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Atlanta Season 4 Episodes 1-2

After almost 4 years, the fourth and final season of Donald Glover’s great comedy/drama is finally here.

The show is about Earn, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is trying to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Van, who is also the mother of his daughter Lottie. Oh, and his cousin Alfred is a rapper who goes by the name Paper Boi.

In Season 3, Atlanta returns to its usual schedule after a trip to Europe, but with a very interesting question. Has Atlanta changed or our characters?

If you’ve seen Atlanta, you probably want to know when the next episode comes out.

Here’s everything you need to know about Atlanta season 4 episodes 1 and 2, including when, where and how to watch them.

Atlanta season 4 episodes 1

Where can I see the Atlanta movie?

New episodes of Atlanta will only be available on FX in the US, but the same episodes will be available on Hulu a few days later. For people in the UK and other parts of the world, there is no release date yet. However, the first three seasons are already on Disney Plus, so it’s likely that it will be there as well.

When will Atlanta season 4 episodes 1 and 2 come out?

The first two episodes of Atlanta season 4 will air on Thursday, September 16 at approximately 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

The episodes will be approximately 33 minutes long and will be called The Most Atlanta and The Homeliest Little Horse.

How many episodes are there in season 4 of Atlanta?

Season 4 will have 8 episodes. After the first two episodes, you can expect a new episode every week. With that in mind, there will be more episodes after these 6.

Is there a preview of Season 4 of Atlanta?

There is, yes! Below is a trailer for Season 4 of Atlanta:

After a season of touring Europe and a few standalone episodes, the Atlanta crew is back in their hometown, which is just as weird as we remembered it to be.

Thursday’s premiere of the fourth and final season returned to the show’s roots by sending its four main characters on a series of strange side quests. Let’s go through each one individually, shall we?

Atlanta FX Season 4 Premiere DariusDARIUS | Our favorite space cadet begins by casually walking through a department store while it’s being robbed and people are running off with armed thieves. He goes to the returns counter and tries to return an air fryer, but the frightened worker just points at the chaos going on around them. (“This place is pretty crazy,” says Darius. “It kinda looks like a marshalls.”) The worker starts to take care of the return, but then decides to just take all the money from the register and run away. Darius tries to walk holding the air fryer, but an angry white woman on a scooter stops him. She tells all the looters, “I’d rather die than let you guys take this.” Other buyers spray her with fire extinguishers, allowing Darius to escape. But when she emerges from the smoke with a knife, they quickly run away. and drives her scooter towards Darius in a slow line.

Al is stuck in traffic, so Darius catches up with him and gets in his car. In the side mirror he sees the woman with the knife slowly approaching him. He nervously tells Al to take the next exit, but the car doesn’t move. Darius gets out of the car and the scooter woman hits him as he walks away. He tries to avoid her and runs away, but she keeps up with him. He rides his bike to an empty industrial area while still holding the air fryer, but the woman is right behind him. She doesn’t stop! He yells at her, “I don’t know what Fox News told you, but I’m not Antifa or a thief.” “I just returned my air fryer.” Her answer? “I do not care!” He climbs to a spot she can’t reach, but she just shrugs and says, “I’ll wait.” He climbs through a broken fence and yells back, “Get help!” as he runs away.

Atlanta FX Season 4 Premiere AlAL | Al is stuck in traffic when he hears on the radio that Blueblood, one of his favorite rappers, has just died. Darius points out that there’s almost no reason for him to go to the airport: “You don’t like LA. You’re not a fan of New York. You don’t like anywhere.” After Darius runs away from the woman on the scooter, Al gets tired of traffic jams and takes a different route. While refueling, he hears a Blueblood song. He sees a barbecue area nearby and orders a “zoo pie” because a Bluebloods song talks about it. While he’s working, the chef puts on a CD of a Blueblood song Al has never heard. He then gives Al his food in a container with a strange symbol on the top. “Hey dude, is this a hunt for things?” Al asks the guy but he says he has no idea who Blueblood is.

