Meet the sports broadcaster father and mother

Kate Abdo is a well-known sports anchor for CBS Sports. She is a family woman who is close to her football-loving parents.

The UEFA Champions League hostess has become a star in the sporting world after her last show went horribly wrong.

She was speaking to Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards, her three guests, when one of her questions went wrong. The Sun says Abdo’s question made her laugh out loud as she quizzed her guests about herself.

So she was forced to talk about her first kiss on the show, and her answers became a huge hit with the show’s viewers.

Since then, the CBS Sports host’s name has been all over the sports news because people couldn’t get over what happened last on her show.

Kate is known as a sports presenter who speaks more than one language and has worked outside of her home country in the US, Spain, France and Germany.

Kate has worked for companies such as Deutsche Welle, CNN, Sky Sports and Fox Sports which are well known around the world.

Kate Abdo

Who are Kate Abdo’s mom and dad?

Kate Abdo was born in Manchester to parents Tom Abdo and Mrs Abdo. Her parents are both very fond of football.

What does Kate Abdo do at CBS Sports?

Since 2020, Kate Abdo has hosted a football show on CBS Sports about the UEFA Champions League.

Parents of CBS host Kate Abdo – Both my father and mother are big football fans.

Anyone might find it interesting to know that Kate’s interest in sports came from her family, specifically how much her parents loved football. Her parents are big soccer fans and always up-to-date when it comes to sports.

Kate had actually asked her father, Tom Aldo, to be a guest on her show on April 30, 2021.

She said that he was Manchester United’s number one fan and that his knowledge of the team from years of following made the show fun that day. Mr Aldo spoke to Kate and her guests about what he knew as they listened silently.

Many of Kate’s fans have also asked her to bring her father back for a second time

On the other hand, Kate’s mother and Mrs. Aldo mostly stayed out of sight while her husband was in front of the camera.

Despite being very private, she still talks about soccer at home with her husband and their famous daughter. Even if the older Aldos rarely go to public events, they can comply with their daughter’s request for the time being.

So Tom went to Kate’s show but Mrs. Aldo only agreed to take an Instagram selfie with Kate.

Both sides of the Aldo family are from Manchester, so they are all big football fans. Her favorite team is Manchester United FC

The famous CBS host is of mixed race as Tom is Caucasian and his wife is African and British. Despite living far from her parents and home in England, she has gained many fans in America.

FIFA Ballon d’Or host Kate Abdo is set to have a very impressive net worth in 2022

As of 2022, Kate Abdo has an impressive net worth thanks to her successful career and loving parents.

She is a sports reporter for CBS Sports and has landed some big jobs over the years. People know her because she has hosted the FIFA Ballon d’Or and Laureus World Sports Awards many times.

Speaking to attendees and guests in four languages, Kate was one of the most popular parts of the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014. Speaking more than one language, she quickly became a popular hostess this year.

Abdo has been able to earn more than $1 million from her career in sports media because she is a well-known woman in the field.

One reason for her success is that she has worked in many different countries and speaks many different languages.

Since Ms. Abdo has been in the business for a long time, everyone knows for sure that she is a millionaire.

The former Fox Sports presenter is worth more than a million dollars for being worked and paid for so long.

Kate Abdo receives $1,000 from CBS to host the UEFA Champions League

Kate hasn’t spoken about her exact net worth, nor has she spoken about how much she makes from CBS.

As a well-known sports reporter for the media company, she makes a lot of money every month.

Likewise, CBS is one of the biggest media companies and is known for how well it plays its reporters. Payscale says the average salary at CBS News is $69,501 per year.

Herald Weekly said that Bill Macante and Tom Heinsohn are two CBS sports hosts whose annual salaries top out at a million.

Kate is on the list of some of the highest paid sports broadcasters because she works in the same industry and for the same company. Kate has worked in her field for a long time, but she only joined CBS in 2020.

So she is making progress in the company and is happy with what she is doing. Abdo works for both boxing coverage and football at DAZN.

