Sisters Karen and Susan Broberg from Jan Broberg where are they now?

The horrifying and gruesome kidnapping of Jan Broberg when she was a child by none other than her trusted neighbor, Robert “Bob” Berchtold, is a case that is simply eerie. It happened when Jan was still a child. After all, as seen in the Netflix documentaries Kidnapped in Plain Sight and Peacock’s Family Friend, the married father not only kidnapped his daughter twice, but programmed her to think she needed his help . However, we’re here for you now if you just want to know more about the two people in her life who have always been there for her, her sisters Karen and Susan Broberg, in addition to their parents, we’ve got you covered too.

Jan Broberg

Who are Jan Broberg’s sisters if anyone knows?

Jan Broberg was born in 1962, making him the eldest of three children born to Robert “Bob” Broberg and Mary Ann Broberg. Karen Broberg joined in 1964, and Susan Broberg joined in 1966, making her the youngest of the three. “My sisters and I, we were really good friends,” the youngest of the brood confessed in the Netflix-produced version of the story. We played cooperatively. We had a pleasant and what I would call typical upbringing. Just laid back and easygoing.” Although Jan was known to have been a bit domineering, she still has fond memories of the strong relationships she had with all of her family members. Unfortunately, that didn’t begin to change long after Robert Berchtold became a part of her life.

To give each girl some solitude, Robert built a wall in the middle of the basement bedroom that Jan shared with Karen. However, this quickly evolved into him kidnapping her. He then played the then 12-year-old strange audios from an ivory box to convince her she was a semi-stranger who needed to have his baby before she turned 16 to save her race. Because if she didn’t, her soul would evaporate, her father would be murdered, Karen would go blind and Susan would have to take her place, she had no choice but to complete the task. Susan would have to take her place.

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Frankly, when Jan was rescued five weeks later in November 1974, her sisters were the ones most excited to have her back. Even so, their joy was short-lived due to the public aftermath of the incident. Then there’s the fact that Robert was able to kidnap her again in August 1976; This time it took the FBI about four months to find her, and only after that did things finally start to get back to normal. Susan remarked, “I’m sure things would have been different if Jan hadn’t been stolen.” [Caesar] “But I didn’t feel like I lost my childhood. I can’t believe how lucky I am. The fact that they are my parents and that I have sisters is a blessing.

Jan Broberg
Jan Broberg

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Who are Jan Broberg’s sisters and where are they now?

Formerly known as Karen, but now known by her married name Karen Campbell, she is a proud daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother residing in Prescott, Arizona. Her online footprint leads us to believe she was formerly known as Karen. Despite the fact that she graduated from Brigham Young University in the 1980s with a Bachelor of Science in pre-med and a minor in math, she ultimately chose to take a break from her medical career to focus on her family . However, it’s a decision she doesn’t seem to give a damn about, especially now that she’s been married for more than three decades, has five children who are now grown, and even has two beautiful grandchildren.

Karen has been teaching math in high schools and colleges for 30 years, making her an excellent candidate for the position she holds as a math teacher in the Yavapai Accommodation School District. Professionally, Karen is currently employed by the Yavapai Accommodation School District. Susan also attended Brigham Young University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, before graduating from BYU Law School in 1999, where she turned out to be a licensed attorney. Susan now practices law in the state of Utah. Additionally, she appears to have been self-employed in St. George, Utah, since 2007. Although her practice focuses primarily on immigration law, she also deals with criminal law, family law, guardianship and adoption. Her main area of ​​expertise is immigration law.

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