Ranveer Singh strips naked for viral magazine shoot on Twitter, Reddit

There were pictures of naked people and a Bollywood star. Ranveer Singh used to attract a lot of attention for his bold fashion choices, but now that he doesn’t wear any clothes at all, he’s the center of attention.

I can be physically naked so easily, but some of my performances have been pretty damn naked. You can see straight into my heart. What an empty show! That is fully revealed. I don’t give a shit if I show myself naked in front of a thousand people. They just feel uncomfortable,” he said.

He wasn’t joking, after all; the man is almost entirely nude in the images, save for some carefully placed shadows; In fact, he’s so naked that we had to carefully crop the images to protect your eyes. He was also right about what people thought of the photos; They made a lot of people uncomfortable. Most people used memes to deal with stress, leading to lots of laughs.

Mimi Chakraborty opens up about Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot
Mimi Chakraborty, a Bengal politician and actress, tweeted her thoughts on Ranveer Singh’s recent full blown magazine photoshoot. Responding to how the actor’s provocative photos were received on social media, she questioned whether a woman would get the same response by posing in similar photos.