Laura Zapata and her sister were kidnapped, when and how?

The documentary series Forever Queens, also known as Siempre Reinas, is available on Netflix and documents the everyday lives of legendary Mexican figures Luca Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata and Lorena Herrera. The reality show focuses on the four ladies’ friendships as well as the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives. The series also provides a forum for the celebrities to speak openly about their history and how those stories have influenced their personality today.

Audience attention was definitely drawn to Laura Zapata’s constant references to the time of her kidnapping while the other stars on the show discuss events from her own life. The well-known actress often speaks about how the incident affected her and her sister Ernestina Sodi. Of course, viewers are interested in learning more about the discussed incident. If you are in the same position as me and wondering how the sisters got kidnapped, the following information should answer all your questions.

Laura Zapata

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When and why were Ernestina Sodi and Laura Zapata taken from their homes?

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Ernestina Sodi, a well-known Mexican author, has a half-sister named Miranda, better known by her stage name Laura Zapata. Yolanda Miranda Mange has two daughters from two different marriages, and both daughters are identical twins. The two have three other sisters, one of whom is Ariadna Thala Sodi Miranda, better known for her stage performance as Thala, who is known around the world for her acting and singing skills.

On September 22, 2002, Laura appeared in the drama “La house de Bernarda Alba” as the beloved character Martio “The Buckel”. After the performance ended, Laura and Ernestina drove away from the San Rafael Theater in a red Volkswagen Jetta. Just five blocks from the theater, the sisters’ Volkswagen was pulled over by another vehicle, and then men in black hoodies and gloves got out and smashed the Volkswagen’s windows. People who were there as events unfolded said the men then forced the sisters into one of the vehicles that were following them.

While many people were horrified by the episode, it was not uncommon at the time as kidnappings in Mexico had reportedly become fairly regular by this time. When questioned about the matter, the girls’ relatives declined to comment on their plans surrounding the whole incident, saying they did not want law enforcement involvement. They said they didn’t want law enforcement involved in the case. As a result, many people came to the conclusion that the relatives had decided to pay the ransom. Laura has since revealed that the sisters were kidnapped with the intention of extorting money from Tommy Mottola, Thala’s husband, who is a very successful music producer. Laura says the kidnappers were hoping to get the money from Thala’s husband.

The two sisters were told by their captors that the whole ordeal had nothing to do with them personally and that the captors wanted Tommy Mottola to pay a million dollar ransom. Although Laura spoke very little English, she reportedly told her captors that she was unsure whether her sister’s family had that much money and whether or not she would spend it on them. The kidnappers freed Laura on October 10, 2002, after she had been held captive for a total of 18 days. However, Laura’s sister was held for a further 16 days until she was released on October 34, 2002, which was 34 days after the sisters’ kidnapping.

Laura has never revealed the exact ransom she and her family paid to secure her release from her captors; However, she pointed out that Thalia and her husband did not provide the ransom amount they were demanding. Since her release, Laura has claimed on many occasions that the event caused a profound change in her and that it took her about six years to overcome the traumatic experience. After her time in captivity, Laura starred in the autobiographical play, Captives, in which she presented her account of the events of that time.

The play presents the kidnappers as hardened criminals, but also sheds light on their seemingly human side through the events narrated in the play. The actress revealed that one of the people who kidnapped her claimed to be in love with her and promised he would not harm her, despite the alleged kidnapping being for commercial purposes. It’s important to note that Laura’s sisters, Ernestina and Thala, did not enjoy the performance, which presumably contributed to further deteriorating their relationship. This fact should be taken into account.

What became of the people who stole the children?

In April 2003, three men were arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the kidnapping of Ernestina Sodi and Laura Zapata. The defendants are accused of kidnapping a textile entrepreneur and holding him captive in a house in Mexico City. This led to the arrest of the accused. The victim’s identity was kept under wraps by officers, but they said the kidnappers planned to purchase a sum of $5 million. By January of the same year, they had already arrested two other members of the gang to which the trio belonged, according to law enforcement officials. Despite the fact that 5 members of the above kidnapping gang were taken into custody, Mario Alberto Bayardo, the leader of the gang, was nevertheless arrested by law enforcement along with two other members of the group.

Although it should be noted that her family had not reported the incident to the police, it was suspected that the gang were responsible for Laura and Ernestina’s kidnapping. According to the officials involved, the gang is said to be behind the kidnapping. It was stated that the family hired a private team to conduct interviews with those responsible for the kidnapping of the two sisters. Because of this, it is quite doubtful that any sort of official identification has taken place in relation to the same.


Zapata was born in Mexico City and her father, Guillermo Zapata Pérez de Utrera, was a Mexican boxer, model and businessman. Her mother, Yolanda Miranda Mange, was a model. Zapata is her daughter (from her first marriage). She married Juan Eduardo Sodi de la Tijera. Zapata is the half-sister of famed musicians Thala, Federica and Gabriela, and author and biographer Ernestina Sodi. Zapata is also a famous writer. She is mother of two boys named Claudio and Patricio Sodi. In addition, Zapata is a singer and dancer. The first family members to gain worldwide popularity thanks to their acting and singing careers are Laura and Thala. One of Thala’s earliest soap operas was called Maria Mercedes, and Laura played an antagonist opposite her sister on that show. She is known for her roles as villains in telenovelas as well as her other roles.

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Laura and her sister Ernestina were kidnapped in September 2002 and taken to an unknown location. The announcement of her kidnapping made headlines across Latin America and on Spanish-language television networks in the United States.

Since Thala, her half-sister, is married to multi-millionaire Tommy Mottola, it has been hypothesized that her captors would demand a substantial ransom in exchange for her release. In contrast, Laura was released 18 days after her captivity and her sister Ernestina 34 days after her abduction.

Laura Zapata
Laura Zapata



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