Where is Michael Howell right now?

Sallie Rohrbach

The Investigation Discovery documentary, titled “Homicide City: Charlotte Auditing Evil,” tells the horrifying story of a federal insurance investigator named Sallie Rohrbach, who was 44 at the time of her death in May 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her death was the result of an auditing job she was doing at the time of her … Read more

Is the movie Don’t Worry Darling available on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu or Prime?

Don’t Worry Darling

Is the movie Don’t Worry Darling available on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu or Prime? Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller that follows a housewife and her working husband as they begin to uncover some uncomfortable secrets about the supposedly glamorous company he works for. The film also focuses on the relationship … Read more

Danny Strong, husband of Allison Feaster of the Celtics, Ime Udoka Affair Timeline

Allison Feaster

Danny Strong, the Celtics’ vice president of player development, is married to Allison Feaster. She is embroiled in discussions about the recent probes. Ime Udoka could be suspended before the 2022/23 season after being accused of having an affair with a Boston Celtic employee. With Allison Feaster, the team’s vice-president, being the only woman working … Read more

Where is Somsack Sinthasomphone, Konerack’s brother, now?

Where is Somsack Sinthasomphone, Konerack's brother, now?

The documentary Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, available to watch on Netflix, tells the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer gruesomely murdered Konerack Sinthasomphone. Dahmer drilled a hole in the victim’s skull and then pumped hydrochloric acid into the hole. Despite this, Jeffrey was responsible for the torture of another member of the Sinthasomphone family in … Read more

Where is Mark Olvera now?


Investigation Discovery’s “Swamp Murders: Lethal Attraction” recreates the night of June 1989 in Lake County, Florida, when an 18-year-old girl named Tina Hendricks was murdered after being raped and strangled in the area. Before investigators were finally able to identify the perpetrator, they had to follow a long trail of possible suspects and listen to … Read more

How did the Thai cave rescue ray perish?

Thai Cave Rescue’s Beam

Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, better known as Beam, obviously had a bright future ahead as everyone who had ever interacted with him or seen his work as an aspiring entertainer had only positive things to say about him. Unfortunately, it all fell apart earlier this year when he passed away unexpectedly. As a result, Netflix’s six-part limited … Read more

What is Georgie Stone’s net worth?

georgie stone

Georgie Stone understood from an early age that she was a girl, although she was given a male gender at birth (May 20, 2000) with her twin brother Harry, who was born to actors Rebekah Sarah Robertson and Gregory Jonathon Stone . As a result, she expressed an interest in starting hormone blocking therapy at … Read more

How old is Crystal Kung Minkoff from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Her husband Rob Minkoff and the age difference

Crystal Kung

Crystal Kung Minkoff from the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says she is 39 years old. She did this to correct the wrong information on the internet. She proves something is true. She told a lie about her age that was circulating online while teasing the Sept. 21 episode of The Real Housewives of … Read more