Pizza master Daniele Uditi’s wife Jaqueline, organic and wealth


Jaqueline, the stunning woman who is now the wife of chef Daniele Uditi, is his partner in life. Both spouses are known in the community for their expertise as pizza makers.

Daniele Uditi is Master Pizzaiolo and Executive Chef at Pizzana, a New Zealand pizzeria in Brentwood. Candace and Charles Nelson, along with partners Chris and Caroline O’Donnell, are opening a restaurant in West Hollywood, and Daniele Uditi will be the Executive Chef there when it opens.


The chef’s mother was a cook, his aunt a baker and his grandfather a pastry chef. The chef was born in Naples, Italy, and grew up in a family with a long tradition in the culinary arts.

With pizza being such a popular dish in Italy, Daniel has developed some impressive talent in the kitchen. The vast majority of his customers have complimented him on the pizza recipe he uses.

Daniele Uditi
Real name Daniele Uditi
Age Around 40’s to 50’s
profession cook
Place of birth Naples, Italy
Instagram @daineleuditi
Facebook @Daniele Uditi
gender Masculine
spouse Jacqueline
hair colour Black
eye color hazel

Who is Jaqueline Uditi, wife of chef Daniele Uditi?

Daniele Uditi, a well-known pizza maker and chef, recently tied the knot with his wife Jaqueline. In addition, she is Sue Chef and active in the world of cuisine.

Both are dedicated to their work and work hard to achieve their professional goals. Both partner groups have common ambitions to open what will quickly become the most prestigious pizzeria in all of Italy.


Daniel will be regularly updating all his Instagram followers with the latest version of his pizza recipe. He is actively present on his Instagram account, which can be reached under the username alias @danieleuditi, with 37.7 thousand followers, 2977 followers and 982 posts. A blue tick indicating that their social media account is verified has already been added to them.

Additionally, the chef and his stunning wife have a very appealing lifestyle that they share together. As she may not wish to engage with the media, Uditi’s wife stayed out of the public eye up to that point.


The start of Chef Daniele’s career at Uditi

At the age of twelve, Chef Daniele started his career in the business cleaning the pizza ovens and baking loaves of bread with his aunt every morning before school at the family bakery.

After gaining extensive experience working with bread and pizza dough, Daniele honed his gastronomic skills at the Michelin-starred Le Colonne restaurant in Campania.


After some time, he joined chef Rosanna Marziale’s staff at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Colonne Marziale in his native region of Campania. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a consulting chef for a number of Italian restaurants.

During this time, actor Chris O’Donnell approached Chef Daniele with a request to teach him the art of making pizza using hand gestures since they were unable to communicate verbally.


A reservation that’s now two years old After praising the pizzana by a former Los Angeles Times critic and a well-known cookbook author, Jonathan Gold, it has become one of the most difficult tables to reserve. Students at the Institute of Culinary Education in Los Angeles watched chef Daniele prepare pizza and then chatted with them about his experiences in the cooking industry.

Daniele Uditi, a well-known pizza place in Brentwood, will open a location in the Valley

According to Eater Los Angeles, one of the Westside’s most popular pizza places, located in Brentwood, will soon be making its way across the Sepulveda Pass into the San Fernando Valley.


A “neo-neopolitan” pizza restaurant in Brentwood, Pizzana is the invention of Chef Daniele Uditi and has won the hearts of West Side pizza fans. Pizzana is located in the Westwood neighborhood.

Candace and Charles Nelson, who also founded and co-founded Sprinkles, along with their business partners Chris and Caroline O’Donnell, are the owners of Pizzana.


In 2019, the restaurant’s ownership group was successful in their efforts to acquire a new location in West Hollywood. Pizzana’s new location will be at 13826 Ventura Boulevard near Woodman Avenue. It is in the same building as Petit Trois le Valley, a restaurant serving modern Japanese cuisine called Taisho and Sushi Note.

What is Daniele Uditi’s salary and how much does he make as Pizzaiolo Master?

