Martina Cariddi friend – Ivan Pellicer, parents and siblings

Martina Cariddi used to date her boyfriend Ivan Pellicer. In the TV show Elite, Cariddi is known for her role as Menca Blanco.

In 2010, Cariddi began taking classes at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. In 2013 she went to Madrid to study fundamental interpretation at the Centro de Nuevos Creadores directed by Cristina Rota.

She also studied acting with Dario Facal and Luis Blat at the Juan Codina Studio and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He has worked on the Netflix films While the War Lasts, Elite, and Tell Me How It Happened, as well as the shorts Muere, Padre, and Muere.

Matina was very similar to her character Mencia when she was young. She’s still a rebel, but now she’s doing it in a different way. Your protest is directed against everyone. She believes that patriarchy still exists and that it will be difficult to get rid of, so she struggles with herself and with society.

Martina Kariddi

Martina Cariddi is no longer with her boyfriend Ivan Pellicer

Martina Cariddi may be single at the moment, but her ex-boyfriend, Spanish actor and model Ivan Pellicer is also from Spain.

By 2021, Martina was dating Pellicer. They used to post pictures of themselves as a couple on Instagram every day, but those pictures have been removed.

Cariddi hasn’t said anything publicly about her dating life, and there have been no new rumors about who she might be dating. So she should be single right?

Cariddi posted a picture on Instagram where she kisses Spanish actor Manu Rios. Things got hot when they both popped up on each other’s Instagrams.

But Cariddi and Manu may not be together because Manu posted a picture of himself with another woman with the caption “Love” and Martina frequently comments on posts with her brother.

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Parents and siblings of Martina Cariddi

Angela Cariddi and Eduardo Basanta Mendez had a child who they named Martina Cariddi.

Martina is also of Italian descent and a Christian. Cariddi attended a private school nearby when he was young.

Her brother Walter Basanta Cariddi also raised her well. Martina’s childhood was good, she comes from Spain. The actress speaks Spanish and Italian very well.

Later she attended the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid. Martina attended the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid and the Estudio Juan Codina to study acting.

She also has a close relationship with her brother Manu Rios, with whom she posts many pictures. Rios is a well-known Spanish actor with almost 11 million fans.

How much will Martina Cariddi earn in 2022?

Martina Carridi is believed to have a net worth of $2 million to $5 million. However, this information could be different as it is taken from their film credits.

People think that Cariddi made big money after her first role in the 2017 movie The Invisible Guardian. Since then, Martina has starred in many films.

She also got help from Havaianas Europe. It was the first flip-flop and has been spreading the spirit of Brazil since 1962.

Givenchy Beauty, a company that makes beauty products and personal care products, has also helped her. The perfume company could have paid a lot of money for them.

She has also promoted a bag company called BIMBA Y LOLA, a group of creative people who believe in the power of creativity to make the world a better place.

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Some information about Martina Cariddi

  • She tries to pay as little attention to social media as possible. She uses them as tools because that’s how she thinks of them.
  • She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind if it means defending her.
  • Among other things, she rebels with her hair. She won’t shave because she’s a lady. When she was young, she decided to stop shaving. She’s been through a lot since then, but she still hasn’t shaved.
  • She’s having trouble with the business. She’s been asked to shave several times, but she’s always said they hired her the way she is.
  • She enjoys trying new styles, breaking the rules and coming up with new ideas. Their clothing is full of bright colors, patterns, and items of clothing that are hard to find.

Is Ivan Pellicer dating Martina Cariddi in 2022?

No, it doesn’t look like Ivan Pellicer and Martina Cariddi are dating as of 2022. In 2021 they went out together.

Who are Martina Cariddi’s parents?

Martina Cariddi was born in the Chamartn district of Madrid to Angela Cariddi and Eduardo Basanta Mendez.

Martina Kariddi
Martina Kariddi

How much does Martina Cariddi have in the bank?

Martina Carridi is believed to have a net worth of $2 million to $5 million. However, this information may not be correct as it comes from the roles she has played in movies.

