Perfect Match: Where is the Netflix series filmed? where to watch release date and more


The Netflix dating reality series Perfect Match is one that pits contestants from different dating shows against each other to see if they are compatible with each other or not

Each night, the contestants must pair up with each other and share a private suite in the mansion before participating in a series of compatibility challenges against other pairs.


The winners of the competition get to decide who gets to move into the villa and who goes on dates with them. After the presentation of the new singles, the participants have to decide again for their desired partner.

The last person left without a partner in the villa at the end of the night will be removed from both the villa and the competition.


Hosted by Nick Lachey, who is known for his expertise in romance, the reality series not only has an original structure but also the drama that unfolds among the contestants making it an intriguing show.

On the other hand, many are likely to be curious about the location of the real filming of “Perfect Match”, considering that the opulent villa serves as the backdrop for the couples’ stay and participation in the numerous challenges.


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Perfect match

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Perfect Match: Where is the Netflix series filmed?

The filming of “Perfect Match” took place in Panama, specifically in Panama City. It appears that principal photography for the reality show’s first incarnation took place sometime in early 2022.

So let’s not waste any more time and go straight to providing a comprehensive description of each of the unique locations featured in the Netflix show!


Panama City, Panama

Panama Metropolis, the country’s capital and largest city, serves as the backdrop for a significant portion of Perfect Match, which was filmed there.


The contestants appear to be pairing up and competing against other couples while the admissions team strikes a deal at the opulent and picturesque Panamanian villa Pan003 near the village of Playa Bonita, just outside of Panama City.

The house has a total of six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a fitness center, an infinity pool and a fitness center.


The economy of Panama, a country in Central America, relies primarily on a sophisticated service industry that includes tourism, tourism-related industries, and trade and retail.

Real estate developers continue their efforts to expand the number of tourist attractions, even as the country’s tourism industry continues to show signs of growth.


The Republic of Panama prioritizes a few select aspects of the tourism industry, including business tourism, beaches, healthcare, and international trade.

The BioMuseo, the Tower of the Church in Panama Viejo, Avenue Balboa, the Convent of Santo Domingo, and Coiba National Park and Conservation Area are among the city’s top tourist destinations.


Perfect Match: Production

Some of the images captured show the exterior of a contemporary mansion with a rather massive front door and a sizable backyard, complete with a swimming pool and outdoor bar. There’s also a beach nearby where newcomers can stretch their legs and soak up some sun.

Although the last half of this statement is not entirely correct, it is true that there are always newcomers to the beach when tourists arrive.


And after a little research we were able to find out where the Perfect Match movie was filmed and how much it would actually cost you to stay at the villa yourself if you were interested.

The house is located in Panama City and you can make a reservation right now. However, you should be ready to spend a significant amount of money. Single night rates start at $7,300.


To the relief of the actors involved in Perfect Match, Netflix foots the bill for the excellent project. The only requirement for candidates is that they are open to the possibility of falling in love while away from work.

Due to the fact that the spoiler account PinkRose on Vevmo released a cast list and a bunch of additional data about Perfect Match in March 2022, it appears that the show was filmed in early 2022.


It makes perfect sense considering Netflix only made the official announcement of the new series in early 2023.

For the majority of viewers, the answer to the question “Who will be in the cast of Perfect Match?” and “Where are these cast members now?” was the most important question at the time.


Since then, unfortunately, not everyone has disclosed their personal relationship situations on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, given the long time that has passed since filming, it’s possible that some of them will find it difficult to remain completely silent about it.

Perfect match
Perfect match

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Perfect Match: Where to see?

Enjoy Perfect Match by watching it on Netflix.

The streak of dating reality shows that Netflix and Kinetic Content have produced continues. In the upcoming episode of Perfect Match, which debuts February 14, a group of the streaming service’s most well-known singles head to a tropical paradise in search of romantic fulfillment.


The show’s official description reads, “As they compete to develop partnerships, the couples who are most compatible will play the matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand new people who will welcome them.” become villa.”

