RHOSLC’s Meredith and Seth Marks: Are They Still Dating?

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which airs on Bravo, is the tenth season of the long-running reality television series Real Housewives, which aired on Bravo in 2003. The story focuses on a group of wealthy and successful women living in and around the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. Viewers are intrigued because the characters have unorthodox lifestyles that revolve around their circle. In this circle, status, religion and the pursuit of perfection are paramount. As a result of the performers’ hectic and eventful personal and professional lives, they amass a significant following that only grows stronger the deeper the show delves.

Meredith Marks, who plays one of the key roles, and Seth Marks, who plays her occasional husband, are two examples of such performers. Meredith has risen to a prominent position throughout the series; Consequently, her personal life and relationships, especially with her husband, are under constant scrutiny. As a result, their followers are curious as to whether or not they are still a couple. If you’re one such fan and interested in finding out more about the couple, here’s what we found out about them!

Meredith and Seth Marks OF RHOSLC

The path that Meredith and Seth Marks took to RHOSLC

Meredith and Seth Marks have been happily married since 1996. The couple also share parental responsibility for their three adult children, who are named Reid, 25, Brooks, 23, and Chloe, 21. When audiences were first introduced to Meredith and Seth during the show’s first season in 2020, the couple were already experiencing some difficulties in their marriage and were on the verge of divorcing. According to the allegations, the couple’s problems began in August 2019 when Seth filed for divorce. In December 2019, after four months’ notice, he decided to withdraw the petition, which changed the circumstances.

The show highlighted the challenges they faced in their marriage as the couple’s disputes didn’t seem to resolve themselves the following year. As they experienced increasing alienation from each other in 2020, they decided to take some time off. Meredith provided more information about her predicament to US Weekly, where she explained: “Things just fell apart over the years. We moved quite often. We were sort of uprooted as he ran his own business, I was trying to start my own business and we had three children. There was simply no communication, and the level of hatred continued to rise even as our stress levels continued to rise; As a result, we became so absolutely overwhelmed that we became completely detached.

Since their marriage, the Marks couple had obviously been through a lot of ups and downs as they worked towards the goal of providing a lavish lifestyle for their children and grandchildren. The second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had another controversy brought to light by the show. This time one of the other cast members, Lisa Barlow, insinuated that Meredith cheated on her husband.

Whether or not that was actually the case, that doesn’t change the fact that the couple had feelings for each other. This ultimately led to the reconciliation that was reportedly set to take place in December 2020. Meredith went on to say that she and her husband had always loved each other and therefore decided to give their marriage another chance. She referred to her spouse as her best friend. She continued by saying, “We just hit a couple of bumps in the road and we had to regroup and reconnect.”

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Is Meredith Marks’ relationship with Seth Marks still active?

Fans will be pleased to learn that Meredith and Seth Marks are still together and doing well in their relationship, and we’re excited to share this news with them. After the stunning couple made the decision to give their marriage another try and try a fresh start, there was no turning back for them. Both give the impression that today they feel more connected and happier than ever. After their conflict ended, the reality TV star gave an interview in which she discussed the changes in their relationship, saying, “We’re definitely a lot more of a united front.” To tell the truth, it couldn’t have gotten any worse ‘Cause you met us when we were at our worst, at our worst.

Meredith offered insightful commentary on the dynamics of all types of romantic partnerships, saying, “But you know that every relationship has its ups and downs, and that includes marriage.” When you’re straight forward and sincere, it never gets the level of achieving perfection. That’s just not possible because we’re all human beings with unique perspectives on a variety of subjects, and overcoming those differences takes effort. She continued to discuss their relationship after they reconciled, saying that she believes they are in the healthiest phase of their partnership right now and that they have a very positive attitude towards each other.

The gorgeous couple celebrated an important day in their lives on August 24, 2021, which is their 25th wedding anniversary, and they did so by vacationing in France throughout the summer to enjoy the celebrations together. Meredith said of how they commemorated the actual date, “Unfortunately on the actual anniversary that day, Seth had a board meeting, so we sort of skipped that day and just had a special dinner together a few days later.” This related to the fact that the date fell on the anniversary of their first date. Whenever Meredith and her doting husband walk around town in their fancy avatars or appear on the show, she always makes sure to take photos and send them to him.

Meredith and Seth make it a priority to spend alone time together, going on regular dates and traveling to various beautiful places. She thanks the show for helping them bring their issues out into the open and thereby giving them a positive resolution. She also enjoys sharing photos of her family with her kids, whether they’re spending time together, commemorating a special occasion like a birthday or graduation, or just having fun. As a result, we can only wish the reality program couple continued success and happiness as they continue to move forward in their lives.

He received his education at the University of Arizona

According to information available on his LinkedIn page, Seth’s major in higher education was sociology. In 1994 he received his diploma. After another two years, he tied the knot with Meredith.

What does Seth do for a living?

In the 20+ years that Seth has been actively seeking employment, he has worked for a variety of companies.

In 2000, he began his professional life at Hilco Global, an organization specializing in the reorganization and refinancing of other companies. Throughout his career he has held positions at a variety of companies including Tuesday Morning, LQW Retail, Overstock.com, Sears, IE Retail Ventures and Channel Control Merchants, among others.

Seth also holds a number of prestigious titles. He was Chief Executive Officer of International Enterprises Inc. (IE) and was also formerly Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Overstock.com and Vice President of Merchandising at Big Lots US

According to a press release issued by Cision, Seth is now “well known in the industry and as an innovator who has produced innovative strategic merchandising iterations for a variety of world-class retailers, wholesalers and liquidators.”

Meredith and Seth Marks OF RHOSLC
Meredith and Seth Marks OF RHOSLC

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Who exactly is the company Seth works for?

According to Seth’s LinkedIn page, he has served as chief merchandising officer at Channel Control Merchants in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, since March 2021.
According to Bloomberg, the company “purchases, transports, processes and distributes secondary clothing, outdoor gear, kitchen supplies, books and electronics to a network of outlet retailers”. Other products include books, electronics and outdoor gear.

Is Seth still dating Meredith or have they broken up?

On August 24, 2022, Meredith and Mark celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

Meredith celebrated the event by sharing a heartfelt Instagram post looking back at some of her wedding pictures from the beginning of their marriage. “I hope you have a wonderful 26th wedding anniversary, my best friend. Every year with you surpasses the one before in every way. I adore you, the life we’ve built together and our family even more than that.” She provided the captions for the photos.

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