Martina was born on May 30, 2001 in Chamartn, Madrid. Her father was Spanish and her mother Italian.


She started acting in 2010 while taking a theater course at the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático de Madrid. She later enrolled in acting classes at Cristina Rota’s Centro de Nuevos Creadores and acting classes at Juan Codina Studio. In 2017, she starred in her first film, El Guardián Invisible, directed by Fernando González Molina.

In 2018, she played Laura in a Season 19 episode of Tell Me What Happened. A year later she had a small role in Alejandro Amenábar’s feature film While the War Goes On. She starred in a short film directed by Luis Grajera in 2021. Muere padre muere.

In 2020, it was announced that she would play Menca Blanco in the fourth season of the Netflix show Élite.

Martina Cariddi is a Spanish actress and model. People know her well because she did great work in Elite, a popular Spanish Netflix drama series.

People loved how strong and brave she was in the role of Menica Blanco. Martina Cariddi is best known for her role in the 2017 film The Invisible Guardian.

Cariddi was born in Madrid in 2001. She frequently uses social media and frequently posts updates on her new movies and TV shows.

The life story of Martina Cariddi

Although born under the sign of Gemini, Martina Cariddi was born in 2001 and will be 21 years old in 2022. Gemini is also made of air and Gemini is their sign.

Cariddi attended a private school nearby when he was young. She then went to Madrid to study at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts. Martina also attended the Cristina Rota Center and the Estudio Juan Codina in Madrid to study acting.

Angela Cariddi, a journalist, and Eduardo Basanta Mendez, also a journalist, were the parents of the stylish actress. They lived in Spain. Martina is also a Christian and comes from White Italy.

Martina comes from Spain and grew up in a nice family. She also grew up with her brother Walter Basanta Cariddi in a happy family home. The actress is fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Movies and TV shows are part of an actor’s job

Martina Cariddi went to a well-known center to take acting classes because she loves acting and cares a lot about other people. During her school years she performed some plays and dramas. Martina also attended the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid to study acting.

Martina Cariddi went to Estudio Juan Codina to learn to dance. She also took basic acting courses at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid, where she studied acting. She loves to perform and is very good at it.

Talent is something valuable. In 2017 she played her first role in the film The Invisible Guardian. Martina’s game was so good that Hollywood immediately called her.

But things got better when Netflix asked her to work for them. Martin Cariddi saw that this opportunity could change his life, so he jumped at it. Because of her skills, she had many fans.

Martina Cariddi is believed to have a net worth of around $5 million. Her wealth, money, and income contribute to her net worth. Martina’s job as a TV personality is her main source of income.

Martina Cariddi is known for being punctual and having a lot of respect for her art. Not much is known or written about her possessions. Because of her fame and money, she can live very well. But she decided to keep quiet and not attract attention.

Status of Martina Cariddi’s relationships

Ivan Pellicer is dating beautiful actress Martina Cariddi who is also an actor. Their Instagram accounts have a lot of sweet and sweet pictures of them together.

Martina Cariddi’s fans are even more interested and excited about her now that she is dating Ivan Pellicer. At first people thought they could date. After a while, however, they told each other that they were dating.

Height, weight, height and education

Cariddi weighs around 58 kilograms and is around 166 centimeters tall. Martina has dark brown eyes and hair, but we don’t know anything else about her. She has an oval face and a tattoo on her left thigh.

Martina attended a private school in the area before attending the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. She then attended the Cristina Rota Center and the Estudio Juan Codina to take acting classes.

Some cool things about Martin Cariddi

Martin Cariddi loves animals and often posts pictures of them on her Instagram.

Martin Cariddi is back in her homeland. The talented actress has starred in stage shows. Despite this, she has a very busy schedule.

She has a strong personality and is known for drawing attention to the need to change old homophobic mindsets.

She currently has more than 2.8 million verified Instagram followers.

Martin Cariddi works as a professional actor and model and has also acted in plays. Before she went to Hollywood, she did all her research.

Martin is only 21 years old, so a young woman. But she has already made a lot of money for herself. She loves to travel and often tells her followers about places to visit.

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