Once upon a time there was a small town season 6 episode 6


Once Upon a Small Town ( ) is a romantic comedy and drama television series produced in South Korea and directed by Kwon Seok-jang. The series stars Choo Yeong-woo, Park Soo-young, Baek Sung-chul and Jung Suk-yong, along with a host of other actors and actresses. The sixth episode of Once Upon a Small Town runs a total of forty minutes.

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Once upon a time there was a small town

Warning: The following synopsis of Once Upon a Time in a Small Town Episode 6 contains spoilers

The sixth episode of Once Upon a Small Town begins with a flashback showing Ji-traumatic yul’s experiences years ago and how he was involved in a horrific accident that killed both of his parents. Returning to the present, Ji-yul rescues Ja-young from the rubble, just as her father rescued Ja-young all those years before.


While Ja-young remains unconscious in the hospital, Ji-yul anxiously watches over her while she is cared for by the nurse. Sang-hyeon arrives just as he is about to take her hand, and he commends Ji-yul for helping his friend before they shake hands. Ji-yul leaves the hospital quite dejected now that Sang-hyeon is there, while Ja-young awakens from her sleep and reassures Sang-hyeon that she is fine despite her earlier concerns.

When she asks him how he got there, he informs her that Ji-yul reported the accident and helped her get to the hospital, and then he jokes about how she owes the doctor his sympathy. Then he goes. Ji-yul observes how close Sang-hyeon and the woman stand while helping the woman exit the hospital and get into his car. She decides to leave without saying anything.


At her house, Ja-young searches for the appropriate expression to express her gratitude towards Ji-yul, but she can’t articulate what she really feels. Sang-hyeon, on the other hand, remembers seeing Ji-yul waiting in the hospital parking lot, and this causes him to think about a few other things while working at the peach farm. Similarly, Ji-yul has also been thinking independently of himself.

The next day, Ja-Boss Young gave her the day off so she could get some rest, and she took the opportunity to visit Ji-yul and express her gratitude to him for what he had done the day before. However, Ji-yul isn’t at the vet clinic, so she brings along some popsicles for them to enjoy while she’s on her way to another neighbor’s house. Meanwhile, Ji-yul has left the events of the previous day behind to visit his parents’ columbarium.


Both Ja-young and Ji-yul felt uncomfortable during their encounter as it happened as they were heading back to their respective homes. After the initial uncertainty, Ja-young begins to thank him for his help, but their conversation is cut short when he receives an important phone call from somewhere else. Sang-hyeon arrives to pick up Ja-young while staring at Ji-yul’s car, and the two continue their conversation about what happened with Majeong. After some time, when she brings up what he had previously said about his affection for her, he happily encourages her to reconsider.

During this time, Ji-yul visits an elderly man’s house to check on his bull. Unfortunately, the bull isn’t doing very well, and the guy wants Ji-yul to put an end to the bull’s suffering by putting him to sleep. The bull hasn’t eaten in over a month. On the other hand, during a gathering of Majeong and Huidong residents that same evening, a fight broke out between two of the towns’ respective peoples.


Ji-yul must make the difficult decision of finding the right cure to ease the bull’s suffering and put an end to his misery. At the same time, people from Majeong label Ja-young as uncultured because she has no parents. However, Sang-hyeon makes an effort, if only for a moment, to lighten the burden Ja-young is carrying.

During her walk to clear her brain, Ji-yul helps the bull cross the street, and the old man’s kind words to his longtime friend bring tears to the vet’s eyes. Later, the man has a conversation with Ji-yul about his parents, and it turns out that Ji-yul was in the man’s care when the tragedy happened all those years ago. They develop a sense of camaraderie as they share their misfortunes, and the older man shares his belief that one way or another, those we’ve lost will find their way back to us.

Once upon a time there was a small town
Once upon a time there was a small town

The conclusion of Once Upon a Time in a Small Town Episode 6

However, just before Ji-yul leaves, the man reveals that he and Ja-young played together as children. This brings back a new load of memories for Ja-young and helps him to clarify the situation even more. When he meets her, she is sitting by the river and he immediately thinks back to when they were both much younger and Ja-young was his best friend and helped him overcome the grief of losing his parents.

Ji-yul and Ja-young exchange looks as memories of their childhood flood up as they face each other in the place they used to be when they were younger.


A look back at Once Upon a Time in a Small Town Episode 6

Episode 6 turned out to be a pretty nice episode now that we’re not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. I think the majority of viewers were waiting for Ji-yul to finally remember Ja-young, and I have to admit I admired the way they brought the narration back to him. I was close to tears when I saw the older man with the bull, and it makes perfect sense that he was familiar with Ji-yul and his relationship with Ja-young from all those years ago.

Overall I found this episode to be very enjoyable to watch even though it is quite emotional.


Netflix currently offers Once Upon a Small Time, which can be viewed online.


In August 2021, Choi Soo-young and Jang Keun-suk became the first two actors offered the lead roles in the series. It wasn’t until later in September 2021 that it was discovered that it didn’t really work. In May 2022, it was decided that Choo Young-woo would play the role of Han Ji-yul, a Seoul native veterinarian, and Park Soo-young would play the role of Ahn Ja-young, a local police officer, as the two main characters of the series. Later in May, Baek Seong-cheol joined the cast as Lee Sang-hyeon, a handsome young farmer.


Because the series was filmed in a rural setting and animals were involved, the production team took precautions to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the process, from scripting to actual filming. They did this by consulting with veterinarians. The entire shooting with animal participation took place in the company of a trained veterinarian and an experienced animal caretaker. The production staff revealed, “All animal contact props have been carefully made from silicone to ensure their safety and anything that could potentially be dangerous has been excluded as much as possible.”



  • Park Soo-young as Ahn Ja-young, a third-year local police officer and town insider.
  • Choo Young-woo plays Han Ji-yul, a veterinarian who comes from Seoul to take over the village animal hospital run by his grandfather.
  • Baek Seong-cheol as Lee Sang-hyeon, a young farmer who runs a peach farm in Heedong Village.


people around Han Ji-yul

  • Na Chul as Choi Yun-hyeong, a vet who runs a veterinary clinic in Seoul.
  • Park Ye-ni as Young-Sook, a nurse.
  • Ha Yul-ri as Choi Min, a veterinarian on the animal testing team of a foreign pharmaceutical company.
  • Lee Dong-chan as Grandfather Deok-jin, a veterinarian.

People in Heedong Village

  • Jung Suk-yong as Hwang Man-seong.
  • Baek Ji-won as Choi Se-ryun.
  • Park Ji-ah as Cha Yeon-hong, General Secretary of the Women’s Association in Heedong Village.
  • Yoo Yeon as Kyeong-ok, mysterious wild-eyed woman
  • Roh Jae-won as Yoon Geun-mo, a policeman in Heedong Village.
  • Kim Young-sun as Mal-geum, the head of Majeong-ri, the village adjacent to Heedong-ri, is patriotic for taking the initiative to address village affairs.
  • Jung Si-yul as Kim Seon-dong