RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose and her plastic surgery journey through the years, what is her mummy makeover all about?

Whitney Rose fans know her face has been edited. Cyberians have noticed changes in her appearance since she first appeared in the first season of RHOSLC.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City returns to television for Season 3. The first episode came out on September 28, 2022. As the new episode airs, some fans are speaking out about how pretty Whitney Rose is and how she’s changed over the years thanks to plastic surgery.

RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose and her journey through the years with plastic surgery

Whitney Rose, from the show RHOSLC, has no secrets about the plastic surgery she had. But she has changed since she first appeared in season one.

In Part 1 of the Season 1 reunion, she said that she had done some work. It was still a secret when she first started doing these jobs, but here are some things she has done in the past.

Whitney Rose

She used botox and fillers

Whitney Rose has said publicly that she has been working on her body. Yahoo says host Andy Cohen asked viewers a series of questions about plastic surgery during Part 1 of the RHOSLC season 1 reunion in 2021.

He asked the women if they would like to talk about their past surgeries. Whitney said her lips were made up of botox and fillers. Jen also said she had to work on her nose because her son hit his head when he was a baby, which caused some problems.

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She often tries new ways to look good

Whitney loves trying new ways to look good and stay young. She had already said that she had been dewormed while on holiday in Bali. She spoke about how crazy it was when worms ate the dead skin off her face.

She turned into a mummy

The mommy makeover is one of the most popular types of combination plastic surgery today. Its main goal is to help pregnant or breastfeeding women deal with common problems.

Whitney and her husband Justin have two children. Last year, Whitney talked about getting a diastasis recti repaired. It is surgery to fix the separation of the abdominal muscles.

Diastasis recti is a condition where your abdominal muscles separate down the middle. People with diastasis recti can also have hernias, which can be painful and make it difficult to do everyday things.

Whitely spoke about how lucky she is to have given birth to two children. But although she exercised postpartum to take care of her health, she couldn’t get her core back because the pregnancy severed her abs.

Before she dr. When she met Nicholas Howland, she was afraid to have her hernia repaired. She spoke to him about the problem, and when he told her it could be fixed, she fixed her stomach.

The doctor also said that he had breast augmentation done on her. On his Facebook page he writes about what he has done professionally.

Rose didn’t have a lot of volume on the top bar, so she had to use push-up bras and other tricks to get this look. But to keep the same look, he narrowed her implant pockets and switched her implants to Allergan Cohesive Gel implants.

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How Whitney Rose cares for her skin and what makeup she uses

Whitney Rose is obsessed with the way her skin looks. She uses many different things to care for her sensitive skin.

People know her from RHOSLC, but most of her fans watch her to see how she cares for her skin and does her makeup. She also often makes videos to teach her fans about different skin care products and how to use them.

She has her own skin care business

Whitney spent most of her time working for a company. She has never studied biology or chemistry. She also owns a skin care business called Iris + Beau.

She used to find high-end, clinical-grade skincare, but it didn’t work because she lived in Utah, a dry place. She just found out why some products helped her skin.

So she went back to work with a man she had worked with 15 years ago. He helped her find the ingredients I needed and put her in touch with the developers and labs.

How to take care of your skin at night

Whitney Rose loves taking care of her looks. She told her fans how to take care of their skin if they want to keep their glow like hers.

In one of the YouTube videos, she talked about how she takes care of her skin at night. First, she washes her face with a gentle Wild Beauty cleanser. Then she uses a toner to balance the pH of her skin. Finally, she uses a brush that changes the texture of her skin and increases blood flow.

Then comes hyaluronic acid and then an oxygen serum. She then applies Life-Flo pure rose seed oil, which she says is as good for the face as liquid gold. But she mixes it with her company’s anti-aging oil, which contains vitamin C. Then she uses her jade roller to massage her face.

After massaging it in, she applies a radiant moisturizer to her face daily. She then puts on her mask to help her sleep. She uses a phyto-corrective mask and a watermelon glow sleep mask, but which one she uses depends on how she’s feeling.

She takes care of her skin first and then applies the magic night serum to her hair.

Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose

Some more RHOSLC women who have had plastic surgery

Fans of RHOSLC know the women don’t look like they do on the show or with the same Instagram handles. Many women don’t want to admit they’ve had plastic surgery to look better, but cyberians already know it.

Although they have a lot to do, they still find time to do their best. Some of the women rumored to have had plastic surgery include Heather, Mary Cosby, Meredith Marks, Jen Shah, Lisa Barlow, and Whitney Rose.

Heather has to undergo a painful facial twice a year

Heather hasn’t tried to hide the fact that she’s been working on her body. Page Six says she’s told them she gets botox every three to four months, gets a lip job once a year, and gets a “painful facial” twice a year.

She also has a medical spa where she performs things like lip injections, vampire facials, and laser-based enhancements. But depending on how she looks, she might have had brow lifts, microblading, lip fillers, and botox. If you look at her pictures on social media, you can see that she may have had a breast augmentation as well.

Mary Cosby had her smell glands removed.

Mary Cosby said she has an autoimmune condition that causes her body to attack her smell gland, causing large boils. So the doctors told her to get rid of all her oil glands.

Fans believe she did something to her eyelids and changed the color of her skin, teeth and hair. She says she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

Meredith Marks has a new look

Meredith Marks has not said anything about the procedures she went through. But her fans believe she also underwent plastic surgery.

Jen Shah hasn’t said she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

Jen didn’t say she didn’t have plastic surgery, but she didn’t say what she did either. She told Page Six that most women in Utah get surgery to keep their bodies in shape, but she didn’t actually say that.

Lisa Barlow says she’d rather not wear makeup

Lisa Barlow says her face is completely natural. She’s also posted lots of pictures of herself with wrinkles and laugh lines on her IG account, saying it’s all natural.

But some keen-eyed netizens noticed that she looks different now than she used to because her wrinkles have faded and her lips look thinner.

Fans think she did some work with this face, but she says she loves a natural look, although she doesn’t mind unnatural looks.

How old is Whitney Rose?

She has lived for 36 years.

How many years older or younger is Whitney Rose’s husband than her?

Whitney Rose’s husband is 18 years her senior. Justin, her husband, is 54 years old.

How much money does Whitney Rose make for each episode?

Whitney Rose gets between $5,000 and $10,000 per episode.

How much is the Iris and Beau by Whitney Rose brand worth?

Iris and Beau are worth $3 million and are owned by Whitney Rose.


Whitney Rebecca Rose was raised by her mother, Laurie Rose, her grandparents Jean (née Dunn) and John P. Rose (1947–2015), and her mother’s younger brothers and sisters in Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island. Union Hall was a bar run by her grandparents. Rose’s favorite song since she was two was Hank Williams’ There’s a Tear in My Beer. She sang it to bar patrons, sometimes after bed and sometimes for a dollar. She jokes, “I think I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the pay is about the same. Not much has changed.”

Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” was her grandfather’s favorite song and she often plays it on her shows to honor him. Rose and her mother went on a road trip when she was 8 years old. They went to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see a local band called The Rankin Family. This band mixed celtic and country sounds. The concert was her first big one. She performs the group’s music on the tour bus because “no one outside of the (Canadian) East Coast has ever heard of them”. “I don’t think it’s just nostalgia,” she says. “I like the music too.”

Rose attended five different colleges where she majored in English and journalism. Uncle Dan gave her a “starter guitar” that helped her write songs. She had written enough songs for one record when she moved to Toronto from “a farm in the middle of nowhere in Nova Scotia” and a failed relationship. She “dived” into the Cameron House scene in Toronto and the bar became like a home away from home. In 2012 she recorded her first record called Self-Titled for a small label called Cameron House Records.

She was signed by “big booking agents” in 2013 and worked as a “one time thing” for US country band The Mavericks in Toronto. She then went on tour with Raul Malo’s band as the opening act. Rose got a Gibson acoustic guitar from a friend for her 27th birthday in 2013. She called her “Aggie”. Rose says of the instrument, “I always meant it just as a writing tool…. It’s one of the biggest surprises of my life that I actually play guitar in front of people night after night because at some point it would have been my worst nightmare.”

She signed with Six Shooter Records in 2016 and Michael McKeown, who formerly ran Cameron House Records, is in charge of her career.

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