Will they lead to better matches being made, or will they lead to chaos? Only one couple is chosen to earn the title of “Perfect Match” at the end of this over-the-top dating and strategy journey, led by Nick Lachey.


There are 12 episodes in total, each one hour long. The show will be available to stream over the course of three weeks, with the first four episodes available on February 14th, the next four on February 21st and the final four on February 28th.

This show’s executive producers include Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Sarah Dillistone, Sharyn Mills and Heather Crowe.


Perfect Match: Release Date

Some of the most prominent (and single!) people from Netflix’s numerous unscripted series are brought together in a beautiful mansion to mingle and mingle as part of the show Perfect Match.


After forming potential matches that participants believe have the potential to develop into meaningful relationships, competitors compete to see who has the strongest connection.

The couple who prove to be the most suitable at the end of each task are then given the opportunity to act as matchmakers, introducing new candidates to those who are having trouble finding their ideal partner.


These matchmakers have the power to separate couples by setting them up with other singles whom the matchmakers believe better serve the needs and interests of the partners. And in typical Netflix fashion, there’s no limit to the amount of chaos that could result.

Former cast members of unscripted Netflix shows get a second chance at Perfect Match. Because there’s no point looking for an entirely new cast when every reality series Netflix has ever produced has the potential for even more drama.


People have strong feelings about the people who make up the official cast of Perfect Match, and those feelings go both ways.

Perfect Match: More

A brand new dating show will be available on Netflix just in time for Valentine’s Day. Persons who previously starred in Love Is Blind, The Circle, Too Hot to Handle and The Ultimatum are featured in the new Netflix original series Perfect Match, set in an idyllic tropical paradise and includes some of the most famous singles in the world.


The action-packed trailer for the series was released by Netflix on February 2 and promises plenty of drama, plenty of mystery and plenty of kisses.

The most compatible couples will play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand new people who will invite them to the mansion, according to the show’s description.


“As they compete to build partnerships, the most compatible couples will play the matchmaker,” “Will this lead to better pairings, or will it lead to chaos?” Only one couple will emerge victorious from this over-the-top journey of courtship and competition, hosted by Nick Lachey, and claim the title of Perfect Match.”

The show’s first season consists of 12 episodes, all of which will air over a three-week period.


Even if the first episode of the new series has not yet aired, it has already caused a stir. Shayne Jansen, a contestant from a previous season of Love Is Blind, is one of the people entering this season’s contest.

Shayne’s ex-fiancée Natalie Lee has claimed he auditioned for this program when the two were still together.


In January, she claimed in an Instagram Story that he also contacted her and asked them to get back together while the video was being shot. In a separate post, Jansen responded and refuted her allegations.

Below you can watch the film’s trailer and learn more about “Perfect Match,” including the story, cast, and release date.

Perfect match
Perfect match

Perfect Match: Cast

  • Abbey Humphreys (“Twentysomethings”)
  • Anne Sophie Petit Frere (“Selling Tampa”)
  • Bartise Bowden (“Love is Blind”)
  • Calvin Crooks (“The Circle”)
  • Chase DeMoor (“Too Hot to Handle”)
  • Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle, The Circle)
  • Colony Reeves (“Selling Tampa”)
  • Damian Powers (“Love Is Blind”)
  • Diamond Jack (“Love Is Blind”)
  • Dom Gabriel (“The Mole”)
  • Francesca Farago (“Too Hot To Touch”)
  • Georgia Hassarati (“Too Hot To Handle”)
  • Ines Tazi (“The Circle France”)
  • Izzy Fairthorne (“Too Hot To Touch”)
  • Joey Sasso (“The Circle”)
  • Kariselle Snow (“Sexy Beasts”)
  • Lauren “LC” Chamblin (“Love Is Blind”)
  • Mitchell Eason (“The Circle”)
  • Nick Uhlenhuth (“The Circle”)
  • Savannah Palacio (“The Circle”)
  • Shayne Jansen (“Love Is Blind”)
  • Will Richardson (“The Mole”)
  • Zay Wilson (“The Ultimatum”)

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