Tell Me Lies Episode 4 Review, “A Confusing Affinity”

Tell Me Lies Episode 4 is now available online. The series was developed by Meaghan Oppenheimer and is based on the book of the same name by Carola Lovering, which was published in 2018.

Grace Van Patten plays Lucy Albright in Tell Me Lies. Jackson White plays the role of Stephen DeMarco, Catherine Missal plays Bree, Spencer House plays Wrigley, Sonia Mena plays Pippa, Branden Cook plays Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth plays Drew, and Alicia Crowder plays Diana. The duration of the fourth episode is fifty-one minutes.

The Tell Me Lies Episode 4 review seen on Hulu has no spoilers.

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Take off your pants and jacket, it’s time for the fourth episode of Tell Me Lies

Contrary to what the episode’s name might suggest, Tell Me Lies Episode 4 is mostly about sexual desire and the desires that surround it. Lucy maintains her relationship with Stephen, despite her belief that he has sexual relations with other people. Despite her best efforts, Stephen is able to use his manipulative skills to prevent her from gaining the upper hand in their sexual connection, eventually leading to her becoming his submissive partner.

Lucy becomes far more emotionally invested than anyone should, and the fact that this is happening is presented so clearly in the fourth episode that you want to yell at her and let her see what she’s doing wrong. Unfortunately for viewers, they can only watch as the odd affinity continues to build.

The connection between Wrigley and Pippa doesn’t get much screen time in this episode; However, it’s unclear enough how they manage to keep such an important secret about Macy’s death under wraps. The inner turmoil Bree is experiencing is reasonable, and the way she’s genuinely unable to talk about it is relevant. As for our virgin Queen Bree, she’s finally got it over with, but the anguish she’s going through is understandable.

Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 4Still from Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 4

The fourth episode of Tell Me Lies does a good job laying the groundwork for the relationships and dynamic that will develop as the series progresses. Still, it must be disheartening for people who have read the book to see that Lucy’s eating disorder is no longer the main focus of the plot; But given Stephen’s behind-the-scenes maneuvers, it may soon show up on screen.

It’s difficult to gauge what our protagonist is going through because she’s generally insular, and one of the things that needs further definition is Lucy’s co-dependence on Stephen. This is another point that needs more clarity. The fact that we don’t learn anything about Lucy beyond what Stephen and her friends already know about her is becoming more and more annoying. In the long run, it might be helpful for the audience to clarify things by using voiceover so they don’t feel detached from the main character.

The part of the script in Tell Me Lies Episode 4 that deals with Bree, how she lost her virginity and how she feels about it has got to be the biggest part of the whole thing. The conventional depiction of sexuality is typically so exuberant that it misses the element of relationship. Tell Me Lies, on the other hand, with Bree’s support, is able to present the less than impressive parts related to the process of losing virginity and the ways in which sex feels different to different people.

Considering that the last episode left us on a cliffhanger regarding the way Macy’s photos were accessed on Stephen’s computer, this episode really should have focused more on those issues. In this episode, Macy’s death seems to have been treated as a side issue, which shouldn’t have been the case given how ingrained it is in certain end-story outcomes. But we can’t help but keep our appetites whetted as we anticipate the arrival of the significant exhibition.

tell me lies
tell me lies

Episode 4 of Tell Me Lies is titled Final Thoughts.

In general, the fourth episode of Tell Me Lies was well written and organized. It turned away from Lucy a bit to give Bree some light to shine, which seemed really meaningful. Additionally, it was able to highlight the potential for a long-term bond between Lucy and Stephen, preparing the viewer for something terrifying and devastating. It’s safe to say we didn’t prolong this episode by jumping back and forth between past and present. However, if Evan and Bree’s conversation had connected us to the wedding, it would have been a really touching moment.

Tell Me Lies Episode 4 is currently available to watch on Hulu.