The billionaire used business money to buy GF an apartment and luxury villas

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Robert Frederick Smith, a billionaire who cheated his taxes, paid his girlfriend a nice apartment with money from his business. He also bought luxury properties around the world with money untaxed, according to court documents obtained by DailyMail.

Smith admitted he did something wrong by hiding millions of dollars from the IRS in tax havens in other countries. In a controversial non-prosecution agreement, the court gave him the option of paying $139 million in fines or staying out of jail until 2021.

How much does Robert Brockman have in the bank? A $2 billion tax fraud scheme by a Texas billionaire is the largest in US history.

Kellie Chauvin and her ex-husband Derek Chauvin have both said they are not guilty of tax fraud.

What did Smith buy with the untaxed money he earned?

On June 3, prosecutors filed a document containing an affidavit from a special agent at the Treasury Department explaining the tax system and how Smith spent his money. In an affidavit, a federal investigator says the man spent his unclaimed money on a 300-acre ranch in Colorado, a club and condos in the French Alps, and a vacation home in Sonoma. Smith paid $12 million in tax-free money between 2009 and 2013 to purchase Boulder River Ranch in Black Hawk, Colorado. He then spent another $22 million to fix it.

The 6,600-square-foot riverside home sits on 300 acres and features a pool, tennis court and fishing lake, according to the DailyMail. He also bought two ski condos and a restaurant called The White Pearl in the town of Megève in the French Alps. Smith gained nothing from the federal investigation. He’s been questioned from all angles in the huge tax case, and information is beginning to come out that shows how Smith spent some of his untaxed millions.

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What is Robert Frederick Smith?

As an investment banker, Smith rose quickly. In 2000 he founded the private equity firm Vista Equity Partners and became its CEO. According to Forbes, Vista is one of the top-performing private equity firms with $92 billion in assets and a 22% annualized return since inception. The company has invested heavily in many well-known technology companies. It ended up raising $46 billion and became the fourth-largest enterprise software company in 2019, behind Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. His lawyers have always tried to keep his personal and business affairs out of the courts. Smith was stuck in the largest tax fraud in US history in 2020. But he wasn’t charged because he agreed to testify against his business partner Robert Brockman, the former CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds.