Patrick McDermott, who “disappeared,” reappeared after Olivia Newton’s death

Patrick McDermott, who “disappeared,” reappeared after Olivia Newton’s death

In the boat, Patrick McDermott disappeared, but no one noticed until his boat reached dry land.


The mysterious disappearance of Patrick McDermott, which involved Olivia Newton-John, continues to confuse many. The cinematographer dated Olivia for nine years. He disappeared in June 2005. He disappeared after participating in an overnight fishing expedition with 22 other people.

Grease star Olivia Newton-John died on August 8 at the age of 73 at her Southern California ranch surrounded by loved ones. In a statement posted to the singer’s Instagram page, her husband John Easterling pleaded for privacy from the public at this difficult time.

While on the boat, Patrick disappeared, but no one noticed until the boat reached dry land. At that time he was 48 years old. One of the many ideas surrounding his disappearance is that he may have been pretending to die in order to start anew and evade taxes in Mexico. According to a 2009 interview with Women’s Weekly, Newton-John said, “I don’t think I’ll ever fully agree with that.” “I believe there will always be a question mark.”

After Olivia’s divorce from her first husband Matt Lattanzi in 1995, they began dating and have been together for nine years on and off. When Patrick disappeared, Olivia was in Australia for a promotional tour. His car keys, passport and wallet were discovered by the crew aboard his fishing boat Freedom. His car was discovered parked at the Los Angeles Marina in San Pedro. It wasn’t until he failed to show up at a family gathering on July 6 that anyone noticed he was gone. Finally, on July 11, the police were called.

Before he met Olivia, Patrick was already married and the father of one son. He was ordered by the court to retroactively pay $8,000 in child support. After he filed for bankruptcy and owed more than $30,000, people began speculating that he faked his death to escape. “We found no evidence of criminal conduct, suicide, accident or hoax in McDermott’s disappearance,” the Coast Guard said after an investigation.

A three-year investigation into the boat found no people counts were taken on the day of the excursion, so Patrick’s disappearance went unreported. Both investigations came to the conclusion that he may have been lost at sea all night and drowned. Since then he has been considered deceased.

However, a manager at the San Pedro marina where Patrick boarded the ship claimed he did not believe he died. In 2005 he told the Herald Sun: “I think the person got off the boat, but I could be wrong. “He got off the boat, although he may have been abducted by aliens in the parking lot.” He continued, “Look, if you really want to jump, jump when no one is looking and you’ll never be seen. A fisherman on board claimed not to have met Patrick until 3.5 hours into the journey. However, he never saw him again. Fisherman Tony Mayo reportedly said: “I’ve been looking for him all day but never saw him.

Within a year of Patrick’s disappearance, at least six witnesses came forward saying they saw him alive in Mexico. In 2010 he reappeared in Mexico. It has been claimed that images of a man and woman published by New Idea magazine in 2017 showed Patrick and his new girlfriend in Mexico. However, a Canadian couple later identified themselves as those in the photo. According to CBS, a private investigator claimed to have found Patrick at the time. “Patrick is probably working for a famous family down there in the yachting business now,” he continued.

Later, in 2008, Olivia married John Easterling in an Incan ceremony in Peru. He was missing at sea, and no one really knows what happened, she told 60 Minutes in 2016. She added, “People are wondering, of course. Because these worries are always there when you experience adversity. You have to accept and let go of these things in life. Questions arise naturally, since we are human. You see, I live on.”

Meanwhile, Olivia developed a special friendship with Patrick’s ex-wife after he went missing. Even after Olivia died, Yvette Nipar wrote her a memorial and said, “My dear friend – I will mourn you forever.” She shared and included a photo of herself and Olivia that she first shared in 2019 add caption.

Chance was the name of the son Patrick and Nipar had after two years of marriage. In 2012, Nipar lobbied Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to stop marketing a book that claimed Patrick was still alive. Nipar addressed the millionaire via “known serial liar” Philip Klein for his book titled “Lost at Sea,” saying, “My son has been through enough emotional pain because of this.” Former actress Nipar posted on social media that she is reportedly writing a book called What Are The Chances? about the incident.