Stephen A. Smith, is he on vacation? Has he recently been spotted on ESPN First Take?


After testing positive for Covid, Stephen A. Smith is missing his first take for a few weeks.

Stephen is a sportswriter, radio host, and television presenter from the United States. He comments on ESPN’s First Take with Molly Qerim and is a regular contributor to SportsCenter’s NBA coverage.


Smith can be seen commentating on the NBA for ESPN on the NBA Countdown and during NBA broadcasts. On ESPN Radio, he hosted The Stephen A. Smith Show. Smith provides content to The Philadelphia Inquirer, ESPN and ESPNNY.

Stephen was absent from First Take today and fans are wondering what happened to him and why he wasn’t there.


Stephen A. Smith, is he on vacation?

Stephen is more likely to be on sick leave than on vacation. He waves goodbye to his buddy as Max Kellerman, who was sitting across the table from him, exits the set of First Take.

The veteran radio host called the program and apologized for missing the arrival of his colleagues. He announced his absence from the show, clarifying that he was due to illness rather than vacation.


The NBA commentator claims he has not been caught on video for the past two weeks. He also thanked his co-host Max Kellerman over the phone for five years of collaboration and for his help in improving the show.

Stephen A. Smith hasn’t been on ESPN First Take for a while

Even Irvin stepped in on the first take; Stephen A. Smith is sorely missed. On this week’s first take, viewers were concerned that Stephen A. Smith had disappeared and were wondering where he was.


Stephen, who tested positive for Covid-19 a few weeks ago and was showing symptoms, will miss today’s first take. Before appearing in front of the camera on December 21, Smith said he had a big statement to make to the audience.

Stephen is taking time off after shoulder surgery. Though he didn’t say what injured his shoulder, the journalist let his followers know on Twitter that he was gone.


Although no information has been posted online, Smith may have injured his shoulder in a minor mishap. Everything seems normal as far as his health in 2022 is concerned, with the exception of his recent shoulder problems.

Former athlete Stephen needs to maintain his health through exercise and will appear on the show on August 15; He is not known to have any other significant illnesses or health issues as of 2022.


Stephen A Smith Salary and Net Worth in 2022

In 2022, Smith’s net worth is expected to be around $16 million. He has not made his wealth available to the public or online.

Likewise, his job as a professional sports reporter and journalist is most likely his main source of income.


In 1999, Stephen made his television debut on CNN/SI, a defunct cable network. He currently serves as one of ESPN’s First Take hosts, providing analysis for a number of ESPN shows. The journalist is known for his divisive insights and somber presentation.

In addition, the writer provided commentary for ABC’s broadcast of the 92nd Oscars After Party in 2020. On June 10, 2021, Smith began covering football, saying, “Let’s do that football.” On June 14, 2021 Smith will be airing a brand new football segment titled ‘Ain’t No Way’ after selecting a Euro2020 team.


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