See Season 3 Episode 7 Summary and Ending explained

See is an Apple TV+ science fiction drama series produced by Steven Knight, who also made Peaky Blinders.

It takes place in a world where a virus has killed most of the people. The children and grandchildren of the survivors can no longer see. The story begins as people begin to see again, and it’s about a man named Baba Vos (Jason Momoa) who must protect his sighted stepchildren from a world where being alive is a sin against God.

In the seventh episode of season 3, “God Thunder”, Sibeth attacks Pennsa with bombs that she throws with trebuchets. This is the beginning of the war for Paya. Meanwhile, Haniwa finds out what the key Harlan gave her before he died can do, and it could be Pennsa’s way out. Here’s what you need to know about the ending of Season 3 Episode 7 of “See.”

See Season 3 Episode 7

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At the beginning of the episode, Tormada’s rebellious Trivantian soldiers and the fanatical Witchfinders prepare to attack Pennsa. The witch finders captured Kofun in the last episode and now he is being taken to Sibeth. Once Kofun finds out what’s going on, he feels horrified and guilty for letting the mad, murderous woman out. When Sibeth stops bombing for a short time to give her sister time to think and give up, Kofun tries to reason with Sibeth by reminding her of her son and asking her to become a mother. Though it probably doesn’t matter, she sends Kofun into town to tell Maghra what she wants.

When one of the bombs hit the palace and knocked Maghra unconscious, she dreams of hitting Baba. Baba, Haniwa and Ranger arrive in Pennsa at the same time. Baba’s dog #1 leads them to Maghra. Among the crowd, they find Maghra and Tamacti Jun injured but still alive. The Payans know they cannot win this war, and when Kofun arrives and Maghra says this, she starts thinking about going to Sibeth herself.

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What opens Harlan’s key? See the end of Season 3 Episode 7

In episode 6, after the fight with the cannibals, Harlan talks the others into leaving him behind. He then gives Haniwa a key. Pennsa is Harlan’s city; Maghra rules over it only as Queen of all Paya. So it makes sense that Harlan would know more about Pennsa than anyone, even the Queen. As expected, when Maghra learns that Harlan has died, she is very sad. They’ve been friends since they were kids. She knew he loved her and she tells her daughter she took advantage of that. But Haniwa tells her that Harlan wasn’t one to be used if he didn’t want to.

Haniwa finds the box that the key goes in at the end. Inside, Maghra and Haniwa find a tuning fork (sound staff) and a map. At first glance it looks like a regular map of Pennsylvania. But as the mother and daughter examine the map more closely, they see that it shows something else: the underground tunnels that Harlan and his smugglers used to evade Sibeth’s army’s bombs. Maghra has to admit that they cannot win this war, so they decide to go through the tunnels.

Why does Baba want to speak to Sibeth?

Not everyone agrees with Maghra’s plan to leave once she has made it. Tamacti Jun agrees with the decision but fears they will continue to be hunted down until they stand their ground and fight or until Sibeth gets what she wants. Maghra tells Baba that he was always right: her family should have left politics and war behind and moved to the mountains. She tells Baba to do that when they come out of the tunnels on the other side. Maghra hopes that her sister will forgive the rest of Paya when she’s gone.

But at least in this case, Baba is more real than his wife. He knows that Sibeth will look for his family everywhere. As long as she is still alive, his wife and children will not be able to find peace. When no one is looking, he heads back to the surface and makes his way to Sibeth’s camp. Ranger goes with him because Tormada tortured him and he wants revenge with him.

See The Season 3 Episode 7 date is at the top of the list and fans can’t wait to find out more. The show has a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, and it also has a lot of drama. This show was created for and is only available on Apple TV Plus. The show’s story takes place in a world where there has been an apocalypse. Now that people are trying to move forward and keep living, they all have problems to see.

But the game changes completely when the tribe thinks two of their children might be able to see. The story takes place in the 20th century. Back then, a virus killed most of the people on earth. It has a lot in common with the real COVID-19 virus that scared people around the world.

After a few years we can see that people have changed their way of life. Also, the vision has become a myth and it is now considered rude to talk about it. We can see that Jason Momoa plays the main character Baba Voss in the series. The Alkenny tribe is led by him. His adopted children should be able to see him (those who have the ability to see, of course). Before we talk about the future, let’s talk about what happened on the show.

