Scotty Smiley, a Washington Senate candidate and author, is Tiffany Smiley’s husband.


Tiffany Smiley is a motivational speaker from the United States who is in intensive talks to run in the US Senate elections scheduled for November 8, 2022. Scotty Smile, her husband, is America’s first active-duty blind Army officer whose management was headed by Tiffany.

A nurse-turned-motivational speaker-turned-US Senate candidate; Tiffany is an inspiration to many women as she went beyond army protocols and federal bureaucrats to fight for her husband’s dream. Since her husband was seriously injured during a mission in Iraq and lost both eyes as a result, the authorities demanded his immediate release from the army.


Tiffany smiley and Scotty smiley in one frame

Tiffany Smiley’s husband, Scotty Smiley

Tiffany Smiley married her high school sweetheart and husband Scotty Smile on December 20, 2003. They are now approaching two decades of their marriage. And over those years, the couple sure has been through a lot.


Then-Lieutenant Scotty was deployed to Mosul, Iraq in October 2004 and Tiffany was working as a triage nurse at the time. Everything was going well until an unfortunate incident in 2005 turned her life upside down.

Scotty was driving his soldiers around Mosul when he was hit by a car bomb, leaving him in a coma and permanently damaging both eyes. Tiffany quickly booked a flight to where her husband was being taken after hearing the news, and what she experienced there marked a significant turning point in the lives of both her and her husband.


Upon arrival, Tiffany remarked that Scotty was still traumatized and soon after was told that Scotty would never be able to serve his country in the army. Tiffany was even asked to formally authorize Scotty’s immediate discharge from the Army by signing a document on the spot.

Giving Tiffany Smiley a signed copy of Scotty Smiley’s book Hope Unseen

Tiffany, however, ignored everything. She worked tirelessly to help Scotty demonstrate that his outstanding qualities far outweighed any injuries he might have sustained, while also making sure he received the care he needed. The Army were allowed to hold Scotty because they were adamant and unwilling to sign his discharge papers.


Scotty later broke barriers for countless people to come after as the country’s first blind active duty Army officer. Scotty Smiley wrote his book Hope Unseen, published in 2010, and included all of his experiences, from the incident that caused his disability to his love story and the couple’s incredible bravery.

US Senator Candidate Age and Facts

Tiffany was born on April 19, 1981 which means that she will be 41 years old in 2022. Tiffany was 22 when she got married, so that’s another consequence.


When Tiffany got married, she was still working on her bachelor’s degree in nursing. A year after her marriage and at the age of 23, she earned her degree in nursing.

At the age of 24, Tiffany was hired as a nurse at Wlater Reed Hospital. She stayed there for almost ten years, from 2005 to 2014, before joining Northwest Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates INC. as a triage nurse. changed.


Tiffany worked as a registered nurse and was also the President and co-founder of Hope Unseen LLC, an organization that makes public speaking easier (2010). She currently still works in the position.

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Tiffany left the grooming industry entirely in 2015. She also founded Tiffany Smile in 2016, which is currently going strong and promising. The same goes for Tiffany, who joined Bream Speakers in 2019 and is still effective in her role as a motivational speaker. We can see that Tiffany has spent a lot of time attending public speaking after retiring from her nursing career.


Tiffany is already fighting for a seat in the US Senate at the age of 41. She is also the mother of Grady Douglas, Graham Elliott and Baylor Scott. She currently resides in Spokane, Washington with her five children.

Tiffany Smiley’s income

Tiffany Smiley’s actual net worth is unknown but we can speculate based on her work.


According to Comparable, the median annual salary of a successful motivational speaker in the US is $49,774. However, depending on the speaker and topic, this amount can range from $27,309 to $125,000. Tiffany’s earnings figures are also available.

Tiffany doesn’t just use this as a tool. She also receives income from the company she co-founded, Hope Unseen LLC, and the organization Tiffany Smiley, which she founded. Her family can potentially bring in a six-figure fortune a year since her spouse is both an author and a serving member of the military.


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