Since the ENHYPEN member missed a fan event due to illness, the hashtag #GetWellSoonSunoo has prevailed

Since the ENHYPEN member missed a fan event due to illness, the hashtag #GetWellSoonSunoo has prevailed

The disappointing news that ENHYPEN’s Sunoo will not be able to attend the fan meetup scheduled for later that day was announced by BELIFT LAB on August 15th. As a result of the message, fans trended #GetWellSoonSunoo, which also included wishes for the idol’s speedy recovery.

The agency said the idol was ordered to rest but gave no further details about his health. The fans were naturally worried about the 19-year-old’s health as he was unable to attend the autograph session.

The volume of tweets using the hashtag to congratulate Sunoo once again demonstrated ENHYPEN’s massive global following. More than 37,000 tweets mentioned the member and expressed hope for his recovery.

BELIFT LAB updated the public on Weverse on August 15th about adjustments to the fan signing that was scheduled for that day. Fan Signatures are a key fan engagement activity that allows idols and their followers to interact in person. Unfortunately, only six of the members could be met by those attending the event.

Sunoo, one of the organization’s members, was unable to attend the event due to poor health, the agency said on Weverse. When the idol went to the doctor, he was told to take it easy.

“We would like to inform you that ENHYPEN member SUNOO had a doctor’s appointment on Monday 15th August as he was not feeling well. Medical staff advised him to get plenty of sleep. Please note that SUNOO cannot take part in today’s fan autograph session.

In addition, they asked the supporters for understanding and promised to take care of their idol.

“We ask all our supporters for their understanding. We will continue to offer help to SUNOO to help her recover quickly.

Wishes are sent to the ENHYPEN member by fans.

Sunoo received several well wishes for a speedy recovery from ENGENEs, the fandom behind the Pass the Mic group, though the announcement didn’t provide much information about the idol’s health. Not only did they express their admiration for the idol, but they also sent encouraging comments to cheer him up.

He can take as much time as he needs to fully heal, leaving many of his followers eagerly awaiting his return to the group. Fans urged the musician to take a break after seeing photos he uploaded to Weverse.

Get well soon, my small but radiant sun ball! After hearing the news I’m incredibly worried, but on the plus side I know you’re a warrior and strong so I feel less worried. Please note that we hope for a speedy recovery for you and this illness! Get well soon, Sunoo!

It’s only been over a day since I last saw Sunoo, but it already feels like a year. To stay motivated during the day, I actually need the sun. The sky has been dark since early morning.

Take the time you need to rest because your health comes first. We will say a prayer for a speedy recovery and see to it that you get better and return. We appreciate you.


Additionally, the seven-piece band’s latest album MANIFESTO: DAY 1 peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 chart. This is the first time the group has placed in the top 10 of the above charts.