Mariana Bichette, Dante Bichette’s wife, who? Abuse in the family and toxic relationship


People started looking up to Dante Bichette when Dante Jr. started speaking openly about his father and the domestic violence he endured. Discover more by scrolling down.

Former MLB player Dante Bichette and his wife Mariana Bichette are co-parents to their two sons, Dante Jr. and Bo Bichette. Colorado Rockies outfielder Bichette and his wife Marianna have been linked to two incidents.


He later admitted hitting Marianna, then his girlfriend and 19, in 1992 while she was carrying their child. In 1993, police were called to Bichette’s off-season home in Palm Beach Gardens following a marital dispute.

Bichette is a shortstop (MLB) for the Major League Baseball team Toronto Blue Jays. Bichette played baseball for Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida as a youngster, although she was homeschooled.


Mariana Bichette, Dante Bichette’s wife, who?

Mariana Bichette was the wife of Dante Bichette. She first met him at Gold’s Gym on Landsdowne Street in Boston while she was still a student there.

Then Dante asked her to a game at Fenway Park, which was directly across the street. However, at the time, she was unaware of Boston baseball fans in general.


Mariana then sent Dante an invitation to meet at the pub, but arrived 45 minutes late. Two years later they were finally married and had a child together.

Mariana Bichette, Bo’s mother, is from the former Porto Alegre in Brazil. She first met Dante when she was a student at Boston University. It took her ten years to finish her schooling.


Because she took his professional endeavors seriously, Mariana supported Dante through humanitarian activities such as massage treatments and coaching his son’s baseball teams.

Dante Jr. revealed domestic violence and a toxic relationship

What exactly happened between Dante Bichette and Dante Bichette Jr. is still unknown. Dante Jr. recently posted on Instagram how his father has been abusing him at home for a long time.


Dante Jr. posted an introduction to the abuse on Instagram

Dante Bichette, a former fielder for the Colorado Rockies, was one of the top hitters of the era. He said his father had inhumanly abused her for an extended period of time.

Dante Jr. claimed he saw his father torturing his sibling when he was 11 years old. In a question-and-answer session on Instagram, Jr. said he’s not living the life they believe her father was trying to keep them from.


He also admitted that he started bleeding when he was just 11 years old while defending his younger brother in front of his father.

Are Mariana and Dante Bichette still in a relationship? Children Dante Jr. and Bo

Online reports suggest that Dante Bichette and Mariana Bichette are still a couple. Dante Jr., their first son, was born to the couple in 1992, and Bo was born to her in Orlando, Florida, six years later.


One of their sons, Dante Jr., is an American free agent baseball player who plays first base and third base. The New York Yankees selected him in the first round of the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft.

He performed professionally for 11 years before emigrating to Los Angeles to further his musical ambitions. In his recently released debut song “God Knows” he touches on some parts of his upbringing and youth.


Bo Bichette on the field during his game

The couple’s second son, Bo Joseph Bichette, a shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball in the United States, is one of the couple’s (MLB) players.


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