Simon Horsman Net Worth 2022

Siman Horsman made a lot of money as a film producer in Hollywood. He now has a net worth of nearly $6 million.

Simon Horsman is a well-known film producer in the United States. He was also born in the United States in California.

He also worked with Jeffrey Soros to found the Los Angeles Media Fund. In addition, Simon has been a lawyer in California (and the UK) for more than 25 years and has worked for some of the world’s top media and technology companies.

Simon Horsman

How rich will Simon Horsman be in 2022?

Statistics show that Simon Horsman is worth $6 million. Still, by 2022 his net worth will likely be in the tens of millions.

According to the sources, he is a well-known producer and various crew members. He has practiced law in California and the UK for over 25 years, representing some of the best media and technology companies in the world.

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Simon Horsman Net Worth

The latest news states that Simon Horsmon is one of the founders of LAMF Global Enterprises. LAMF Global Ventures is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) led by Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman. You spoke to Everton about the possibility of buying the club.

In 2003, Simon was Vice President and General Counsel of Price Grabber and was instrumental in the company’s $485 million sale. Similarly, Simon was CEO of Future Films (US), a well-known film finance company at the time. There he raised money and helped independent films to obtain structured financing.

In fact, since 2014 he has been co-CEO of the Los Angeles Media Fund, a company that handles everything from production to financing. Similarly, Simon is a partner at Beyond Athlete Management, a sports agency that works with a variety of athletes, and co-chairs InventTV, a large company that makes unscripted shows.

Simon Horsman’s principal business is LAMF Global Ventures.

LAMF Global Ventures Corp is a “SPAC” which means a blank check company. Your business goal is to merge with one or more companies, swap stocks, buy assets, buy shares, restructure, or do something similar.

LAMF Global Ventures Corp is registered as a company in the Cayman Islands. LAMF Global Ventures Corp. Founded in 2021, I is headquartered in West Hollywood, California. The company plans to focus its initial merger search on prospects in media, entertainment, sports, e-commerce and technology.

Likewise, the Company is sponsored by affiliates of LAMF LLC (Los Angeles Media Fund) (“LAMF”), a diversified media and entertainment company whose primary business is the financing and production of feature films, television series, documentaries and live events. LAMF also manages professional athletes and invests in complementary technology companies.

Last year, LAMF Global Ventures also announced that it would go public

Last year, LAMF Global Ventures Corp. (the “Company”) for the first time to publicly disclose $253 million of stock. This is referred to as an “IPO”. LAMF Global Ventures Corp. just announced that its oversubscribed initial public offering of 25,300,000 units, including 3,300,000 units issued due to the full exercise of the underwriters’ over-allotment option, has now ended. Each unit costs $10.00.

The company is led by a world-class management team, supported by a board of directors and a group of experienced and diverse advisors.

Through our large network of people in the media, entertainment, sports, e-commerce and technology industries, they try to find national and international destinations for our SPAC. They look forward to putting their plan into action and hope the two companies will work well together.

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How much money does LAMF Global Ventures have?

Macro Trends.Net says LAMF Global Ventures I has a net worth of $0.35B as of October 7, 2022. Stock Analysis says that LGVC’s market cap, which is the same as its net worth, is $351.88 million. Financially, the company has a current ratio of 1.73 and is debt free.

The last short interest is 3,384, which means that 0.01% of the outstanding shares are sold short. It also has 34.84 million shares outstanding. The company has a net cash position of $643,106, or $0.02 per share, as it has $643,106 in cash and no debt. LGVC doesn’t seem to be making any money right now.

Also, the American company LAMF Global is in the process of giving Farhad Moshiri an investment of 250 million dollars. But Everton’s principal owner has no plans to sell the entire team to the American company run by Hollywood film producers Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman.

Although he had previously spoken to a US group led by former Manchester United CEO Peter Kenyon and backed by real estate billionaire Maciek Kaminski and oil mogul John Thornton, the pair had been speaking privately to Moshiri for months. The deadline for the group to make an offer for the Toffees, which were worth £800million last month, has passed and talks have stalled.

But Horsman and Soros, the £6 billion nephew of famed businessman George Soros, are now certain they will swap up to 30% of the cash for up to a 10% stake. Keith Harris, who directed Goodison, is helping the group that made Some Kind of Heaven, which came out last year.