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View a list of Season 3 episodes

Back in Season 3 Episode 5, “The House of Enlightenment,” Tormada’s soldiers and Baba’s group had a fight in the House of Enlightenment. Later, in the latest episode of the series, entitled The Lowlands, we saw that Baba takes his group to Pennsa via a shortcut.

This road runs through the Lowlands, which most people consider a dangerous place to hike. Later in the episode we see that both Maghra and Tamacti Jun have found something terrible that could change the lives of many of the people in the tribe. Well, that’s all in the past, so let’s take a fresh look at where the series is going.

See Season 3 Episode 7
See Season 3 Episode 7

See when episode 7 of season 3 comes out

The air date for See Season 3 Episode 7 is October 7, 2022. God Thunder is the name of the episode. It should be available on Apple TV Plus by 3am. New episodes of this sci-fi show are scheduled to appear on the platform every week. Through Otakukart you can set up a tracker for the latest ones.

How to watch Season 3 Episode 7

When See Season 3 Episode 7 comes out on Apple TV Plus, it will be easy to watch. For this, fans need valid login information. If you buy a new Apple product like a MacBook, you might be able to get an Apple TV Plus subscription for about a month for free.

Also, the platform is priced about the same as its competitors since it has no licensed content and only original content in its library. For $4.99 per month, you can purchase the only plan the service has to offer. There is no other legal way to watch the episodes in the US or any other country.

See “Spoilers” for Season 3 Episode 7

The title of the seventh episode of season 3 is God Thunder. Fans can see that Tormada and Sibeth plan to attack Pennsa in this episode. We can see that Baba Voss and his group are also in town at this time. If Tormada does this, Maghra and the other people in the city will also be in danger. War breaks out at the beginning of Episode 7 of Season 3 of See. Soldiers get ready to use trebuchets now that Kane is back in charge as queen. At least for those looking for witches. Anyway, she works with Trivantes and has decided to destroy Pennsa. Kofun comes along and tries to stop her, but she’s already made up her mind. After beating him up, he is held up so he can see what is about to happen.

Maghra comes to Tamacti Jun while paying his respects to his brothers who died in the last episode. Afterwards, he and she head back into town, both worried about the upcoming fight. And everything begins.

With the help of these trebuchets, bombs are thrown into the city. You haven’t breached the walls yet, but Tormada has a ton of bombs to choose from.

One of the bombs hits the palace directly, collapsing the roof. When the roof falls on everyone, it looks like the fight is over. Unfortunately, it also hits Maghra when she is holding Wolffe.

When Baba Voss and the others arrive, they begin clearing the debris. Wolffe and Maghra are also alive, which is good news. They are taken away to heal and Kane gives them plenty of time. Wo decides to let her sister stew in the pain she caused. Maghra is shocked by what happened, especially since the Witchfinders have teamed up with the Trivantians, which is bad news for everyone.

In fact, soldiers have surrounded the city so that no one can leave. Tamacti Jun thinks this is all part of Kane’s plan, and with Harlan dead as well, things don’t look good.

Still, Kofun has returned to his family, so that’s quite something. He is sent by Queen Kane with a message. She wants Maghra to give up the throne and give up all her power. She must go alone and give up her crown and kingdom. What if she says no? Well, the bombs will continue and the city will be reduced to ashes.

However, there is a way out. Harlan left a box containing a map and a sonic baton. This map is for tunnels that smugglers use to get out of town. After all, they don’t all have to die, and maybe there’s a way out.

With Wren and Haniwa in charge of the map, they find the hidden way out. It comes out of a small cave just outside of Pennsa. Maghra decides to start the evacuation immediately. All villagers are gathered and taken out of town. Once they do, Maghra decides that they should leave Kane and the Trivanters and start a new life in the wild.

As Baba Voss and Maghra get closer, we see many flashbacks to the past to show that this is true. It’s a nice way of putting what happened into context and it leads to the present where Baba Voss gives an inspirational speech about family and not blaming each other. Then everyone hugs before heading through the tunnels to (hopefully) safety.

Once they go through the tunnels, they find that Baba Voss is no longer there. As it turns out, he’s back to kill Queen Kane. He knows he won’t survive this, but he thinks it’s the only way to find peace. Tamacti Jun decides to join him so he is not alone.

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