So this Brit is a real life media personality who works in the United States and makes a lot of money.

Kate Abdo
Kate Abdo

Kate AbdoBio

Kate Abdo, a prominent British journalist, hosts FOX Sports’ top football shows, Premier Boxing Champions pre-fight and fight shows and INSIDE PBC BOXING, the official news and information program for PBC on FOX and FS1. This fall, FOX Sports will send them to Qatar to cover their fourth FIFA World Cup™. She was a great host at FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019TM, FIFA World Cup Russia 2018TM and FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015TM.

Abdo will host the FIFA WORLD CUP TONIGHT nightly show and help the network follow the tournament as a whole. During her career she has also covered the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and Bundesliga. She also hosted FOX Sports’ extensive coverage of the Mayweather-McGregor fight live from Las Vegas and other prime-time boxing events on the network.

Kate started working full-time for FOX Sports in 2017, having worked for Sky Sports in the UK since 2014. The talented news anchor used to work for Sky Sports in the UK. She also hosted the FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremonies in 2014, 2015 and 2016, where she presented Cristiano Ronaldo with his third and fourth World’s Best Player awards and Lionel Messi with his fifth. She also hosted Sky Sports’ acclaimed coverage of Premier League Deadline Day, as well as a variety of European football matches and all of Sky’s prime-time pay-per-view boxing.

Abdo started doing sports coverage at DW-TV, a German television channel. In 2009 she started working for CNN. She hosts a daily sports show from London covering a range of leagues from around the world. Abdo has made a name for herself as the main presenter and face of Sky Germany’s Sky Sports News channel. In 2014 she joined Sky Sports in the UK. During her career she has spoken to some of the best football players of all time including Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidane and many others.

Born in England, Abdo also speaks French, German and Spanish. Abdo has lived in many different places in Europe. She attended college in the UK and Spain, graduating with honors and a degree in European languages.


Abdo’s first job in broadcasting was with the German international news channel Deutsche Welle, where she was responsible for sports coverage for both the English and German services.

From there she went to CNN, where she was the daily anchor of “World Sports.” She was also the presenter of the show Inside Africa. Abdo left CNN to become the main presenter and face of Sky Sport News HD in Germany. Abdo joined to be the public face of the network’s launch, and he’s also been a big part of the network’s coverage, formats and shows.

Abdo relocated to the UK from Germany to work for Sky Sports, where she hosted pay-per-view boxing events, European football, transfer deadline day and Sky Sports News.

[needs citation] In 2015, Sky Sports loaned Abdo to Fox Sports so he could moderate the network’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup. Abdo later accepted an offer from Fox Sports to relocate to the US and host the network’s coverage of the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, FA Cup and Bundesliga.

She also hosts Fox’s Premier Boxing Champions, which includes a regular studio show called Inside PBC Boxing and coverage of fight nights. After Fox lost the rights to the Champions League to Turner, Abdo also signed a deal to host Champions League games on TNT from Turner’s Atlanta studios.

Abdo is also known as the host of the FIFA Ballon d’Or and the Laureus World Sports Awards, which she has done many times. At the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014 ceremony, she spoke to participants and guests in four different languages. She also hosted the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Abdo left Fox Sports after losing key football rights and taking ‘Inside PBC’ off the air.

In 2020, Abdo returned to the UK to host the UEFA Champions League and Europa League for CBS Sports.

Abdo still works for DAZN in the US where they cover boxing.

life at home

She attended Christ the King School Manchester and Withington Girls’ School. She was born in Manchester. She moved to Spain when she was 17, where she studied Spanish and graduated from high school. A year later she went back to school and studied “Translation and Interpreting” for her degree.

Abdo interrupted her degree to live in France and Germany. She also has a BA (Hons) in European Languages ​​with a first class grade from the University of Salford. [needs citation] She has lived in Spain, France and Germany for a long time and speaks all three languages ​​well. Kate likes the Manchester United team.