Monarch Episode 5 Summary and Ending, Explained

“Monarch” on Fox is a family drama about the Romans, country music’s most famous family.

After Dottie Roman, the family matriarch, dies, the dark family secrets are slowly revealed by the show. In the fifth episode, Death and Christmas, the Romans come together to film their annual Christmas special. But each family member has issues that slow down production. Albie also searches for information on Dottie’s blackmailer. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of “Monarch” Episode 5 if you want to catch up on what happened in the episode and how it ended.

Monarch episode 5

Monarch Episode 5: A Summary

The fifth episode is called “Death and Christmas”. It begins with a flashback to the future where Luke gets rid of the Roman family’s car in the woods to avoid getting caught. Albie thinks about the time he spent with Dottie in the present. Nicky gets angry when Clive comes to her house. She tells Clive she wants to leave, but he says no. Instead, Clive tells them he knows Nicky had something to do with Dottie’s death. Nicky tries to act innocent, but Clive uses a legal gray area to catch her. Nicky is forced by Clive to stay married to him and give him lots of pocket money.

Later, Nicky talks to Carineh, her PR manager, about what’s going on. She says Nicky should go public with Wayne to trick people into thinking they are having an affair and take control away from Clive. So Nicky asks Carineh to arrange a PR appointment between Wayne and himself. Meanwhile, Romans get together to talk about how to make their annual Christmas special. The family doesn’t like the fancy, but Albie says they have to go ahead with the change because Dottie liked it.

Though Gigi is still mad at Nicky for stealing her song at the rodeo, the sisters make a temporary peace so they can film the Roman Christmas special. In another part of the story, Ace starts dating Ana, and Ana lies to her mother about being busy at work so she can hang out with Ace. But Catt finds out the truth and tells Ana not to get too close to the Romans. She says Ana needs to focus on her job. Gigi, on the other hand, doesn’t like her role in the special because she finds it rude. But Kayala tells Gigi to be herself during the performance.

Nicky and Wayne have their PR date, but Wayne makes it clear that he likes Nicky. When her performance at a local bar is enthusiastically received by the crowd, Wayne tells Nicky that he really likes her. Nicky brings Luke and Kayala together to figure out what to do when Kayala is pregnant. Kayla ends her affair with Luke and agrees to do what Nicky says to hide the fact that she is pregnant. During the latter part of filming for their Christmas special, Romans have a nice family dinner and what appears to be a temporary solution to their relationship troubles. But after dinner, Luke tells them that the prosecutors think Nicky had something to do with Dottie’s death.

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Why was Dottie blackmailed at the end of Monarch Season 5 Episode 5?

In the episode, Albie tries to find out who is trying to get money from Dottie. Marty is assigned the job and asked to look at the money transfer from Dottie’s account. However, Marty cannot find out who is behind the extortion. Marty says the people blackmailing him have taken all the right steps and are almost impossible to find. At the end of the episode, Albie asks Dottie’s sister, Nellie Cantrell, for information about the people who are blackmailing her.

Nellie finally tells Dottie what really happened to her in the past during the barn fire. Nellie says that Dottie made up the story that Rosa burned down the Roman family’s barn and then ran away after the fire. Albie believes the story is real, but Nellie says she isn’t. She says Dottie tried to get rid of Rose for good by taking advantage of the incident. Rosa had a brief relationship with Albie, which enraged Dottie. She didn’t want to jeopardize her future with Albie. So Dottie was to blame for the barn fire that killed Rosa. Then she made up a lie to cover up what she had done.

The episode finally explains what happened to the barn fire, which has long been a mystery to the Roman family. In fact, Dottie killed Rosa with fire. But it’s likely some people found out about her role in the murder. This person might also have evidence that Dottie did something wrong. So the unknown person who was blackmailing Dottie made her pay big bucks every month to keep her secret from getting out.

While the episode doesn’t tell us who the blackmailer is, it does explain why Dottie is being blackmailed. In the final scene of the episode set in the future, Nicky comes home after burning the evidence, only to find an angry Ace saying he saw the crime at the house. So it remains to be seen if Albie’s mysterious murder has anything to do with the blackmail situation.

