Snooker Champion Alexander Ursenbacher of Switzerland – Net Worth and Earnings (Updated 2022)

Alexander Ursenbacher is a Swiss professional snooker player from Rheinfelden. He has been in the sport professionally since 2008 and his estimated net worth is less than one million dollars.

In the same way, Alexander is officially recognized as the first Swiss player to become a snooker professional. Alexandar is considered the country’s first representative as his predecessor Darren Paris was originally a player from England but eventually moved to Switzerland. The nickname “The Swiss Fish” is commonly used to refer to him.

Ursenbacher debuted on the professional snooker circuit in 2008 when he began his career in the sport. He attended the Snooker Academies in Sheffield and Gloucester, where he excelled at incredible levels. Additionally, his one-on-one training with former World Championship semi-finalist Ian McCulloch was a huge factor in his winning multiple junior titles in his native Switzerland, as well as the national championship on two separate occasions.

Ursenbacher, who achieved entry into the main tour via Q-School in 2013 and defeated Paul Wykes in his quarterfinal match, was no longer considered a professional after his two-year tour card expired in 2015. This led to Ursenbacher’s loss of his professional position. However, the snooker player was able to win it back two years later by beating Jackson Page 6:4 in the final of the EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship 2017.

Alexander Ursenbacher

A few quick points

Full name Alexander Ursenbacher
Age 26
Date of birth April 26, 1996
Place of birth Rheinfelden, Aargau, Switzerland
profession Professional snooker player
active years 2008-present
Twitter @SwissNR1

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Alexander Ursbacher is a professional snooker player from Switzerland. His net worth is $2.5 million

Alexander Ursenbacher is expected to have a net worth in excess of $1 million.

Despite being the first Swiss snooker player to represent Switzerland on a global stage, snooker players don’t typically make much money unless they are among the sport’s top professionals.

He has since amassed a respectable fortune as a professional snooker player, having competed on the international stage between 2013-2015 and 2017-present.

In an interview with swissinfo, professional snooker player Alexander said he is still dependent on his mother. This further answered the interviewer’s question as to whether or not he makes a profession out of a sport that is still considered a special activity in this country.

When Ursenbacher first encountered a snooker cue at the age of 11, he had a long way to go before he could be considered an expert. Despite losing the first round at Sheffield, Ursenbacher was paid £20,000. He believes snooker can be a reliable source of income, but to make a living at it you probably need to be in the top 30 players.

Snooker players are responsible for paying the various playing costs, which are deducted from their average income. That means a top 16 snooker player makes an average of $300,000 a year, which may seem like a lot of money, but it’s not. The reason for this is that snooker players have to bear the various playing costs themselves.

Alexander Ursenbacher promotes various brands on his Twitter handle

Alexander Ursenbacher, a Swiss snooker professional who is currently 26, has been involved in sponsored marketing of merchandise on his social media site Twitter. Some of these brands are SpiderEx and Marley Solicitors.

A variety of famous players rely on paid sponsorships and promotions to account for a significant portion of their overall income. Because of this, it is believed that Alexander also makes a respectable income by marketing other companies’ products on his social media handle.

As a result, it is believed that Alexander’s career as a snooker player resulted in meager earnings and the accumulation of negligible wealth. On the other hand, he is frequently observed engaging in the paid marketing of a variety of items that may add a certain amount to his net worth.

You can find Ursenbacher on his social media platform by searching for him with the handle @SwissNR1. He has more than 3,100 followers and has tweeted more than 270 times. Similarly, he uses the name Alexander Ursenbacher as his username and has more than 1,200 friends.

Alexander Ursenbacher, now 26, has been living off his career since 2013

According to the information on his Wikipedia page, Alexander Ursenbacher received his diploma from the Q School in 2013 and has been competing in snooker at a professional level ever since.
Alexander got off to a rough start in Event One after losing early, but he played exceptionally well throughout Event Two, dropping just one frame in four games and earning a highest break score of 140.

After successfully defending his title at the EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship in Nicosia in March 2017, the professional snooker player competed again on the Main Tour. Another benefit of Ursenbacher’s win was that it qualified him to take part in the World Championship qualifying rounds.

After successfully completing Q-School Event 3 in June 2019, Ursenbacher received a second two-year World Snooker Tour card for the 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons. This card allows him to join the tour in the 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons.

Ursenbacher is the first player from Switzerland to secure a place in the main draw of the World Cup, which takes place in July 2020. In the first round of the competition, Barry Hawkins defeated Ursenbacher 10:2.

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Alexander Ursenbacher
Alexander Ursenbacher

A Swiss snooker player who was separated from his family during the COVID-19 tournament suffered from loneliness

Alexander Ursenbacher struggled with feelings of loneliness and melancholy while being separated from his family as a professional snooker player in Switzerland. Things have been challenging for him during the coronavirus outbreak.

Alexander admitted in an interview that he currently lives with his mother, leading to the assumption that the two could have a healthy relationship. Therefore, it was evident that the snooker player found it difficult to adapt when he was forced to live alone in an unknown place away from his family. This was because the snooker player was forced to move away from his family.

The then 24-year-old top athlete contested his first World Championship in 2020 and it looked like it was going to be a fantastic season. Nonetheless, the outbreak presented a significant obstacle to the further development of his professional career.

Wikipedia claims that the professional snooker player was born in Rheinfelden, Aargau, Switzerland to a Portuguese mother originally from the island of Madeira. And this despite the fact that the player rarely talks about his family in interviews.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alexander Ursenbacher?

Alexander Ursenbacher is the professional snooker player from Switzerland.

How rich is Alexander Ursenbacher?

Alexander Ursenbacher is considered decently wealthy with an approximate net worth of less than $1 million.