrick Middle School in Jonesboro. At the same time someone called 911. Ever since people heard about the Kendrick Middle School shooting, they’ve wanted to know who shot and who was shot. We created this blog to update you on the Kendrick Middle School shooting. Please go to the bottom of the page and take a look.

There’s talk of a shooting at Kendrick Middle School

Kendrick Middle School was also said to be on lockdown over the possibility of a shooting. A soft lockdown was also imposed at Kendrick Middle School after a report said two students were shot there. Despite this, the school police immediately went to the school and began investigating the incident.

School police officers ensured that all students and staff at Kendrick Middle School were safe. Officials were pleased to discover that neither a student nor a school staff member was injured. After the shooting rumors, no casualties were found at the school.

Police said there was no active shooter at the school and that there was no shooting at Kendrick Middle School. Nobody gets hurt either. So it looks like the Kendrick Middle School shooting story was just a rumor.

Now police are investigating who made that fake call to find out who it was. It was said that the person who called 911 to report a fake shooting would get in trouble. You can read more about this news by scrolling down the page.

The rumors about the Kendrick Middle School shooting are untrue. You should only listen to information from sources you can trust. Before spreading rumors on social media, please make sure they are true.

The school district also said there was no shooting at Kendrick Middle School. The possible fake 911 call was said to have been made from the Kendrick Middle School area. Meanwhile, officers were stationed nearby for extra security. Keep an eye on this page for more information and changes.

Kendrick Middle School in a nutshell

Jonesboro, GA is a large suburban area where Kendrick Middle School is located. It’s a public school. There are 812 students at Kendrick Middle School, which serves grades 6 through 8. 23% of students at Kendrick Middle School achieved or above proficiency level in math, and 26% achieved the same level in reading.

The school consists of 99% minority students. The student-teacher ratio of 17:1 is below the district average.

The student body consists of 52% male and 48% female students. 93% of the school’s students come from low-income families. There are 48 full-time teachers and 2 full-time school counselors.

Kendrick Middle School test results

Twenty-three percent of the students at Kendrick Middle School were at or above proficiency level in math, and 26 percent were par in reading.

Based on this measurement, the school performed worse than the district as a whole in math and reading. 29% of students at Clayton County Public Schools attained or above proficiency level in reading and 28% attained or above proficiency level in math.

In this way, students at Kendrick Middle School underperformed students statewide in math and reading. In Georgia, 42% of students read at or above the proficiency level and 43% of students engage in mathematics at or above the proficiency level.