Al follows clues around town. He’s playing a video game and getting a long streak of winning tickets. He looks into a broken dryer and finds 3D glasses that allow him to watch a movie. He ends up in an empty mall where he goes into one of the stores and finds a single woman sitting at a funeral. When he asks her if Blueblood is playing, she tells him, “No, he’s dead.” She was Blueblood’s wife, and his last wish was to organize this complicated treasure hunt for his new album. But Al is only the fifth person to arrive. She’s surprised more people didn’t come: “I guess what you give doesn’t always come back to you… I wish he had more fun. Because that’s all in the end.” She gives Al a plant as a parting gift and says, “Track 11 tells you how to care for it.” (Ha!) Oh, and Al pays his respects by walking to the coffin… But there’s just a fake skeleton in there. A month ago, Blueblood was burned.

Atlanta season 4 episodes 1
Atlanta season 4 episodes 1

Atlanta FX Season 4 Premiere Van Earn EARN AND VAN | The two ex-lovers head to the chic outdoor mall Atlantic Station together, and along the way Earn meets another ex, Kenya. Van thinks, “You can’t go to Atlantic Station and not see anyone,” but doesn’t realize how true that is. At the phone store, Earn’s ex-girlfriend comes over and waves, and Van’s ex-girlfriend stops to say hello. Van is amazed that he has worked in this phone shop for the last 10 years. What is this place, the island of ex-boyfriends who don’t fit in? Well, yeah, sort of. As they walk through the mall, everyone they see is someone from Earn or Van who dated in the past. “She’s wearing a shirt she stole from my house,” Earn says of a person he sees on the street.

They’re both scared, which is understandable, and try to leave, but they can’t remember where they parked their car. Kenya, who can’t remember seeing her before, meets her again. She’s also lost and has no idea how long she’s been there. Earn asks, “What was the theater playing when she got there?” “That’s bad, huh?” she says in Now You See Me 2. (Yes, it was released in 2016.) Earn finds an emergency exit door, but Van doesn’t want him to leave it there like he did with another of his exes. Earn tells her, “I would never let you become one of them.” So they walk through the emergency exit together, where it’s pitch black and the walls are carpeted — and wet for some reason? They stumble around in the dark and finally come out… at the Blue Blood memorial service, where they find Al. Oh, and Kenya followed them into the room too.

Al, Earn, Van, and Kenya all walk out of the mall and into the parking lot. Darius soon follows, looking terrified after his long chase with the scooter woman. He still carries around that stupid air fryer and when Kenya realizes she forgot to get her father a present he gives it to her for free, glad to be rid of it. Van offers Kenya a ride in Al’s car, but she’s happy to just wait for her Uber. The others leave, leaving Kenya alone in the parking lot with the air fryer. We can hear a scooter pull up behind her and whirr.

In its fourth and final season, Atlanta returns to the Peach State after following Earn, Alfred, Darius and Van on their journey through Europe during Paper Boi’s tour. Many praised and criticized the third season for being experimental and deviating into the absurd. This got us all curious as to how Donald Glover and his team would end such a popular show. Glover said on Twitter that the show’s final two episodes were “some of the best TV shows of all time.” He said only The Sopranos was this good. While the response to the penultimate season was mixed, to say the least (we even left it off our Best TVs of 2022 list), I still have hope for the final season.

Most of what I think about season three comes from the fact that I don’t think I was the show’s target audience. I’m a black woman who writes and studies pop culture, so there are some things I don’t need to be told, especially in a new way. As much as I like and admire Glover’s work, my main complaint about it hasn’t changed: Too often his writing is aimed at a white audience. I like my black art to be more like Toni Morrison’s. That said, I like it when creative projects speak to the black community rather than trying to explain to people outside. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with projects that do that, and I would even argue that sometimes it’s necessary, but man, I love to see black art rise up without the white gaze or expectation of a white reaction. Many episodes of the first two seasons were great examples of this.