Learn more about Tanner Buchanan’s parents and siblings.

Tanner Buchanan is a popular actor who was raised in the United States of America by his parents, Steve Buchanan and Marlona Buchanan. Tanner is best known for his roles as Leo Kirkman on ABC’s Designated Survivor and Robby Keene on Netflix’s Cobra Kai. Both roles earned him widespread acclaim.

Steve’s role as Robby on the critically acclaimed series Cobra Kai brought him worldwide attention. Over 41 million people watched the first episode of Season 3 in the first 28 days after it became available to stream on January 1, 2021.

Buchanan will star in the film He’s All That alongside Addison Rae. Mark Waters is the director of the reversed version of the famous 1990s film She’s All That.

Before making his film industry debut in 2010, he worked with a number of Los Angeles acting and theater organizations. His first role was a small one in the film “Modern Family”. Soon after, Buchanan was routinely working on episodic television, alternating between roles as a heartthrob and turning as a character in episodes such as Major Crimes and The Goldbergs.

This article details his parents, siblings and other facts in addition to information about Steve’s professional life that is readily available. On the other hand, very little is known about Buchanan’s personal life and family, which is why this article is being written.

Tanner Buchanan

A few snapshots of information on Tanner Buchanan

Surname Tanner Buchanan
Age 23
parents Steve and Marlona Buchanan
siblings Marae Prowant
net worth 1 million dollars
nationality American

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tanner Buchanan’s mother?

Tanner Buchanan’s mother, Marlona, ​​is a strong, independent woman. The actor’s mother is half Filipino and his grandfather was full Filipino.

Who is Tanner Buchanan’s father?

Steve Buchanan is the father of Tanner Buchanan. Many claim his father was a traveling businessman. Tanner’s father also played a crucial role in the actor’s career.

Does Tanner have a girlfriend?

Cobra Kai fans have linked Mary Mouser and her co-star Buchanan in real life. Tanner, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with a pretty woman named Lizzie Broadway for over 5 years, according to Instagram.

Tanner Buchanan’s Parents: Meet his father, Steve Buchanan

Tanner Buchanan was born to two people who cared deeply for him. Tanner Buchanan’s father is Steve Buchanan and his mother is Marlona Buchanan. Tanner Buchanan is her son. There are several rumors that his father was an itinerant merchant. Tanner’s father was also a very important figure in the actor’s professional life.

Tanner’s innocent green eyes and youthful charm, which he may have inherited from his father, have garnered him many admirers, and his acting skills couldn’t match his stunning looks.

He’s been meticulously planning his future since the age of nine, and the actor has gone to great lengths to perform better with each new role. Because Steve’s job allowed him to live comfortably, it’s possible that the Buchanan family never had to worry about their financial situation.

Tanner was born on December 8, 1998 to Steve and Marlona after they tied the knot and became parents. Steve and his wife raised their child in Lima, Ohio. When he was younger, he showed talent in a variety of activities, including sports and dance.

According to Marlona, ​​Tanner’s exceptional coordination has enabled him to excel in both the sport of soccer and the art of dancing. Tanner’s burgeoning potential was quickly recognized by managers and agents, who then suggested that he try his hand at acting.

Tanner Buchanan’s mother Marlona Buchanan

Marlona Buchanan, Tanner Buchanan’s mother, has made a number of personal sacrifices for her son. The actor’s mother is of Filipino descent and the actor’s grandfather was a full native of the country.

His mother is a strong woman, both mentally and physically; She has a second degree belt in karate and also trains with her son. Tanner and his mother struggled to expand the acting opportunities available to him after the family moved to California.

Marlona was dissatisfied with her job and wanted to offer Tanner more performing opportunities, so she ended her career and moved to Los Angeles with him. That was her motivation for the move. Both the mother and son had difficulty adjusting to their new surroundings.

They had planned to rent furnished apartments in California, but it quickly became clear that they would have to make additional purchases for the house. This information was provided to The Face by Buchanan. They had originally intended to stay for a six-month period, but Buchanan’s success in securing three national courtships in the first three months encouraged them to extend their stay.

Tanner wouldn’t be the talented performer he is now were it not for the sacrifices his parents made. He is aware that what they have achieved was unprecedented and he feels extremely privileged as a result.

Additional fascinating information on Tanner Buchanan

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Tanner Buchanan also has a sister Marrae Prowant

Tanner Buchanan spent his childhood with his sister. Marrae Prowant is her nickname. Tanner is her younger brother and they spent much of their childhood together until a crucial point.

In addition, Tanner Buchanan is a skilled dancer

In addition to his acting career, Tanner possesses the ability to dance and has a strong affinity for music. He attended Center Stage Dance Academy in Ottawa to take dance classes. Tanner can play a number of instruments including guitar and piano, and he also enjoys singing and composing.

During his time at Cobra Kai, he was plagued by insomnia

It’s possible that Season 4 saw Robby put in as much mental and physical exertion as the actor who played him.

It is said that Buchanan’s job was so tiring that he often couldn’t sleep, even as he spent long hours behind the scenes helping to produce the next chapter of the Karate Kid saga. Buchanan was constantly working behind the scenes.

You can also see him in Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy

Tanner Buchanan made his acting debut in 2010 on the TV show Modern Family. He was approximately 11 years old at the time. In the season 2 episode titled “Halloween” in which he appeared as a background actor, “Halloween”

A few years after his cameo appearance in Modern Family, Tanner Buchanan was cast to play Lucas in the Season 9 episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Idle Hands.”

When Lucas’ teacher, Ms. Skurski, is hospitalized and subsequently diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is one of the children she sees.

Tanner is currently dating his girlfriend whose name is Lizzie Broadway

A lot of people watching Cobra Kai assumed that Mary Mouser and her co-star Buchanan were linked in real life. This assumption is based on their on-screen relationship. On the other hand, if you believe what you see on Instagram, Tanner has been dating a wonderful woman whose name is Lizzie Broadway for almost five years.

It was believed that Tanner and his longtime girlfriend will end their relationship in 2021. This comes after the two users apparently removed the few pictures they shared of themselves that they had posted on Instagram. On the other hand, in July 2021, Just Jared received pictures of the couple making out on a balcony in Venice.

Tanner Buchanan was reprimanded for swearing on set

Buchanan, who plays Robby on the TV show Cobra Kai, admitted he cursed between takes of the show. Buchanan and his colleagues at Cobra Kai refused to provide examples of some of Buchanan’s favorite swear words.

According to Mouser, the situation had gotten so bad that management felt compelled to take action. It stands to reason that the makers of Cobra Kai want to keep a clean set. The show has a significant cast of younger actors and actresses.

Tanner Buchanan
Tanner Buchanan


He made his television debut only in 2010, playing a young version of himself in an episode of the series Modern Family. After another three years had passed, he had appearances on the television shows Grey’s Anatomy, Major Crimes and The Goldbergs. He has appeared several times as a recurring character on Girl Meets World, Game Shakers, and The Fosters. He made his television debut in a leading role in 2016 when he was cast as Leo Kirkman on the political drama series Designated Survivor. In 2018, he began playing the role of Robby Keene, Johnny Lawrence’s estranged son, on the series Cobra Kai, which originally aired on YouTube Premium and eventually moved to Netflix. He also had a role in the adaptation of the film She’s All That titled He’s All That.

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