Partner track star Dominic Sherwood has unusual eyes. Are his blue and brown eyes a birth defect?

Dominic Sherwood is an English actor, most recently in Partner Track Star. He is naturally endowed with a distinctive look, especially in his eyes.

Through his appearance in Partner Track Star, Sherwood has won the affection of a large number of fans. Fans are crazy about his amazing looks, performance, charisma and peculiar look of his eyes. He has quickly become the latest famous heartthrob.

Sherwood is easy to communicate with. He regularly uses his Instagram account, which has 2.7 million followers, to speak out against social injustice and fight for the well-being of all people, which arouses the interest of his admirers even more than would otherwise have been the case. Since Sherwood is the whole package, Netflix subscribers are curious about the actor’s personal life and the things he likes to do in his spare time.

On the television show Partner Track Star, Dominic plays Jeff Murphy, a new hire at the company who is also Ingrid’s ex-boyfriend. Due to his ability to travel through time, Jeff is the only one who can fully understand who Ingrid is and what she lusts for.

Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood suffers from a very strange eye condition

The peculiar look of Dominic’s eyes hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans. Dominic’s eyes are a combination of brown and blue. He was endowed with it by nature, and the look in his eyes has won the affection of a large number of people.

Sherwood has always suffered from a condition known as sectoral heterochromia since birth. Because of this, the color tone of his eyes changes. He has one eye that is blue while the other eye is mostly brown and partly blue. However, the disease does not affect him negatively and he still accepts himself. Due to his eye condition, he has gained a number of new followers who particularly love the extraordinary look of his eyes. His eyes add to his already appealing personality, making him the total package in every way.

The English actor and model rose to prominence in 2014 for his role as Christian Ozera in the British-American teen horror fantasy film Vampire Academy.

It was his role as Jace Wayland in the American supernatural television series Shadowhunters, based on Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments book series, that propelled him to the forefront of the acting world. He has been the main protagonist of the show for all three seasons since 2016.

The romantic connection between Dominic Sherwood and his girlfriend Decker Sadowski

Dominic is committed to the relationship he currently has with Decker Sadowski, his girlfriend. Sherwood and Sadowski had been a couple since 2021, but they didn’t become official on Instagram until earlier this year, when Sherwood posted a lovely video of him locking lips with Sadowski in March 2022. This made the couple’s relationship official on Instagram. Sadowski quickly followed, posting shortly after the first post a series of photos of herself and her partner relaxing at a farm in April 2022.

Before Decker, however, Sherwood was in a romantic relationship with another actress. Decker wasn’t that actress. He was in a relationship with Sarah Hyland between 2014 and 2017. A highly talented actress, she is also a charming character on the show Modern Family.

Hyland and Sherwood first met on the set of Vampire Academy. During the time they were romantically linked, they couldn’t get enough of each other. When it came to publicly showing affection or speaking adoringly of one another in interviews, they didn’t hold back a bit.

Unfortunately, their romance hasn’t stood the test of time. They ended, and now both Sarah and Dominic have turned to other things. She has been married to her husband Adam Wells for some time. But eventually, his broken heart led him to find the love of his life in Decker, and today he’s happier than he’s ever been in his life. The couple appear to be head over heels in love as they often participate in a variety of activities together.

They also don’t shy away from expressing the love they have for each other on different platforms, which is really admirable. They don’t hide anything from their fans and followers about how they interact with them.

Dominic Sherwood net worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth information, Dominic’s estimated net worth is currently $2 million. Sherwood was born in February in the town of Turnbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, England. In 2010, he made his television debut playing Jack Simmons on the short series The Cut. Sherwood debuted in 2016 as Jace Wayland on the television series Shadowhunters.

Not Fade Away (2012), Vampire Academy (2014), Billionaire Ransom (2016) and Don’t Sleep (2017) are some of the films in which he has appeared as an actor. Dominic Sherwood has had guest appearances in episodes of the television shows Sadie J, Mayday and Modern Family. He has also starred in the short films Taylor Swift: Style and The Rat.

In 2018, he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Science Fiction category for his work in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. As an actor, he has worked his way up to a position where he makes a respectable amount of money. He also leads an extravagant lifestyle and the amount of money he brings in each year is enough to support the extravagant life he already leads.

Sherwood was born on February 6, 1990 in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. Born and raised in the UK, the Aquarius native is currently 32 years old.

The @domsherwood account Dominic uses on Instagram currently has 2.7 million followers. It is realistic to assume that the majority of his fans have followed him because of his amazing contributions, although the majority of his fans have followed him because of his previous appearances in movies and TV shows.

Dominic Sherwood
Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood’s career

Sherwood got his start in acting in 2010 when he made his debut as Jack Simmons in the third season of The Cut. The next year, he guest-starred on an episode of Sadie J called “Cherylistic,” playing the role of Tom, a waitress. He had a supporting role as the younger version of Mick Jagger in the 2012 motion picture drama Not Fade Away. In 2014, he was cast as Christian Ozera in the comedic horror film Vampire Academy, based on the Richelle Mead novel. This part was his first important one.

The music video for Taylor Swift’s single “Style,” directed by Kyle Newman and released in February 2015, was instrumental in bringing him to public attention. On April 20, 2015, it was announced that he had been chosen to portray the role of Jace Herondale in the fantasy drama series Shadowhunters, which is produced by Freeform and is an adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments novel series. He also appeared in the film Billionaire Ransom as a co-star alongside Ed Westwick and Jeremy Sumpter. He is also slated to star in upcoming horror thriller Don’t Sleep alongside Drea de Matteo and Cary Elwes.

Sherwood had a starring role in the dark fantasy television series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, which only ran for one season in 2020 before being cancelled.

On September 13, 2021, it was announced that Sherwood would star in a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Eraser, which was released in 1996 and is now known as Eraser: Reborn. The remake is currently in post-production and is scheduled for release in 2022. On March 15, 2022, it was announced that the film would be available for purchase on digital platforms, Blu-ray Discs and DVDs on June 7, 2022. Additionally, the film will be streamable on HBO Max in Fall 2022.

Sherwood will also star in the upcoming series Partner Track, based on Helen Wan’s novel of the same name, which will be available on Netflix. New York was the filming location for the series’ main production, which began in September 2021 and continued through the end of February 2022. Netflix announced the release date of the Partner Track series in its official trailer, released on July 30th. The series is scheduled to premiere on August 26, 2022.

Return to the Shadows is the name of the podcast he and co-star Katherine McNamara will co-host on April 11, 2022. The podcast will focus on re-watching episodes of Shadowhunters.


film reels
2012 Don’t fade Mike Jagger supporting role
2014 Vampire Academy Christian Osera main role
2016 billionaire ransom James Herrik main role
2017 do not sleep Zach Bradford main role
2022 Eraser: Reborn Mason Pollard main role