Since Shark Tank, is the company still in business?

Pooch Selfie Net Worth Update in 2022: Is the Company Still in Business Since Shark Tank?

With the help of the Pooch Selfie phone accessory, owners can take the ideal selfie with their dogs. The Pooch Selfie Phone Attachment captures the dog’s attention, prompting them to fixate on the camera phone while owners snap shots by squeaking a tennis ball inside.

Jason Hernandez, a native of San Diego, California, developed Pooch Selfie in 2016. Jason, a mechanical engineering graduate, worked as an engineer and sales manager before founding Clever Dog Products LLC. He is Business Development Manager and still serves as the company’s CEO.

Hernandez came up with the concept for Pooch Selfie in 2015, fueled by his affection for his dog. From the beginning he was actively involved in all facets of the company including marketing, manufacturing, intellectual property management and product development.

After Shark Tank, Pooch Selfie’s net worth has increased

Pooch Selfie’s net worth in 2022 was $500,000. Pooch Selfie was valued at $500,000 when it debuted on Shark Tank.

Hernandez asked for a $100,000 investment in Shark Tank in exchange for a 20% stock position in Pooch Selfie. The owner of the doggy selfie, who paid $18,000 of his own money for the device, has no debt.

He designed all the products, packaging, etc. Even a pooch selfie owner made the trip to “China” to work with the maker on the molds. Jason had the item in Bed Bath & Beyond but had to move it to a discount because it wasn’t selling. resulting in no $100,000 inventory left.

Daymond sobs and explains that he recently lost his dog, Spartan, and that he was never able to get a good picture of him. He bids $100,000 for 33.3%. The other Sharks leave one by one, knowing that Daymond will be a solid partner for Jason, who accepts the offer.

The Pooch Selfie Phone Accessories are currently available everywhere including Amazon, Chewy, Bed Bath & Beyond and even public buildings. Jason still has issues with counterfeit goods from Amazon and other retailers.

What Happened to Pooch Selfie After Shark Tank?

Great reviews and strong sales were bestowed on Jason Hernandez’s Pooch Selfie, especially over the holidays. A dog lover would appreciate Pooch Selfie which makes the perfect gift and costs only $9.99.

Pooch Selfie sales skyrocketed after appearing on the popular TV show Shark Tank.

As of 2022, Pooch Selfie is still operational. Thanks to the adaptable, snap-on Pooch Selfie, it is compatible with a wide range of devices including tablets, third-party cases and smartphones.

Around early 2022, Jason says on his LinkedIn profile that he no longer works for the company.

As of May 2022, the site is still searchable online. Double packs are $25.98 compared to $12.99 for single packs. The accessory is also available in pink from the brand. Given that, it’s certainly reasonable to assume that Jason ultimately managed to alter the original doggy selfie he took.

However, Amazon stated that the product is currently out of stock. Jason mentions his current position as a Key Account Manager for a company called Carbon SCM.

Where is Jason Hernandez, the creator of doggy selfies, now?

Pooch Selfie creator Jason Hernandez is currently in this state. He graduated from Sacramento State University with a BS in mechanical engineering. He has spent 14 years in the consumer electronics industry.

Hernandez started a company that promotes the sale of raw materials into overly complex end-user applications. Jason loved making new things and was an animal lover.

His profession and experience allowed him to get the resources he needed to start his own business and passion project. In 2014, Jason started his own company, Pooch Selfie.

With the help of the smartphone app Pooch Selfie, dog owners can take better pictures and selfies of themselves with their dog. In 2015, Jason tried to raise money for his passion project by putting it on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. After that, the idea came to life and worked on it for three years before appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank.