Rish Shah Parents as an Indian-American actor continues to make a name for himself in the industry


Rish Shah is a popular actor who rose to fame after starring in Ms. Marvel. However, he only started acting in 2017.

Rish played Karim in the 2020 film The Long Goodbye. In the same way, he played the role of Kamran in Ms. Marvel. In 2022 he will play Russ in the film Do Revenge, which will be released on September 16, 2022.


He had worked on big projects like Emmerdale and To All The Boys: Always and Forever over the years.

Rish Shah

What kind of person is Rish Shah?

Rish Shah was born and raised there. But his family is from India. His parents are from India but they now live in Enfield, England.


For this reason he is a British Indian. Some sources said that his family owned a business and that he helped them when he was young. He also has an older sister, but information about her is not online yet.

The actor said he’s glad to see people from his culture in Ms. Marvel.


Rish spoke about how important Bollywood was to him growing up.

Rish spoke about how he loved watching Bollywood movies as a kid. Despite being born and raised in the UK, he can’t help but think about where he’s from.


He even said he’s proud that the show showcases some of his culture. He also talks about how much he likes Bollywood.

He also said that he never thought he could see that part in MCU.


In Ms. Marvel he plays Kamran

Kamran is described as a high school senior who just moved to Jersey City from Texas. After first meeting Kamala at a party, they quickly became friends. The handsome young man is said to be the love interest of the main character on the show.

He shows up to stop DODC agents from taking Kamala, who has special powers, away from her family. He saves her from them and introduces her to his mother, Najma, who had seen Kamala in her vision.


Later, while trying to close the veil, Najma dies, but not before giving her power to her son Kamran.

Who is Rish Shah’s mother and father?

His parents are from the cities of Mumbai and Vadodara. He hasn’t said who they are yet, but he has said his parents are proud of him.


In addition, they could identify with the film because it was about a parent who came from another country and tried to give their children the best possible life. Rish also said his grandmother still lives in Mumbai and that he’s glad Ms. Marvel spoke up about the split, something he was never taught at school.

In Ms. Marvel, Nimra plays Bucha Kamran’s mother.


Nimra Bucha, who plays his mother Najma on screen, gives her life for Ms. Marvel to close the veil on the show. In Ms. Marvel, she is a person from the Noor dimension who was sent to Earth along with Aadam, Aisha, Fariha, and Saleem as punishment.

They form a group called the Clandestine and try to find a pair of bracelets to take home. She found one of the bracelets in an Indian temple in 1942 and gave it to Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha to keep.


Who is Rish Shah dating in 2022?

Rish Shah is considered single because he hasn’t said anything about being with anyone. The 24-year-old actor keeps his life to himself.

He hasn’t said much about his personal life on social media. But he has said in interviews that he became friends with the other people in the Ms. Marvel cast while the film was being made.


He also said that he and other cast members listened to Bollywood songs while on set. He is also good friends with Iman Vellani.

He was the guy Kamala Khan liked in Ms. Marvel

In Ms. Marvel, Rish played Kamran, who fell in love with Kamala Khan, the main character. Because they both liked Bollywood and Riz Ahmed’s Sweet Shop, they became close.


It is later revealed that Kamran is one of the Clandestines, a group of enhanced beings who say they are Djinn cast out of the Noor Dimension. The group knew Kamala was powerful and needed her to help them return home.

Although Kamran and Kamala are in love, their relationship doesn’t actually end at the end of the show.

Rish Shah
Rish Shah

Wikipedia biography of Ms. Marvel actress Rish Shah

Rishabh Shah, also known as Rish Shah, is an Indian actor who was born on December 18, 1995 in London. He is 26 years old and is best known for playing Varun Dutta in the 2021 film India Sweets and Spices, which stars Sophia Ali. In 2022, this young artist’s career took a big step forward when he landed a role in the highly anticipated film “Ms. Marvel” from Marvel Studios.

Shah played Kamran in “Ms. Miracles.” Kamran is a jinn, just like his on-screen mother, Najma, who gave up her life in the last episode so that Kamran could gain more magical powers.