Simon Horsman
Simon Horsman

LAMF stands for the Los Angeles Media Fund

LAMF is an entertainment and media company that produces and finances scripted and unscripted films, sports, music, theatre, live events and television. It’s a private company whose goal is to help people in the entertainment industry.

Sources say that Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman, both of whom have extensive experience as producers and investors, founded the Los Angeles Media Fund, which will provide full-service entertainment production and financing. Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman founded the Los Angeles Media Fund in 2014. It is a multifaceted entertainment company focused on the production, financing and production of films, documentaries and television shows.

In fact, Jeffrey started Considered Entertainment in 2008. He worked there on the documentary A Small Act, which was nominated for an Emmy and won the Humanitas award.

Jeffrey was responsible for producing Rules Don’t Apply with Warren Beatty and Basmati Blues with Brie Larson. Since 2014, Jeffrey has been co-CEO of the Los Angeles Media Fund (LAMF), which invests money in films, television, music and sports.

It also offers services all over the world, especially in the areas of making movies and getting money for them. The company has also made a number of strategic investments with partners in scripted and unscripted television, live events and a newly formed sports management agency.

How much money does Simon Horsman have?

Simon Horsman is believed to have a net worth of $6 million.

Are there connections between Simon Horsman and Jeffrey Soros?

Simon Horsman is a business partner of Jeffrey Soros.

Who is Simon Horsman dating?

Jeffrey Soros has been Simon Horsman’s business partner for a long time.

What is the total value of Simon Horsman’s Los Angeles Media Fund company?

Simon Horsman’s Los Angeles Media Fund company net worth is $350 million.

Simon has practiced law in California and the UK for more than 25 years. He has worked for some of the largest media and technology companies in the world. Simon was PriceGrabber’s VP and General Counsel in 2003 and was instrumental in selling the company for $485 million. Simon was CEO of Future Films (US), a large film finance company at the time. There he raised money for independent films and helped them to obtain structured financing. Since 2014, Simon has been co-CEO of the Los Angeles Media Fund, a company that both produces and finances. Simon is also a partner at Beyond Athlete Management, a sports agency that works with many athletes, and co-chairs InventTV, a top company that makes unscripted shows.

Simon Horsman is a British film producer, media advocate and co-CEO of the Los Angeles Media Fund (LAMF). LAMF is an entertainment making and funding company. Horsman is an attorney licensed in both California and the United Kingdom. He has worked for some of the largest technology and new media companies in the world. Horsman and Jeffrey Soros, a veteran producer, founded LAMF in 2014. Since then they have directed many films, TV shows and documentaries. Some of her work includes Juliet, Naked (Lionsgate/Roadside), Step Sisters (Netflix), Shot in the Dark, which was an Emmy nominee for a basketball documentary, and United Skates (HBO), also an Emmy nominee and winner Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Shirley, LAMF’s latest feature film, debuted at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival alongside documentary Some Kind of Heaven and Carlos López Estrada’s feature Summertime.

Shirley is about the famous American horror and mystery writer Shirley Jackson and her life in the early 1950s. Elisabeth Moss, Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young and Logan Lerman all have roles in the film.

I caught up with Horsman to talk about Shirley and find out more about his other plans.

How come a lawyer from the UK makes movies in Hollywood?

I became a lawyer in California and worked in the media and technology sectors in Los Angeles for many years. At some point I wanted to broaden my horizons and since I had worked as a consultant with many film producers, financiers, distributors etc., I wanted to become a producer.

Where did the idea of ​​making a film about Shirley Jackson come from?

The script comes first every time. At LAMF we have a team of creative people looking through 30-50+ scripts each month. Let’s say we get at least 350 scripts a year. From this we make 3 or 4 films a year and buy the rights to a few more to develop. So we’re involved in less than 3% of the projects we look at in any given year. Written by Sarah Gubbins and based on a book of the same name by Susan Scarf Merrell, Shirley was one such screenplay notable for its richness and complexity. The script reminded me of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, a play by Edward Albee that was made into a film with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Elisabeth Moss said Shirley’s script was the best she had ever read.

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