Oh King… The more episodes of this show we watch, the more questions it asks us — but not the good questions Monarch probably wants us to ask. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good questions like, “Who is dead in the Flashforward and how did they get hit in the head or in the jugular by a Country Music Award trophy?” That’s a very interesting question, and so am I can’t wait for the big answer. (Don’t disappoint me, Monarch!) But during that episode of “Death and Christmas,” I had more “Why?” questions. and how?” and most importantly, “What the heck?” I’m hoping that Monarch can regroup and give some of the storylines and characters a little more breathing room once the present flashes forward the events (six weeks into this episode) It’s clear the ending is coming fast, which is bad for the show. It has a lot of potential but doesn’t go deep enough into what’s on these people’s minds.

Monarch episode 5
Monarch episode 5

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How about we talk about Gigi? Last time we saw her she was blaming Nicky for taking Dottie’s song instead of letting Gigi take it. Now Nicky’s song is a hit and Gigi is pissed… until Nicky tells her she needs to talk to a friend about the hot young cowboy she has a crush on. After that, Gigi still calls her sister a bitch, but now she does it in a fun, playful way. It’s a shame that you never know which Gigi you’ll get from week to week. Is she mad at her mother for the treatment she and her siblings got and ready to show the world what she’s made of? Or is she just following tradition by giving in to her mother’s wishes even though she’s dead? There is no sense of order. And if there’s supposed to be a constant inner struggle between these two points of view, that struggle isn’t shown enough or explored in a way that makes sense for this character.

Death and Christmas is based on a Roman Family Christmas TV special, which Dottie Roman does every year. Every year in July they take it up and celebrate it with a “fake Christmas Eve” family dinner. The show hasn’t changed much since it started, which sounds like a really boring Christmas special, right? All these years Nicky was dressed up as a pretty snow princess and a cute angel, but Gigi had to wear a full snowman costume and a silly Nutcracker outfit. She’s the joke, and sure, that’s all Dottie does (again, if this woman is so intent on building a dynasty, wouldn’t it make more sense to give all your kids the best possible career chances?), but Dottie is dead , and nobody says hey it’s 2022, maybe we should think about how it looks to make the fat sister look ridiculous, ESPECIALLY since she’s the one I’m not the CEO of a record label, but Luke Roman. t seems very good at his job.

When Gigi complains a bit about her costume, Luke tells her she looks “adorable” and then says “tradition” again, which ends the whole thing. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if Gigi changed things as long as she fought it about 10% harder. When Gigi tells Kayla about it, she finally tells her that she doesn’t have to be the Romans’ “family mascot” if she doesn’t want to be. So Gigi marches out to film her performance in The Nutcracker and decides to change things up: she sheds enough of the ridiculous makeup and costume to make her nutcracker kinda hot (as hot as nutcrackers can get , I think), and she sings a country version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” while destroying the set. It’s a great, empowering moment for Gigi, but by the time they film the final group number, she’s right back in her full Nutcracker costume. Why though? Nicky is dressed up as an angel, but no one else is wearing a crazy outfit. Luke hardly performs, but he still turns sexy Winter Man in Stovepipe Hat.

It’s particularly annoying to skip Gigi’s growth moment because Kayla and Luke’s antics have already turned her into a character to feel sorry for. And this week, my friends, this nonsense is getting worse. Kayla makes it clear she won’t give up her life with Gigi to be with Luke, and Monarch can’t even pronounce the word “abortion,” so Nicky hatches a plan to help her brother get out of this mess Away She Thinks Will Do The Least Harm: She lets Kayla try to convince Gigi that it’s time to finally have that second baby they’ve always talked about and that it’s not great if luke could be her sperm donor ? I love how Machiavellian this is. Though Gigi never discussed the idea with Luke, she’s still on board. Even though it’s all sad, I can’t wait for it to explode in everyone’s faces. This is melodrama, baby!

Albie keeps trying to figure out what’s going on with Dottie’s blackmail and learns some interesting new things about his late wife. The show is pretty soapy too. He tries to meet the people who are blackmailing him in person, but they don’t show up. Instead, they leave Albie a note that reads, “This is all your fault.” Ominous, no? Albie thinks that’s why the blackmail must be about his affair. When he tells Nicky what’s going on, she tells her father not to be too hard on himself because she thinks Dottie is keeping some secrets from them.

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