NHL Brian Burke Reacting to Steve Simmons Article, What Happened?

People have said bad things about Steve Simmons’ recent article for the Toronto Sun. On Twitter, Brain Burke shared what he thought about it.

He’s very hurt that Steve doesn’t care about people of color.

Simmons is known for reporting without great care. He’s known for often crossing the line between what’s okay in journalism and what’s not. A reporter just ran a column like this one, which angered both hockey fans and players.

Simmons wrote an article downplaying the struggles Akim Aliu went through and comparing their careers to Wayne Simmonds’.

brian burke

Brian Burke’s response to Steve Simmons’ articles

Simmons once wrote an article critical of Brian Burke. He was very angry that Akim Aliu’s problems were being downplayed and that he was being compared to Wayne Simmonds in terms of the course of her career.

Then, of course, there was that exchange between Simmons and former general manager Brian Burke at the first post-Burke press conference in Toronto in January 2013.

Simmons also spread the rumor that Phil Kessel was crazy about hot dogs, though Kessel’s sister, Team USA’s Amanda Kessel, said her brother had no interest in them.

After that January 2015 fight, in which Kessel called Simmons an idiot for making a presumptuous comment about Kessel’s “coachability,” Simmons perhaps felt the need to insult Phil.

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What did Steve Simmons tell Wayne Simmonds?

Steve Simmons has never been afraid to offer an in-depth opinion on any of the subjects he has written about. Nevertheless, his recent perspective has received a lot of criticism, especially on social media.

Simmons’ most recent essay is about a well-known ice hockey player named Akim Aliu. Aliu is an African American name. The current argument between fans and athletes over people of color started because the column didn’t care about people of color.

Wayne Simmonds has struggled in his career because he’s a person of color. Because of this, he decided to step in and address the whole story, calling it ridiculous and not showing the true struggle of players of color. He does this by saying that the play was a waste of time.

Wayne said on his Twitter account that Steve’s post takes lightly the pain and suffering that people of color go through. He also said he hadn’t thought about how hard it really was to fit into the hockey community.

Wayne asked Steve to back up his claims without using his name or the names of other black players.

It looks like Wayne’s anger at the essay written by Steve Stevens has reached its peak. He then warns Steve that black actors can no longer watch their characters being killed.

Many people were annoyed by an article by Steve Simmons

The subject of Steve Simmons’ recent essay was popular NHL player Akim Aliu, whom Wayne Simmonds found offensive.

A former NHL player rose to prominence after saying Bill Peters, a former NHL head coach, called Aliu a racial slur. Based on what Akim said, Peters was fired from his job.

Aliu has spoken out against racism in the hockey business. But not all hockey fans were open to his political work.

Simmons yelled at Aliu in his latest Sunday Notes column for making claims about things Simmons thought Aliu couldn’t possibly know. Simmons wondered how much of Aliu’s troubles fitting into the hockey community was caused by the fact that she was black.

Simmons, on the other hand, made it pretty clear before making his comment that he knew a comment like this would get him in trouble and that he knew that before making the comment.

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Steve Simmons got a video message back from Akim Aliu

After Steve Simmons’ article appeared, Akim Aliu didn’t wait to get in touch with the editor. The 33-year-old athlete responded to Simmons’ article with a video in which he criticized the veteran hockey reporter for being careless and making decisions without adequate information.

Aliu responded on Sunday with a short, sharp message: “I only talk about it because it’s all over the internet.” I’ve heard Steve say bad things about me for a long time, and it’s funny because I’ve never spoken to him or him met.

He learned what he said from other members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance. What’s wrong with the world is people like Steve. This is the first time in history that humans have had the important conversation about race. He thought his story and what the HDA was doing had a lot to do with it.

Only some of Aliu’s problems as a professional ice hockey player were discussed. He didn’t hold back, even urging Simmons to be fired for what he had done.

