Servant: Ending Explain, Is Leanne really dead?

Curious about what happened in the Servant finale? Did Leanne survive or is it the end for her?

Servants is a psychological horror series whose finale was recently released by AppleTV+. The series will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the Native American director. The series was created by Tony Basgallop and the amazing cinematography for the series is by Mike Gioulakis. The series currently has four seasons with a total of 40 episodes. The series was announced by Apple Inc. on February 27, 2018.

The series belongs to the thriller and psychological genre and is shot primarily in Philadelphia and parts of Pennsylvania. The series is produced by Tony Basgallop, M. Night Shyamalan under the production company Blinding Edge Pictures in association with Escape Artists. The series originally premiered on November 28, 2019. Each episode has a running time of 24 to 36 minutes. The series ended on March 17, 2023.

The series’ core cast includes Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner, who plays the role of a local TV news reporter and mentally ill mother, Toby Kebell as Sean Turner, who plays Dorothy’s husband, Mell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson, who plays the mysterious young woman and nanny to Sean and Dorothy, and Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce, alcoholic brother of Dorothy.

The series’ supporting cast includes Mason and Julius Belford in the role of baby Jericho Turner, the firstborn child who dies, Phillip James as Matthew Roscoe, who plays Junlian’s private investigator friend, Tony Revolori as Tobe in the role of Sean’s chef, Son as Wanda, who plays Leanne’s babysitter, and Death Waring as Frank Pearce, who plays Dorothy and Julian’s father.

The end of the servants explained

The series follows a wealthy couple, Sean and Dorothy, who lives in Philadelphia and lost their baby before Leanne’s arrival. Dorothy suffers from a mental illness after the loss of her child. The couple’s marriage also suffers, and to deal with the rupture in their relationship, Dorothy and Sean have a reborn baby. The only thing Dorothy has pulled out of her neuropsychiatric state is the reincarnated doll she thinks is her child.

Six weeks after their child’s death, the couple hires a young nanny, Leanne, to look after the reborn doll. At the same time, Sean is secretly processing his grief. The problems begin as soon as Leanne starts taking her job seriously and treating the child like a real baby. Sean didn’t want to hire help to take care of a reborn child, but he had to do it for Dorothy’s sake. Leanne begins treating the child like a real baby, which makes Sean suspicious, and he calls his brother-in-law to investigate.

In the first season, Leanne also walks the doll and returns with a real baby. It is also revealed that the real Leanne Wisconsin is dead and the one living with Sean’s family is an impersonator. Leanne decides to punish Dorothy after learning the cause of the real Jericho’s death. Leanne leaves her cult with Baby Jericho. Dorothy harms Leanne to learn her baby’s whereabouts; Sean has to save Leanne from Dorothy several times a day.

In the end, the couple makes it clear to Leanne that Dorothy is fine, and she gives them Baby Jericho back. Dorothy decides to fire Leanne after an incident that killed Dorothy’s colleague who threatens to reveal the secret behind Jericho. Sean realizes that Leanne is so attached to Jericho that he will not survive in her absence. We also see Dorothy wishing to have a mother like Dorothy in her life. Leanne is also attacked by an unknown person. Roscoe betrays Dorothy in favor of Uncle George.

Is Leanne dying or is it her new beginning?

The final season started with a bang, but the series ending left audiences uneasy. Dorothy learns that Leanne is a cult member and decides to get rid of her for good. Julian and Sean support Dorothy’s decision as Leanne still lives in her house. Leanne is isolated from others except for the cult members who worship the ground she walks on.

Leanne also learns that the only way to end her and all the chaos she has caused is to kill herself as there is no one stronger than she. Dorothy is heartbroken to learn the truth that her son is dead and the reason is herself. Dorothy must make a difficult decision between removing Leanne from her life or going back to living without her baby. Leanne’s only wish was to have a family and she might have gotten it with Sean and Dorothy, but Leanne’s inability to control her powers makes it difficult for everyone.

Leanne begs Dorothy to accept her, but she ignores her to mourn the loss of her son. After a while, Dorothy goes back to Leanne and thanks her for once again making time for her son. Dorothy also tells Leanna that she’s not evil, only for Leanne to reveal how she let her parents die without a second thought. Dorothy makes the difficult decision to let Jericho go and live with the pain and guilt of his death. Leanne realizes that she no longer has a purpose in life.

Following Uncle George’s advice, Leanne makes the heartbreaking decision to end her life for the good of all. She ends up killing herself by setting Sean and Dorothy’s house on fire and staying inside. Leanne follows the cult’s tradition of blinding herself and slashing her arms with George’s dagger. In a twist, Officer Reyes, who supported Dorothy after she accidentally killed her baby, turns out to be a member of the same cult as Leanne.

She intentionally drove her parents’ car and hit it with a tree, ending the lives of her loved ones. The unexpected twist at the end reveals that Julian may also be part of the cult, as he was revived by Leanne at Christmas after his heart stopped due to an overdose. The audience witnesses the appearance of angel wings behind Julian.

Will there be a fifth season of the Sevant series?

It will be disappointing news for the fans of the series as the series ended with the fourth season. The director and crew decided to wrap up the show at the end of the show’s fourth season. The director revealed the reason behind the decision to wrap up was that he felt it was better to commit to four seasons of the show rather than six or more.