Teenager was taken off life support despite mother’s steadfast resistance

Treasure Perry’s story: Teen was taken off life support despite mother’s steadfast resistance
Before her daughter Treasure Perry was taken off life support, Angela Kosarue had claimed, “God can work a miracle, but I know it’s the wire that counts.”


The heartbroken mother of a young girl who recently had her life support removed claims her daughter was conscious at the time the procedure was called off. After she died on July 23 from a fatal allergic reaction to shellfish and an asthma attack, Treasure Perry was placed on life support. After being transported to Riley Hospital for Children in the heart of Indianapolis, Emma was pronounced brain dead on August 2.

The 17-year-old was reportedly taken off life support on Thursday, August 12, against her family’s wishes. A judge reportedly initially granted the family’s motions after finding that “the plaintiff’s injury will be irreversible as the plaintiff is likely to be dead when life support is removed.” The court denied the family an extension to keep the daughter on life support and the family were ordered to search for a hospital willing to care for the child.

However, the search for another hospital reportedly fell through because Treasure’s tracheostomy was skipped. According to the Mayo Clinic, a tracheostomy is “a surgical cut through the front of the neck and into the windpipe” (trachea). The opening is kept open with a tracheostomy tube for breathing.

Angela Kosarue, the child’s mother, had previously told NBC that “God can work a miracle, but I know it depends on the wire” before the teenager was removed from the ventilator. I don’t want to give up, she added. I still don’t do it. I’m running out of alternatives, but I’ll fight for them to the end. I think if your body shuts up and your heart stops pumping, then you’re dead.

Treasure, one of seven siblings, was described by her aunt Skylee Nicole Kosarue as “an outstanding niece, sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter” after her death. We never gave up on her because the doctors failed both her and us, Skylee said. The aunt posted on Facebook: “My baby!! She always wanted me to know how much she loves me and she was very loving! My heart was lost when you left Life will never be the same again. I just can’t say anything. Nobody knows how painful that is. Right now nobody can feel my suffering.

“Riley’s Hospital for Children has given my sister, Treasure’s mother, until 12pm today and they will remove her from life support,” Skylee had said in a previous post. My sister made numerous attempts to fight them. She struggled to fight Treasure. Nobody would take her. This world is so depressing and crazy.”

She adds in the note: “Why are my child and I being torn apart? because she tries to live and breathe independently? I shouldn’t have to understand it, and I never will. I am completely at a loss. My broken heart will always hurt. The course of life will change. There will be changes in my family. Just say a short prayer for us, please. We are currently in unspeakable pain.”

Trinity, Treasure’s sister, posted on Facebook about her feelings of sadness and fear, writing: “I’m so upset bro. My sister has been abandoned by so many people. I failed my sister. It hurt like hell. Sis My biggest fear has absolutely come true and I am so devastated by this world that I don’t want to be here any longer sis. I love you and I can’t believe I’ll never talk to you again. I want to be with you because you should be here; That is not right. This shit ain’t fair, dude. What should we do? what will mom do Our family is torn apart, so why on earth would you do this to us, God? I will never fr.