Malcolm McRae Net Worth in 2022 when Anya Taylor-Joy secretly married a longtime friend


Fans want to know more about Malcolm McRae’s personal life, such as how much money he has. There are rumors online that he and ‘The Peaky Blinders’ actress Anya Taylor-Joy have secretly married.

The talk of the town is that Malcolm McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy got married in a secret court ceremony. Many of their fans are happy for them, but some are still waiting for them to have a big wedding.


How much money will Malcolm McRae have in 2022?

Malcolm McRae is a singer and actor who was born and raised in Alabama. As his IMDB page says, he was found at the age of 12 at the AMTC, a talent show, among 1,100 other aspiring actors. He even won the Over All Young Actor award in 2006.

He was also in a short film called Brotherly in 2008 and How’dy! He played Gene Grady in the 2020 movie. Although he has tried his hand at acting, his main passion is playing more guitar and piano with his rock duet.


On Instagram he talks about the music of his rock band “More”. McRae and Kane Ritchotte formed the band and Warner Records gave them a record deal. The same goes for their band on Spotify.

He is a well-known singer and actor, but no one knows how much money he has. However, CelebrityNetWorth says his partner Anya is worth $7 million.


The singer studied classical music at an Ivy League school. His father was a stockbroker, but he died when McRae was 18.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s new husband’s name is Malcolm McRae

A Page Six report states that Anya Taylor-Joy secretly married her boyfriend Malcolm McRae. The source says the 27-year-old musician and 26-year-old actor got married in a simple ceremony at a courthouse in the United States.


The actress married McRae in the United States before moving to Australia to begin filming Furiosa, the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. When she was seen leaving the house last month with a diamond ring on her ring finger, it was announced for the first time that she was engaged to the singer.

The newlyweds were spotted in Sydney on Monday. Taylor-Joy was caught on camera wearing her engagement ring while wearing jeans and a sweater for a casual look.


Still, no one has said anything about being legally and officially husband and wife. Also, neither her team nor her representative have responded to requests to say anything about the situation.

Is there a picture of Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae on their wedding day?

People say Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae are legally married. But they didn’t have a big wedding. Instead, they had a simple court ceremony as the last part of the ceremony.


But some insiders told Page Six that they are planning a bigger wedding with more guests after Taylor-Joy wraps filming and may stay in the US longer.

So there are no wedding pictures yet. But if they later had a big wedding, fans would be thrilled to see their favorite couple getting married in a romantic setting.


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