Why was a baby buried with Takarra Farrington? What happened?

The death of Takarra Farrington has taken over the Internet in a very short time, but why? Who was she?

Let’s learn more about the mysterious lady, Takarra, and also find out how she died.

Who was Takara Farrington?

Takarra’s full name is Takarra Deannea Farrington Jones. She was born in 1983 in Freeport, Bahamas. She attended Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy. Likewise, Farrington was a student at the University of the Bahamas.

Who are Takara’s parents?

Farrington was born to her parents Deacon Betty And Apostle Kirk Farrington. Takarra’s parents, Deacon Betty and Apostle Kirk Farrington gave birth to her. It is believed that his parents separated and led separate lives. Her father, Kirk, later married Vnagie Farrington, while her mother, Betty, married Robert Rose Sr.

Takara’s mysterious death

She died Monday at Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Bahama. March 14, 2022. Takara was only 38 years old when she died. We believe that since she died in hospital, she may have had some health issues.

Did she die giving birth?

As footage from Takarra’s funeral shows, a baby lay next to her in the coffin.

Although details about the infant are not provided, there are indications that it may be her second child, and it is possible that the baby did not survive either. It is speculated that Takarra may have died during childbirth.

Did Takarra’s husband remarry?

Farrington exchanged vows with Collin L. Jones. in 2014. The duo dated for a while before deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. However, the journey of their married life took an unexpected turn for Collin as he tragically lost his beloved wife after just eight years of marriage.

Takara’s husband, Collin prefers to live a private life. Details of his personal life remain confidential, as he leads a low-key existence. It is assumed that Collin is not married yet. He does an excellent job caring for his young son in the mother’s absence.

Takara’s son was very young when his mother died

Takara and Collin welcomed a son they named Ayden Jones. However, their family’s peace was disrupted when Takarra died, leaving a very young Ayden to face the challenges of life without his mother.

Following this heartbreaking event, Collin took responsibility for raising and nurturing Ayden despite the complexities of growing up without his mother’s presence. Currently, Ayden lives with his father and grandparents who love him dearly.

Obituary of Takara Farrington

The funeral commemorating Takarra took place on the morning of April 9, 2022, on a Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. Burial of his remains took place at the Pavilion Mausoleum burial site, located on Cathedral Boulevard in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Notably, the Rev. Harrison Butler presided over the solemn proceedings, guiding the participants through the sad moments of remembrance and farewell.

The unexpected and untimely news of Takarra’s death sent shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone in a state of deep dismay. Everyone who knew her respected her humility, authenticity, and compassion.

Who are Takara’s family members?

The late Farrington is survived by her husband, her son, her parents, her brothers Robert Rose Jr., Kivano Farrington, and Deacon Anton Johnson, her sisters Kaylisa Johnson, Michalia Farrington, Ragaina Rose, Robertha Swann, and Nicarra Brooks, her grandmother. mother Rafolita Williams, in-laws, Paul, Kendal, and Devon Jones, as well as other members of her family, including her close friends.

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