Sharlize True Real Name & Age


Sharlize True is a popular Tiktok creator known for her dance moves and creative videos.

Tiktok is a place where content creators can get creative and grab public attention faster. Many people have used the app to show off their skills and creativity.


Sharlize is another person who creates content on the platform. In the past few months, she has become better known because her videos went viral and people liked the way she danced in them.

Who on Tiktok is Sharlize True?

Sharlize makes content, and she does most of it on Tiktok. Because of her videos, she has gained many fans on Tiktok over the years.


Her Instagram bio says she is a dancer, singer and model. She has many Instagram followers because she is so popular on Tiktok.

She has launched her own clothing line, which she often talks about on Instagram. She usually makes videos of herself dancing to popular songs or lip-syncing to popular songs.


No matter what, her fans love what she does. Every video she creates and posts on her Tiktok account gets millions of views. She recently joined YouTube and has started posting vlogs showing what she does every day.

What is her real name and how old is she?

Her stage name, Sharlize True, is the same as her real name. She is known by her real name everywhere. She turned 18 a few weeks ago. She was born on January 20, 2004 in the United States.


She grew up in a stable Christian family. The USA was home to Sharlize True and her family. Her mother’s name is Shelly Trujillo. Her older sister’s name is Shariah and her older brother’s name is Sheldon.

True’s social media accounts are full of pictures of her and her family. The vlogs she posts on her YouTube account are about her family.


You can meet Sharlize True on Instagram

Sharlize’s Instagram handle goes at @sharlizetrue_. Although her account is not verified yet, she has around 312k followers but she is following only 1.6k people.

True’s Instagram account has around 1,300 posts. She spends a lot of time on social media posting photos of herself. She usually posts pictures of herself modeling for various brands and promoting her clothing line. She works for CTG, KC Talent and RTA.


Sharlize is also religious and God First is in her Instagram bio. She grew up in a Christian family and remains true to this faith.

She loves talking to her fans on Instagram, where she posts almost every day. She also promotes her Tiktok and YouTube videos on her Instagram page.


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