In this miniseries, a New Jersey girl named Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) discovers that she has shape-shifting superpowers. Shah is a rising star in the acting world and fans will be happy to know that he will soon be playing Russ Lee in a comedy called Strangers. In addition to this film, he is also working on the romantic drama “Damage” with Charlie Murphy.

early years

Rish Shah, also known as Rishabh Shah, was born on December 18, 1995 at the home of his Indian parents in London, United Kingdom. We don’t know much about his family but we found out that his father and mother used to live in the affluent state of Gujarat in India. In an interview, he said that when he was young, he acted like Shahrukh Khan and recited Khan’s famous lines.


Rish also agreed that Shahrukh’s charisma was a big part of why he decided to become an actor. Shah’s CV shows that he acted in a number of plays during his student days at Haberdashers’ Aske’s. The Recruiting Officer, East, Twelfth Night, and The Catcher in the Rye are some of the standout books.


After high school, Rish transferred from school acting to the Turbine Theater. In 2016 he contacted Conway van Gelder Grant, a management company in London, and tried it out. But he ended up in New York, in the United States. He landed his first role in a TV show called PrankMe, created by Hazel Hayes and also starring Corey Fogelmanis, Lucy Robinson and Rebecca Stone.


Shah had to wait three years for a big role after his first acting job. Meanwhile, he worked on Years and Years, Doctors, and Casualty. In 2020, actor Kirin Kotecha was allowed to play in a TV show called “Emmerdale Farm”. The show was very popular and won several awards including a BAFTA.

The British actor has also acted in a few short films including The Long Goodbye. He also worked on India Sweets and Spices, the first book by Manisha Koirala in 2021.


life at home

With a blue tick, Rish has an Instagram account that is followed by about 14,000 people. If you look at his posts, you will see that he hangs out with his girlfriends. One of them is the well-known Paris Berelc.

Many people said that Berelc and Shah are dating. This is where Celebsweek wants to set the record straight because according to our research none of them have ever admitted to dating.


Rish Shah schools

Rish received his early education at Grange Park Primary School. He then went to the Haberdashers’ Boys’ School until he finished high school.

Rish Shah family

Rish was born in London, UK to his Indian parents’ home. His father and mother used to live in Gujarat, India, a prosperous state.


Rish Shah gets his justice

Do Revenge is an upcoming American black comedy written by Celeste Ballard and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Rish Shah, Sophie Turner and Austin Abrams are some of the people starring in it. The story is based on Strangers on a Train by Alfred Hitchcock. It will first be available on Netflix on September 16, 2022.

Two high school friends, Drea and Eleanor, have their lives turned upside down and are expelled from school. Drea feels embarrassed after a topless video she made for her boyfriend Max leaks out. When word gets out that Eleanor was holding Carrissa and trying to kiss her, she becomes an outcast. Drea and Eleanor become friends, and both agree to go after the bullies who hurt each other.


The film will be available on Netflix on September 16, 2022.

Rish Shah’s net worth

Rish is believed to have a net worth of $900,000.

  • Rish truths
  • More and more people are talking about the upcoming “Ms. Marvel” TV show.
  • He spent his childhood in North London, England, where he grew up.
  • Rish’s first job was the role of Alan in a play called Torch Song which was staged at the Turbine Theater in London, England.
  • Shah likes the sports comedy Nacho Libre, which came out in 2006 and starred Jack Black and Peter Stormare. Rish says he can quote any line from the film even when he’s asleep.
  • In the 2021 American teen romantic comedy To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Ravi was played by Rish Shah. It starred Lana Condor, Janel Parrish, Noah Centineo and more.

How old is Rish Shah?

The British-born artist is 26 years old.

Is Rish Shah Indian?

He grew up in London, England, although his parents are from India.


At “Mrs. Marvel, who was Kamran?

It was Rish Shah.

What is Rish Shah’s real name?

Answer: Rishabh Shah.


What is Rish Shah’s height like?

Answer: 5′ 11″ (1.80m).

How does Rish Shah get around?

New York City of course.