Wayne Simmond’s career as a hockey player

Wayne Simmonds plays professional hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League. He was born in the Canadian province of Ontario (NHL). His peers and fans have nicknamed him “Wayne Train” throughout his career.

He is the third child of Cyril Simmonds and Wanda Mercury-Simmonds. They already have four sons and one daughter. The couple also have a daughter.

His ancestors lived in North Preston, Nova Scotia. Despite growing up near Toronto, Simmonds has said he used to cheer for the Detroit Red Wings. When he was young, Sergei Fedorov was his absolute favorite player.

In third grade, Simmonds had to write an assignment for career day. In it, he said he wanted to play hockey to make a living. Although Simmonds’ teacher told him to change his writing, he didn’t.

He played most of his minor hockey in Toronto’s East End, where he was on many A and AA teams, including the Minor Midget Toronto Aces during the 2003–2004 Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) season.

What did Wayne Simmonds hear Steve Simmons say?

Steve Simmons wrote a very controversial blog post about black players in which he also mentioned Wayne Simmonds. Wayne was furious with this biased column.

What’s his name?

Steve Simmons is a sports reporter for the Toronto Sun. He is known for reporting in risky and controversial ways.

    brian burke
brian burke

What’s the recent row about Steve Simmons?

Following his recent comments in the Sunday Post, Steve Simmons is once again at the center of controversy and criticism.

What did Steve Simmons write that upset people?

Simmons’ most recent article was about a former NHL player, Akim Aliu. The comments were rude and almost looked like discrimination.

Early life and career as a player

Burke was born in Providence, Rhode Island and grew up in Edina, Minnesota. He is one of ten children and graduated from Edina High School in 1977 and then Providence College with a BA in history. He went to Providence and played hockey for the Friars Division-I team. In his senior year he was captain of the team. Lou Lamoriello was the team’s coach. At Providence he played on the same team as Ron Wilson.

In 1977, Burke played seven games for the Springfield Indians (AHL) of the American Hockey League. He then played a full season in the AHL for the Maine Mariners, who won the AHL Calder Cup that year. After a year in AHL, Burke went to Harvard Law School. In 1981 he received his Juris Doctor and became a lawyer. Burke became an agent for NHL players after graduation.

leadership career

Pat Quinn hired him in 1987 to run the business side of hockey for the Vancouver Canucks. He left that job during the 1992-93 season to become general manager of the Hartford Whalers. Burke quit[6] left Hartford after a year so he could become executive vice president and director of hockey operations in the NHL’s front office. He worked for league commissioner Gary Bettman. In this job he was responsible for the rules of the league.

Vancouver Canucks

The Sedins play for the Canucks in Vancouver. As general manager of the Canucks, Burke selected both players in the first round of the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.

In 1998 he was hired by the Vancouver Canucks as general manager. With the Canucks, he was credited with turning around a struggling team and gaining more fans by drafting and signing key players like Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler. The team won a playoff series and a division title under his leadership. After the 2003-04 NHL season, Burke’s contract as general manager of the Canucks was not renewed. Burke then briefly worked as an NHL analyst for CBC and TSN. Burke had a record of 219-181-68-24 with the Canucks.


The public didn’t like the way Brian Burke treated striker Peter Zezel. Zezel had asked to be transferred to an East Coast team so he could be closer to Toronto and see his 5-year-old niece, who was dying of cancer, more often. Burke instead sent Zezel to Anaheim, the NHL city farthest from Toronto. Because of this, Zezel left the NHL. Burke decided not to buy Zezel out of his contract until after public and media opposition.

Anaheim ducks

When the 2004-05 NHL lockout ended, Burke was named the Anaheim Ducks’ next general manager. In his first year with the team, the Ducks made it to the third round before losing to the Edmonton Oilers in the Western Conference Finals. Burke won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in the 2005-06 NHL season. On November 12, 2008, Burke left his post as general manager of the Anaheim Ducks. Ducks management sent papers to the NHL to get him out of his contract.

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