Not Demogorgon, Will wanted to kill Bob in Season 2!

Stranger Things fans can’t sleep with their eyes closed, that’s true. You never know what truth bomb will be dropped after two weeks as the writers are always preparing to tease the fans.

On a show like this, you never know when a particular character’s fortunes will change. So this time, the writers decided to reveal some dirty secrets about Season 2 characters Will (Noah Schnapp) and Bob (Sean Astin).

Some fans don’t like how every time a new episode comes out new characters die while the old ones have a great time in their evil home of Hawkings. In Season 2 it was Bob, in Season 3 it was Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and in Season 4 it was our very favorite Eddie (Joseph Quinn).

stranger things

Season 2 of Stranger Things

While awaiting news of Stranger Things Season 5, which was rumored to be the final season, the writers tweeted a message that caused a storm and the start of a series titled “Crazy sh*t that almost happened.” Will and Bob Newby are the first to hear about it.

In season two, he died in a horrible way that we all remember. If you don’t, let’s refresh our memories a little. Bob was the hero who saved the day by surrendering to the Demodogs so the others could escape. At the time, he was introduced as a friend of Joyce Byers, who worked at RadioShack.

Throughout the season he helped the Hawkings gang with his own ideas on technology. This quickly made him a fan favorite. Sean Astin played Samwise in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, so he was already a big name in the world of fantasy TV shows.

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Season 2 of Stranger Things will

When you do a show like the Duffer Brothers, it’s clear that you can’t just have an idea and go through with it. Before you land the final hit, you need to have a list of things that are planned in your head. Now the writers of Stranger Things have confirmed that Will’s obsession was almost the reason Bob died instead of the evil Demodogs. If this had happened to Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), it would have been a huge blow to her sanity, and thank goodness that wasn’t the case.

But it makes a lot of sense since Season 2 was very tough on Will’s character, especially since he was obsessed with and still connected to the Mind Flayer, as the Season 4 finale confirmed. Will had become so violent that he no longer liked his best friends. Killing Bob would have made him even more scared for life than he already is.

However, if this really happened, the Byers family would have had to deal with many bad things as a result. Bob’s death already made life difficult for them in the future, but if it was Will’s fault, it would have changed Will’s entire character arc. But we would have seen a lot more of him if the story hadn’t been about how his mind was taken over. Each season, fans have been very upset that Will isn’t on the show, especially since Noah Schapp is great in the role. Maybe that would have solved the problem, but it would also have changed the way they all worked together.

If that had happened, how do you think the rest of the seasons of the show would have gone? Do you think the writers made the right choice in scrapping the original plan? What do you think? Tell us in the section below.

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Stranger Things is set in a fictional small town in Indiana called Hawkins in the 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory is supposed to conduct scientific research for the US Department of Energy, but in reality it conducts secret experiments on the paranormal and supernatural, some using humans as test subjects. You accidentally opened a door to The Upside Down, another dimension. Bad things happen to the folks at Hawkins who don’t know about Upside Down.

The first season starts in November 1983. Someone from Upside Down takes Will Byers. Joyce, his mother, Jim Hopper, the city’s police chief, and a group of volunteers search for him. Eleven, a young psychokinetic girl, leaves the lab and is found by Will’s friends. Eleven befriends them and helps them find Will.

The second season takes place in October 1984, a year after the first. Will was rescued, but he begins to dream of something from Upside Down bringing Hawkins down. When Will’s friends and family find out he’s still being controlled by something from Upside Down, they learn there’s a greater threat to their universe.

The third season takes place a few months later, in 1985, in the days before the July 4th holiday. Hawkins residents spend most of their time in the new Starcourt Mall. The mall’s popularity has caused most other businesses in the area to go out of business. Hopper begins to worry more and more about Eleven and Mike’s relationship and becomes very protective of his daughter. Little does the townsfolk know that a secret Soviet laboratory under Starcourt is trying to figure out a way to open the door to the Upside Down. The Mind Flayer uses mind control to get Billy to do what he wants.

stranger things
stranger things

A few months later, in March 1986, the fourth season takes place. Joyce, Will, Eleven and Jonathan are starting over in Lenora, California. In California, Eleven is having a hard time losing her powers and being bullied at school. At the same time, in Hawkins, a creature from Upside Down later named Vecna ​​​​starts killing people, which opens new doors between the two worlds. dr Sam Owens and Dr. Martin Brenner take Eleven to a place where she can regain her powers so they can stop Vecna. Meanwhile, Joyce and Murray fly to Russia to get Hopper out of the Kamchatka Gulag.

Matt and Ross Duffer, who work together as the Duffer Brothers, made Stranger Things. They also run the show, writing most of the episodes and directing many of them. The two had finished writing and directing their film Hidden, which was released in 2015. They were trying to make it look like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. But due to changes at Warner Bros., the film didn’t get wide distribution and the Duffer Brothers didn’t know what to do next. To her surprise, she was approached by television producer Donald De Line. He liked the script for Hidden, so he offered them to work with Shyamalan on episodes of Wayward Pines. During filming of the episode, Shyamalan helped guide the brothers in such a way that by the end they felt ready to make their own TV show.

The Duffer Brothers wrote a script and a 20-page “pitch book” to find a network for the show. The script was very similar to the actual pilot episode.

They pitched the story to about fifteen cable channels, but they all turned it down because they didn’t think it would work with children as the main characters. Instead, they told them to make it a kids show or drop the kids and focus on Hopper’s investigation of the supernatural.

In early 2015, Dan Cohen, vice president of 21 Laps Entertainment, turned the script over to Shawn Levy. After that, they had the Duffer Brothers come to their office and bought the rights to the series, giving the brothers full authorship. After watching the pilot, streaming service Netflix bought the entire season for an undisclosed amount. In early April 2015, Netflix announced that the series would be released in 2016.

The Duffer Brothers said that when they pitched their idea to Netflix, the company was already known for its original shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, which were produced by well-known producers, and was willing to give new producers those a chance.

The brothers began scouting for actors, then brought in Levy and Cohen as additional executive producers to discuss story ideas. Levy also directed the show.

The cover of the book the Duffer Brothers made to sell Montauk. They got their ideas from the covers of Stephen King books like Firestarter.

The show used to be called Montauk. The story takes place in Montauk, New York and nearby locations on Long Island. A number of real-world conspiracy theories about secret government experiments have had to do with Montauk. The brothers chose Montauk because Spielberg used it as the setting for the fictional Amity Island in the movie Jaws. After deciding to change the story to take place in the fictional town of Hawkins, the brothers felt they could do things to the town, like quarantine, that they couldn’t do in a real-world location .

Ted Sarandos, who works for Netflix, told them they needed a new name for the show because it was moving. This was done so they could start promoting it to the public. The brothers began by looking at a copy of Stephen King’s book Firestarter to think about the font and style of the title. Then they created a long list of possible alternatives. Stranger Things came about because it sounded like another King book, Needful Things, although Matt said they still had “a lot of heated arguments” over the final title.

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