Knoxx and Khanh from Season 2 of The Hype: Where are they now?

Knoxx and Khanh from Season 2 of The Hype: Where are they now?

The popular fashion reality show The Hype on HBO Max was created by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric and Michael Williams. It gives numerous streetwear designers the opportunity to showcase their talents for some of the biggest brands in the industry. The designers are able to build a variety of skills and triumph through many tasks, all in an effort to earn the unanimous approval of the three judges as the winner and a $150,000 cash prize.

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo were first introduced to audiences in the newly released Season 2 of the show. The two designers quickly established themselves as they were always willing to take on challenges. As you’d expect, both have a large following of admirers who are curious to know more about them, particularly their current whereabouts. Luckily, here’s everything we know about it!

The hype season 2

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The Hype Journey by Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo were two of the nine designers who were accepted into the competition after the judges’ initial review of their garment racks. Knoxx, the owner of DVMN NYC/DVMNPIGEON, said Elmira, New York is her hometown. Khahn Ngo of Columbus, Ohio, made a similar statement about his company N*G*O. Although there have been some ups and downs along the way, both never stopped impressing the judges and guests with their own style.

Any difficulties the team encountered in the meantime seemed to make the designers even more resilient. Khahn actually won his first challenge despite finishing in the last three after the show’s second goal. The third task required participants to design clothing for some of the world’s most famous skaters. Khahn designed a look that was both fashionable and comfortable while keeping his style icon Ish Cepeda in mind, and won the competition for the week.

The designers’ next task was to create a look that symbolizes their roots and their community. Blacc Sam and BH, the minds behind Marathon Clothing, were this week’s guests. Khahn won the competition for the second year in a row, earning a partnership with Marathon Clothing. The win also gave him an advantage in the subsequent job, where he had the honor of forming three teams of two. Khahn chose to form Team A with Knoxx. Khahn and Knoxx’s task was to create a look for Offset’s daughter Kalea that coordinated with the singer’s clothing choices. By winning the challenge, the pair demonstrated their strength and ability to work together. This was Knoxx’s first-ever win, while it was Khahn’s third straight win.

Both fought for the final spot in the top two in the season finale. They had to use their lookbooks to appeal to the judges to win. The judges couldn’t decide between them, so they agreed to let them both and Winston Bartholomew “Barth” Holder III show their collection. The jury declared Barth the winner when it came time to choose the winners. Despite their disappointment at not being successful in the tournament, Knoxx and Khahn both agreed that the overall experience was something they would always remember.

HBO Max is releasing the second season of The Hype in two major blocks of three episodes each, followed by a two-episode finale. This should increase interest in deciding which full collection from the competition’s ten young streetwear designers will take home the cash prize and strengthen the industry’s reputation as a ‘co-signer’. The Hype’s returning judges will this time be joined by special guests DJ Khaled, Law Roach, 24KGoldn, Dapper Dan, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Rhuigi, Angelo Baque and Blacc Sam for their fit checks and drop contests.

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Los Angeles and its Fashion District can be seen in the opening shot. The three judges or ‘co-signers’ of the competition can be seen perusing shelves of colorful streetwear clothing in the bright warehouse where The Hype is based.

The short version: Marni Senofonte, Beyonce and Kendall Jenner’s stylist, describes one garment in particular as “taking actual pieces of athletic gear and transforming them into something completely opposite.” We also catch up with Offset, the Grammy-winning rapper, fashion designer and husband of Cardi B, and designer and video director Bephie Birkett. Hype host Speedy Morman informs us that Senofonte, Berkitt and Offset are recurring co-signers. It’s up to them and their celebrity co-signers to decide which up-and-coming designer will prevail and win the $150,000 grand prize. There are also more applicants than vacancies in the study when The Hype season 2 debuts.