Daniele Uditi The estimated net worth of a master pizzaiolo is between one and three million dollars.


The money Daniele earns from his career as a master chef is his main source of income. He is very skillful in making delicious pizza.

The social media presence the chef maintains also brings in significant revenue. He posts his recipes on his Instagram business account, earning him good income from the platform.


In addition, he and his wife Jacqueline have created a wonderful life for themselves.

According to Chef Daniele, what are the most important aspects when preparing authentic Neapolitan pizza?

While only a few components are needed to make a traditional Neapolitan pizza, each of these components should be sourced and selected with great care.


For example, instead of mozzarella, we use Fior di Latte cheese imported from Italy and San Marzano tomatoes grown in Naples.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven that quickly reaches temperatures of between 750 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit to bake the pie. This only takes sixty seconds. Instead, he uses his breadmaking knowledge to cook the pizza a little longer, which gives it that crunchy quality.


The pizza oven is the most important part of the business. You can bake the most delicious dough in the history of the planet, but if you don’t have the right choices, it doesn’t matter. Pay attention to heat retention, which can be defined as the ability to reach the desired temperature without losing it quickly.

When it comes to buying a wood-fired oven, he advises customers to look for one with a high-performance base. Finding a stove that has a properly built brick can be difficult, but the situation is improving and better wood stoves are becoming more and more available.


The story of the family and age of Chef Daniele Uditi

Images posted to Instagram by chef Daniele Uditi suggest he is between 40 and 50 years old. He comes from a family where everyone worked in the food industry, so he followed in their footsteps.

Daniel’s mother was an accomplished Italian cook herself. While her child attended various cooking programs, she encouraged him to pursue a career in the culinary arts in the future.


Chef has acknowledged that he owes a significant part of his professional success to the support and guidance of both his parents. As one of Italy’s chefs, he has received numerous awards.

During its formative years he contributed to the family restaurant and acquired a wealth of fundamental skills. After some time he founded his own restaurant in Italy and named it Brentwood Pizzeria.


As of 2022, Brentwood Pizzeria has grown into one of the most respected establishments serving pizza.

Daniele Uditi
Daniele Uditi

Daniele Uditi Full Biography

At Pizzana, a neo-Neapolitan pizza joint owned by Candace and Charles Nelson and partners Chris and Caroline O’Donnell with locations in Brentwood and West Hollywood, Daniele Uditi is Executive Chef and Master Pizzaiolo headquartered in Los Angeles.


Daniele Uditi, originally from Naples, Italy, grew up in a family of chefs; His mother was a cook, his aunt a baker and his grandfather a confectioner. He started working in the industry at the age of 12, cleaning the pizza ovens every day before school and baking bread with his aunt in the family bakery. Daniele honed his culinary skills under the guidance of chef Rosanna Marziale at the Michelin-starred Le Colonne restaurant in Campania, having become very skilled with bread and pizza dough. He immersed himself in the artistry of creating genuine southern Italian cuisine at Le Colonne while experimenting with fresh methods to enrich the region’s more traditional dishes.

In 2010, Daniele took a trip to the United States to work as a consulting chef for a number of Italian restaurants in the Los Angeles area. As he fell in love with the abundance of California produce and the lady who would become his wife, Jaqueline, what was supposed to be a six-month residency became a permanent move. During this time Daniele started a side business cooking pizzas for private events, drawing on his Italian culinary heritage where food was typically the focus of gatherings with family and friends. He developed his own ‘slow dough’, carefully crafted from a combination of imported Italian flours, and quickly gained a loyal following. Chris O’Donnell, who originally introduced Daniele to the Nelsons, was one such fan.


With cuisine inspired by the markets of the Los Angeles area as well as the customs of his native Italy, Daniele shares his own take on a Naples staple at Pizzana. Since Pizzana opened in 2017, Daniele’s famous cakes have garnered critical acclaim and earned a spot on the Los Angeles Times list of “101 Best Restaurants.”