Scheana Shay’s sister Cortney van Olphen’s age and Instagram pics


Sister of popular personality Scheana Shay is reality TV star Cortney Van Olphen. She is now 25.

Cortney, whose real name is Cortney, is close to her sister. The sisters were frequently spotted enjoying themselves in LA.


Olphen is active on Twitter and Instagram, where she regularly updates her followers about her life. Cortney shows off her humor on Twitter by posting her opinions, likes, dislikes, and memes about her day.

When Cortney survived a near-fatal accident in 2018, her story made headlines. She was traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with her ex-boyfriend, Justice Horden, when her car caught fire.


How old is Cortney van Olphen, Scheana Shay’s sister?

Cortney Van Olphen was born on August 19, 1997 in the United States. She just turned 25.

Cortney loves going on vacation and hanging out with her sister and friends. She has also set up a YouTube channel where she posts movies about her daily life and travel blogs.


Cortney van Olphen is now said to resemble her sister Scheana Shay more.

She admires her sister and the two have a great time when they go out together. Cortney was taken shopping by Shea, who also filmed a special YouTube video for her younger sister, in which they can be seen hanging out, having dinner and celebrating birthdays. After dinner, they seemed to be having a great time at the party at On the Rox.


Similarly, Scheana usually organizes a celebration and makes her sister’s birthday week unforgettable. Despite being quite busy with their lives, both sisters have managed to maintain their friendship.

Cortney van Olphen on Instagram

Instagram user Cortney Van Olphen goes by the username @cortney.erin.


She follows 927 people and has 770 posts with 59.9k followers. She can be seen enjoying the sun and beaches in a ton of pictures on her Instagram. On March 1, 2014, she published her first Instagram message.

She also tweets regularly. She frequently tweets flirtatious one-liners, and her tweets are amusing. She is also concerned about her health, so she eats a variety of healthy foods. She regularly posts recipes for healthy smoothies on her Twitter. She loves to cook and this Valentine’s Day she shared a tweet claiming that the pasta sauce she created was the best she’d ever made.


By keeping an eye on her social media, we can get a glimpse into her life. She is well known on social media and an influencer.

Cortney van Olphen: Where is she now?

Cortney Van Olphen now resides in Beverly Hills, California.


She is a well-known person on social media who enjoys traveling and attending events. She enjoys her life and often explores new areas.

Accidental death of Cortney van Olphen. What happened?

In January 2018, Cortney Van Olphen narrowly escaped car explosion and death.


When Justice Horden’s Jeep caught fire and burst into flames Thursday, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay’s younger brother Cortney van Olphen was traveling with him from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Van Olphen and Horden posted the horrific image, which began with the black SUV smoldering and ended with it bursting into flames, on social media. In a video uploaded to his Instagram Story, Horden claimed his car caught fire in the middle of the freeway.


After the arrival of fire and police personnel, the fire was eventually extinguished, leaving only the burned ruins of the car on the side of the desert road.

The Olphen family were deeply concerned in the wake of Cortney’s tragedy, but Scheana Olphen said in an interview with PEOPLE she was relieved to learn her sister was doing well. She expressed her gratitude that her sister and boyfriend were able to get out of the vehicle in time. It was possible that things were getting worse.


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