That’s true, there is one challenge that is presented immediately. It’s a 30-minute “fit check” that requires contestants to design an outfit that best represents the three finalists. Offset admonishes her to “come with the drip,” but in the end Detroit’s Alexzander takes home the award for most hype, thanks to his emphasis on crazy-tough, rock-star-worthy jeans. Also participating this season is Dominique “DOMO” Wilkins, whose company is called Faded NYC. The DOMO declares with confidence: “I don’t need pins.” I’m so good dude. There’s also Columbus, Ohio-based designer Khanh Ngo, whose aesthetic takes inspiration from muscle cars and workwear, as well as Los Angeles-based Knox from label Dvmnpigeon, Brian from Second & 7th, also from LA, and Cierra Boyd of FriskMeGood, whose existing rack piece initially caught Senofonte’s attention.

The first big test is taking luxury streetwear from concept to reality in just one day. The streetwear hopefuls design a complete collection throughout the season, with each challenge offering the opportunity to create a specific piece for their ‘look books’. With the assistance of famed designer Law Roach and season one Hype Champion Kai Nguyen, bolts of fabric are hurled, frantic cutting and sewing is done, and the co-signers view and critique the creations.

Which TV series will it remind you of? The format of The Hype is derived from Project Runway, like so many other modern reality shows of this genre. The third season of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn’s Making the Cut has just launched on Prime Video, continuing the theme of cutting and competition.

Our Opinion It would take the average person more than one night to assemble and create a finished outfit if given a bunch of fabric, scissors, some sketches and patterns, and a sewing machine. If any of us mere mortals were given even a year with the materials, our creation would likely resemble a puppy tent with arms. The streetwear designers at The Hype have no problem with that, as they approach their first task with a determination and confidence inherent in an industry thriving on excitement and anticipation. It’s not a lack of vision; on the contrary, some people are stressed by the criteria of the competition when they start to implement their concepts in the real workspace. Speedy Mormon, the host, warns, “Get your technique pack right,” and Alexzander is concerned about including all the fine details the seamstresses need.

Preparing for the challenges is one of the most exciting parts of The Hype as it combines the practicality of fashion design with the intangibles of attitude and concept. The most satisfying part, however, is the big reveal, or “drop.” Real models wearing real designs go in front of the senior co-signers who provide focused feedback like “this look is very editorial”, “this one over here “hits the mark”, and then select a group below to sort out. This method is not new not only to reality competition shows but also to reality competition shows in general. The Hype, on the other hand, maintains its unique perspective on streetwear ideas and design by being clear on its goals and never less than confident.

Final Thoughts: Barth celebrates his first Challenge win and sees his design on the runway amidst the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles Fashion Week flashbulbs. He explains, “This is the pinnacle of my design career.” I’m happy now. I can’t think of anything more to say about it.

More about the hype

Sleeper Star: Knox of streetwear company Dvmnpigeon claims that everyone in the Los Angeles fashion scene already knows her, and she earns points from Offset and others for her bragging during the drop for the first big hype challenge when she mentions, that she sewed everything they see themselves, including the lining of the jacket. Knox seems to offer plenty of personality in a competition where personality is key to presentation.

The most pilot-like line is when Beth “Bephie” Birkett explains what The Hype season 2 co-signers are looking for in young designers. “It’s incredibly difficult for consumers to choose your brand if you don’t know how to use clothing to tell a story.”

It’s time to stream it. The Hype evolves the well-known fashion-based reality competition format into something entirely of its own, while retaining the compelling boldness of its first season in terms of its personalities and graphics.

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The hype season 2
The hype season 2

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Where are Khahn Ngo and Knoxx now?

As of this writing, both Knoxx and Khahn seem to be finding success in their careers. Knoxx, meanwhile, seems focused on helping her company expand. The designer recently presented an autumn collection for her customers. You can do this by visiting DVMN NYC official website if you are interested. As well as honing her artistic skills, Knoxx seems to be turning her attention to the music industry. She also likes going on vacation and doing exciting things like hiking.

Khahn’s career as a fashion designer is definitely booming. He is currently working with Marathon Clothing on the project he earned for entering the competition. The Ohio native reportedly has ties to Close Friends, Dream Motorsports and Made & Co. Gallery. We wish Knoxx and Khahn the best in life and wish them a bright future.