Pregnancy detail is true or rumor? Find out about her biography, family details

Kandi Burruss a well known singer and actress is the mother of Riley Burruss daughter of Kandi Burruss who may or may not be pregnant at this time.

In our opinion, Burruss has reached his full potential as an adult. When Riley was a very young child, her mother, Kandi, appeared on the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The majority of Kandi’s life was covered in the reality TV show, and Riley had a satisfying amount of screen time throughout the series.

When Riley and her mom appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday, May 22, she was quick to share some new updates about her life today, including the news that she’s completed another year at NYU. Riley is currently attending NYU and is thriving in New York City. She is known for being the daughter of Russell Spencer and Kandi Burruss (a popular musician and television personality).

Kandi Burruss

Any chance of Riley Burruss having a child in 2022?

A recent picture that Riley posted to her Instagram account gave her followers the impression that she might be expecting a child, leading them to speculate that she might be pregnant. In 2022, rumors of the pregnancy of Riley Burruss, daughter of RHOA actress Kandi Burruss, make headlines again. It caused some discussion and debate on Twitter.

In one of her Instagram pictures, Riley Burruss can be seen wearing the following clothes:

The news that Riley was pregnant spread like wildfire on Twitter not long after the announcement. Some fans were absolutely certain that Riley is pregnant, while other followers are still hoping that Riley will confirm the pregnancy rumor herself.

For now, the rumors aren’t backed by any evidence, and it’s possible that Riley simply gained some weight. Since members of Riley’s family have not spoken out to confirm the story, we’ll have to treat it as nothing more than a rumor until we hear otherwise from a credible source.

Who exactly is Riley Burruss’ father, Russell Spencer, and where is he from?

Russell Spencer is Riley’s father’s name. Riley’s mother’s name is Spencer. On the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss was never one to hold back when discussing her personal life and the struggles she faced. At the beginning of the episode, Kandi was a single parent and she was responsible for raising her child on her own.

On the other hand, at a later date, Russell began to play a role in Riley’s life as her birth father. At the moment he is a part of Riley’s life and the relationship between the two seems to be healthy.

However, Kandi frequently criticized Spencer for not paying child support and not being in Riley’s life when she was a younger child. Even in this day and age, Russell and Kandi don’t get along very well.

Is Riley Burruss dating anyone right now?

At this point, Riley is not involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. On the other hand, she was rumored to be dating Oliver Blank in 2020, sending her followers into a frenzy. The Home Depot heir provided context for his statement by commenting on Riley’s Instagram photo.

Riley was observed accompanied by Ace Wells Tucker, the younger of the two brothers. Riley’s beauty was noticed by a large number of people. Oliver was so impressed by the photo that he wrote “Bae” on his notepad. The Home Depot heir quickly provided clarification by declaring that she wasn’t dating Oliver, thus ending the rumor.

Rumors were circulating that Oliver Banks and Riley Burruss were exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship. Riley and Oliver took some pictures together that went viral on the internet and these photos were posted by Riley and Oliver.

Oliver Banks is grandfather’s grandson. Arthur Blank is Oliver’s grandfather. Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Arthur Blank, Bernard Marcus, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah, who were also co-founders. Oliver is the heir to the home improvement business, although he spends most of his time pursuing a career in modeling and attending school. Despite this, Oliver is the owner of the home improvement business.

Riley Burruss
Riley Burruss

private life:

Riley Burruss from birth
Riley, a nickname, was born on August 22, 2002.
15 years old
Leo, the sun sign
Georgia, USA is my place of birth.
United States of America
Reality TV Star, Profession
Education: No information is given about their education.


The father of Kandi Burruss
Russell Spencer’s mother
Relatives: unknown
Others: Titus Burruss Jr. and Joyce Jones, grandparents.

Riley Burruss height, weight and build information

5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm high
Weight: 76 kg or 168 pounds
Build: Athletic Hair: Black Eyes: Dark brown
Shoe size for heterosexual sexuality: 8 (US)

The surprising reason Riley Burruss isn’t watching RHOA

Riley Burruss has grown into a young adult in the public spotlight. When Riley was a child, her mother, Kandi Burruss, appeared on the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. At that time, Riley was not yet a teenager.

When Riley joined her mom on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday, May 22, she was quick to offer some fresh updates about her life today, including the news that she’s completing another year at New York University would have. Riley is currently attending New York University and is thriving in New York City.

On WWHL, Riley was quizzed about things she has planned for this summer and in the footage, which can be found above, she reveals all she has in store. And sure, you can bet her mom is gushing about everything her eldest child is up to, saying on Twitter, “I’m so proud of her!”

In addition to speaking about her success in the classroom at RHOA, Riley spoke candidly about the challenges she faces in her relationship with her father and shared with viewers her personal journey. When asked about the current status of their relationship on WWHL, she replied, “I can’t remember the last time I spoke to him, that answers that question.”

FYI, it wasn’t the only topic Riley was willing to talk about when she opened up. She also shared her thoughts on one of her mother’s not-for-all businesses, Bedroom Kandi, and whether or not she follows RHOA. You can hear Riley’s mom laughing in the video below as she was amused by her response.

Riley also commented on her WWHL visit by posting a pretty selfie backstage with her mom and fellow clubhouse Lil Jon. The recording was made during her performance on WWHL. She captioned the pic of the moment: “Went to [hang out] with my mom for the day and ended up #WWHL!” And yes, Kandi had feelings about seeing her daughter behind the bar, according to the post she made on Instagram, which read, “I can don’t think they let Riley bartender…”

Around Kandi Burruss (dam of Riley Burruss)

Kandi Lenice Burruss Tucker is an American producer, television personality, singer, songwriter and actress. She was born on May 17, 1976 but is more commonly referred to by her professional nickname, Kandi. She first came to public attention in 1992 as a member of the female vocal ensemble Xscape. For her contribution to writing the TLC song “No Scrubs,” which won the award.

Since the first episode of the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on July 30, 2009, Burruss has played the role of one of the series’ main characters on the reality TV show Bravo. As of 2022, Burruss has appeared in a total of six Real Housewives spinoffs and companion series, the first of which was 2012’s The Kandi Factory. She has since appeared in Kandi’s Wedding (2014), Kandi’s Ski Trip (2015), and Xscape: Still Kickin’ It (2017), all of which aired on Bravo. Burruss also appeared as a guest on the 2012 episode of the wedding special, titled “Don’t Be Late for the Wedding,” which was hosted by Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Kandi & the Gang is the name of Burruss’ sixth appearance in a companion series to Bravo, and is the fifth series overall to focus on Burruss. The series debuted on March 6, 2022 and is called Kandi & the Gang.

In the third season of the drama series The Chi, which airs on Showtime, Burruss appeared as a recurring character named Roselyn Perry. In addition, she triumphed in the third season of the competitive series The Masked Singer on Fox and placed fifth in the second season of the CBS show Celebrity Big Brother.