Season 20 debut? The release date, host and more are examined

On Saturday at 8 p.m. ET only on TLC, TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress is set to return with a captivating episode. This week, two brides-to-be visit Kleinfeld in search of their ideal wedding dress. A third young bride will accompany her sister back to Klienfeld in the meantime.

If viewers don’t see the July 23 edition of Say Yes To The Dress, they can watch it twice the following day at 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM ET.

The acclaimed reality TV show made its debut in 2007. Since then, the series has featured brides and their families visiting the well-known Manhattan shop in search of the ideal dress for their special occasion.

The 20th season of the show has just started. One of the entourage has a diva as seen in the teaser for the upcoming episode.

Read on to learn more about Say Yes to this week’s dress.

What you can expect from Say Yes To The Dress Episode 3 Season 20 is this:
Episode 3 of Say Yes To The Dress Season 20, Diva With a Capital D will star brides-to-be Emerald and Jillian.

The series’ official synopsis states that Emerald and her mother, a wedding designer, arrive. The bride-to-be tries to persuade her mother to double the budget for the wedding dress.

Singer Jillian is currently asking her father for his blessing on her wedding dress. The show will also feature Elaina returning to Kleinfeld with her sister, an alleged diva, while the two brides-to-be search for their ideal dress.

American Idol and America’s Got Talent alumni include Jillian Jensen. Jillian has performed at many weddings, but it turns out she’s a little disoriented at her own nuptials, according to an exclusive early look published by Pop Culture. She therefore traveled to Kleinfeld to ask Randy Fenolli for help in realizing her ambitions.

Randi and Krissy, his assistant, think their job would be straightforward, but Jillian is quick to remind them of the reality. She thinks her work makes her feel helpless. In the sneak look, Jillian slams the Say Yes to the Dress actress for seemingly not knowing what she wants.

The events of Say Yes To The Dress Episode 2 Season 20 are summarized here

One of the three brides introduced last week was Kayla. The 30-year-old bride, her mother and her uncle came with her to Kleinfeld. Her entourage wanted something very different than she did, which was a form-fitting outfit that suited her age.

Her mother and uncle expected her to wear a gala dress with a long tail. She tried a few but didn’t seem to like any. She admitted she felt like she was wearing someone younger when she saw all the fabric. Kayla stated that she likes to wear more form-fitting clothes.

Eventually she was able to find something that would please both her and her group. Kayla chose a beautiful bodycon dress for her reception and an extraordinary ball gown for the ceremony.

The upcoming episode will be available on TLC’s official website when it airs on the network. You can opt to watch it on various live streaming services like DISH, YouTube TV, Xfinity, Hulu+Live TV, Sling, FuboTV, Philo and DirecTV Stream if you don’t have access to the channel.