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Following the announcement of new seasons of a series of unscripted dating shows earlier this year, the teaser for the upcoming third season of Love Is Blind has now been made available. A second season was predicted and eagerly awaited after the show spent five consecutive weeks on Netflix’s global top 10 list for English language television series and charted in the top 10 in 54 different countries.

Kinetic Content is the production company responsible for producing the show, and Chris Coelen, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler, Kimberly Goodman, Brent Gauches and Heather Crowe serve as executive producers. Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show’s hosts, will be on hand to offer help and advice to contestants throughout the competition.


This captivating 10-part series will explore whether appearance, race or age matter, or whether love really is color blind. Dallas singles who are interested in finding a partner for the rest of their lives but want to be loved for who they are rather than how they look have taken a less traditional approach to modern dating. Through this method, they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their life with without ever seeing them.

love is blind

Teaser for Love Is Blind season 3

With no interruptions from the outside world, the singles entertain a steady stream of possible romantic interests. When a meaningful connection is formed, the singles make a proposal and then meet their future spouse for the first time.


After getting engaged and returning to the “real world,” as couples plan their wedding day, they will quickly find their ability to turn their emotional connection into a physical one in time for the rapidly approaching ceremony.

The freshly released teaser doesn’t actually show the contestants’ faces, but we can expect the same high-stakes drama to unfold this season as well. The film lasts thirty-one seconds and begins with a man strolling towards the camera and expressing his hope that his bride-to-be will come to him soon. At the same time, another participant declares that “the season is over for friends”.


The contestants are still unfazed and hopeful, despite having seen previous seasons of the show end with back-to-back breakups and all sorts of wild turmoil. They explain that they “came out to give love a chance”. As the show progresses, it becomes apparent that at least one couple has become engaged as a result of their participation.

Watch the Love Is Blind season 3 preview below

On October 19, 2022, the third season of reality dating series Love Is Blind will be available to stream on Netflix.



The show follows thirty singles from the same big city, fifteen men and fifteen women, all looking for romantic partners. The men and women meet in specially built “pods” for a period of ten days during which they cannot see each other but can communicate with each other over loudspeakers. You start with a setup similar to that of speed dating, but later have the opportunity to arrange much longer dates. Whenever the dates feel ready, they can propose to each other. The first time a couple sees each other in person is after one of them has already accepted the other’s proposal. After that, the fiancés go to a resort for a retreat specially designed for couples. During this journey, they have the opportunity to be physically intimate for the first time while also spending time getting to know their partners better. They also get to know the other couples participating in the experiment.

After the fiancées move away, they all decide to move into the same apartment complex together in the city where they currently reside. During their time in the apartments, they get to know their partners’ friends and relatives, and gain additional insight into their partners’ lives by discussing topics such as their partners’ money, leisure activities, personal habits, and final home location. In addition, they organize weddings that take place at the end of the month. During this wedding planning period, the women’s group will shop for wedding dresses together, while the men’s group will shop for suits together. They each bring a few friends and/or family members. You also decide the taste and design of the cake that will be served during the reception. Each participant has to decide for himself whether he says “yes” at the altar or not.



love is blind
love is blind
love is blind Season 1 contestant
Lauren speed 32 content creator Detroit, Mich Married November 2018
Cameron Hamilton 28 data scientist Lee, Maine
amber pike 27 Ex-tank mechanic Augusta, Georgia Married November 2018
Matthew Barnett 27 technician Canton, Georgia
Giannina Gibelli 25 business owner Caracas, Venezuela Separation in early 2021
Damien Powers 27 Ex-CEO Heidelberg, Germany
Jessica Batten 34 regional manager Rock Falls, Illinois separation at the wedding
Markus Cuevas 24 fitness trainer Chicago, Illinois
Kelly Chase 33 Holistic health and empowerment coach Atlanta, Georgia separation at the wedding
Kenny Barnes 27 sale California
Diamond Jack 28 Former NBA dancer Atlanta, Georgia Separation before marriage
Carlton Morton 34 Social Media Marketer Louisiana
Danielle Drouin 27 yoga teacher Atlanta, Georgia Separation before marriage
Rory Newbrough 28 Senior Consultant & Content Creator Alpharetta, Georgia
Lexi Skipper 26 Sales manager Lexington, South Carolina Separation before marriage
Westley Bear 27 Sales Manager and Life Coach Georgia
Lauren “LC” Chamblin 26 Recruiter/Account Manager Atlanta, Georgia Not engaged
Matthew Thomas 28 director
Taylor Lupton 31 creative director
Ryan Martin 29 automobile sale
Alison Costa 36 Director of Customer Relations in Pediatric Nursing
Andy Rickert 30 welder
Briana Holmes 24 chairman
KennethSmith 36 Master Hairdresser & Shopkeeper
Ebony Alexis 30 journalist
JonSmith 38 chairman
India Bridgeforth 29 project manager
Mikey Cobb 31 Business Analyst
Kay Mitchell 30 administrative director
Lili Williams 36 chairman
love is blind Season 2 contestant
Iyanna McNeely 27 program coordinator Chicago, Illinois Married, June 2021. Announced plans for divorce in August 2022.
Jarrette Jones 32 project manager
Danielle Ruehl 29 Deputy Head of Marketing Married, June 2021. Announced plans for divorce in August 2022.
Nick Thompson 36 VP Product Marketing
Natalie Lee 29 consulting manager separation at the wedding
Shayne Jansen 32 estate agents
Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee 33 Vet/House DJ separation at the wedding
Deepti Vempati 31 Information Data Analyst
Salvador Perez 31 Executive Assistant separation at the wedding
Mallory Zapata 32 communications manager
Shaina Hurley 32 Freelance hairdresser Separation before marriage
Kyle Abrams 29 glazier
Caitlin McKee 31 Medical sales professional Separation before marriage
James “Joey” Miller 30 Corporate strategy consultant
Jason Beaumont 31 flight attendant Separation before marriage
Kara Williams 32 Client Service Manager
Aye Johnson 28 paralegal Not engaged
Brandon McGhee 36 insurance broker
Brian Ngo 32 advertising strategist
Chassidy Mickale 34 business owner
Haseb Hussain 28 attorney
Hope Antonio 32 Sales manager
Jeremy Hartwell 36 Director/Entrepreneur
Juhie Faheem 31 Clinical Therapist
Julius Cache 39 Logistic manager
Olivia Harris 29 recruitment partner
RockySmith 30 executive
Shea’na Grigsby 36 Event Partnership Manager
Trisha frame 30 real estate agent
Vito Salamone 33 Pizzeria owner