Phil Dunster appears with a racing streak in his right eyebrow


Phil Dunster is a well-known actor from Great Britain. He is best known for his role in the drama series Strike Back.

Phils is also known for his roles as Tristan on the sci-fi show Humans, Jamie Cole on the comedy-drama show The Trouble With Maggie Cole, and Jamie Tartt on the show Ted Lasso.


What happened to Jamie Tartt’s character Phil Dunster’s eyebrow?

Phil wants to be seen as a bad boy and teenagers are attracted to him because of his looks.

In season 2 of Led Lasso, the TV star has a racing line shaved on her right eyebrow. He also said that with this hairstyle and eyebrows he is living out his teenage dream.


In the same vein, Phil told his makeup artist Nicky Austin what kind of new hairdo and eyebrows should be done for Tarrt’s new look.

In one of the interviews, Dunster also said that when he asked to shave his eyebrows, his mother said no because she didn’t like the idea.


In Season 2 of Ted Lasso, Jamie Tartt’s signature look is a cut between her eyebrows. He believes that many soccer players around the world wear this style.

Do Jamie Tartt’s frosty eyebrows represent the character Phil Dunster?

In the first season of Ted Lasso, Phil played Jamie Tartt, a bad boy who does very poorly.


So Dunster thinks about changing his looks completely and says he’s living his teenage dream. The weird fashion and style of soccer players is frosted eyebrows.

Phil thought the bad boy would have things like slashed eyebrows and different hairstyles and clothes. Jamie also wanted to set a standard for what young people think about what bad boys look like.


Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso

In Ted Lasso, Phil plays Jamie Tartt, a well-known football player.

The artist had never thought of this character before and imagined it as a soccer player. Jamie was introduced in the first season of Ted Lasso as a high-spirited player with a loud voice and a Manchester accent, which the audience didn’t like.


But in Season 2 of Ted Lasso, people liked Phil’s acting and how he looked on screen. Viewers clearly understood the character of anxious Jamie, and by the end of season two, Jamie attacked his alcoholic father and was hugged by Kent.

So we now know who he is, and in season three he will continue to play a role in the journey of self-discovery.


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